Richie Incognito will start for Bills

Apparently it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the Bills’ playbook.

Either that or Richie Incognito is a rocket scientist.

The Bills have announced that Incognito will start at right guard today against the New England Patriots, a week after starting for the St. Louis Rams — and then getting handed his walking papers because of his two personal fouls and subsequent heated exchange with coach Steve Spagnuolo.

The Bills acquired Incognito on waivers on Wednesday, he showed up for his first practice on Thursday, and now he apparently knows the right guard’s responsibilities in the Bills’ offense well enough to play.

The Bills also announced that running back Fred Jackson will start today.

7 responses to “Richie Incognito will start for Bills

  1. To be a Bills fan sucks so much. Where two idiots who lead the pro and draft scouting are still employed despite 10th year of no playoffs.
    Ritchie guy probably understand the Bills playbook. All it is 3 & Out and hope for Byrd interception.

  2. PFT should have heard Robert Kraft stick up for Randy Moss a few minutes ago on WEEI Radio. He basically said Randy is a role model in the locker room and doesn’t get credit with the media for the things he does. He even said Randy loves kids and does a lot for local kids, but doesn’t want limelight for it. He has to suck up to the “princess” though, right?

  3. the bills are the worst team in the nfl. they have no future franchise players. even the lions have megatron. raiders have nnamdi. browns have joe thomas. who does buffalo have?byrd? byrd will leave in a few years just like winfield and clements did.

  4. I like incognito – he’s a goon. he’ll get into a scrap with Wilfork, anybody, anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, it doesnt endear him to refs.

  5. Thats what I dont understand about NFL coaches. Why would Spagnuolo cut Incognito with only 3 games left in the season when hes obviously a decent talent wanted around the league.
    Couldnt he have just made him inactive for the rest of the year then tried to get something for him in a trade after the season? Im sure he could have atleast gotten a 7th round pick for him. At the very least they could have used him as a sweetener in a player for player trade.
    The only way this makes sense for me is if he was a free agent after the year. Otherwise I think this is one of few mistakes Spags has made as a 1st time head coach. (You cant hold him responsible for his teams record they were terrible when he took control of the team. They haven’t quit on him and have played hard. Which is really all you can ask of him as a 1st year coach of a team with so little talent.)

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