Thriller in Pittsburgh as Steelers beat Packers

In one of the most exciting games of this NFL season, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Green Bay Packers 37-36 on the strength of a 503-yard passing performance from Ben Roethlisberger.

It was a wild back-and-forth battle that featured plenty of big plays from both sides, some questionable decisions (including an unsuccessful onside kick attempted by the Steelers) and, most of all, those video game-like numbers from Roethlisberger.

Overall, Roethlisberger completed 29 of 46 passes for 503 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. His first and last passes were touchdowns to rookie wide receiver Mike Wallace, who somehow managed to get his toes down on a pass at the side of the end zone as time expired to give the Steelers to win.

“It was a heck of a game,” Roethlisberger said afterward. “I’m really proud of the way our guys fought. We had to go [86] yards on our last drive. Mike Wallace, I told him I was disappointed because he gave up on a play, and I told him, ‘If you get open on this one I’m coming to you.’ He got open and made a heck of a catch.”

Roethlisberger is certainly right that it was a heck of a game, although it might not turn out to be a particularly significant game in the playoff race: Despite falling to 9-5 the Packers are still likely to be an NFC wild card team, and despite improving to 7-7 the Steelers are still unlikely to make the playoffs in the AFC.

But even if the game doesn’t have much significance going forward, it was still a great game on a great day of football.

With one more big game to go.

79 responses to “Thriller in Pittsburgh as Steelers beat Packers

  1. Cullen Jenkins…MAKE THAT SACK…and the game is OVER. A blown sack gave Ben one last chance.
    You can’t play with Jarrett Bush as part of your secondary and expect to win in the NFL.
    Josh Bell had GREAT coverage on that GW pass.
    Great game.

  2. Best Game Ever !
    I called a last second TD to steal the win and lo and behold it all came true.
    I love it.
    Now to fix the head shaped hole in my ceiling from jumping off my couch.

  3. I’ve watched(and even played a little) football and that throw by Roethlisberger was one of the best I’ve seen and considering the timing, perhaps among the best ever. What a throw…

  4. Said last week that Crosby was going to cost this team and I guess this week was the week. Not good to lose by one with a 34 yd miss. Bring in some damn kickers this week.

  5. Wow I don’t think I’ve seen that many holding calls in a game, ever…on both sides.
    A great game for the Steelers we really need a strong end to the season, even if our playoff hopes are slim.

  6. Fantastic entertainment. Wish that Pack D would have and should have held up at the end, but good game to watch. Capers needed to send some more over the whole course of the game, Matthews alone can’t cut it. I have no idea why they still employ Jarret “I suck at everything” Bush, and way to leave Josh Bell 1-on-1 on the last play of the game. The Steelers are done and out of contention, so there is nothing that you fools can base this win upon besides ‘pride’, otherwise I think they played to lose. Nice call on that onside kick dumbshit. That’s the kind of coach I’d want to be running my team. FagBen with that oversized facemask proved that the practice squad back-ups on GB’s roster are truly that, practice squad back-ups. Nice officiating, nice pace, alot of action, just a great game to watch.


  8. Kept the seasons alive, and made a heck of a highlight reel. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out though with the Ravens coming up.

  9. Okay, Tomlin’s onside kick call. My first impression as it happened was “holy shyt! That is brilliant.” Once it was penalized I questioned it along with Buck and Aikman.
    But having thought more about it I think it really is a great call. If there ever was a time that a team was not expecting the onside kick this was it. And lets be honest, it had fooled the GB return team. If Ike is a little more patient then the Steelers have the ball and the clock to kill. This was the type of call that Bellichick makes, and is lauded as a genius when it comes off.
    In the end it was the execution, nervous grabs by Taylor, not the call that was at fault. If anything can be said for certain Tomlin is willing to call anything at any time, which i think is a refreshing break from the super conservative nature of the NFL.
    You play to win the game. Right Herm.

  10. Allowing 503 yards of passing?? Where was Wisconsins finest Woodsen?? Pulling pudd instead of playing? MVP my ass.
    Congrats Steelers…you covered my bet!!!!

  11. BS the Steelers don’t have a chance.
    The Steelers get in if:
    They beat Ravens AND Dolphins
    Denver loses to Philly OR KC
    Jets lose to Indy OR Cinci
    Jags lose to Pats OR Cleveland
    Texans lose to Miami OR New England
    In this scenario, Jets, Jags, and Texans would be 8-8 at best, Denver, Baltimore and Pittsburgh would be in a 3-way tie for the last two spots. Pittsburgh and Baltimore both beat Denver. Ravens get the 5 seed and Steelers the 6. Even if the Titans find a way to beat the Chargers and Seahawks (which is doubtful anyway) and end up 9-7, the Steelers hold the head to head tiebreaker.
    Not only is that scenario possible, it seems likely.

  12. Every good team the Packers play they lose, why is that?
    Man I feel like a Packer fan now, spewing hate over a good fought game, when both teams deserved to win.
    I can’t be like you guys, good game Pack, good win Steelers.
    Playoffs are going to be tough for EVERY team in the NFC!
    GO VIKES!!

  13. Yeah, he is overrated right??? Tomlin wanted the Packers to score quickly so Ben would have enough time to do exactly what he did. Starks tried to ruin it though. I’d take Roethlisberger over any QB in the league.

  14. Black N Gold heart still beating…we’ll see about significance going forward Florio…I can tell you for Baltimore next week it will be a significant ass beating!


  16. get rid of Crosby now. This guy is killing us.
    Bad call by the refs and replay officials on Matthews strip and recovery, could have made a differende.
    Matthews is fantastic, could job TT

  17. I’m not a Steeler fan, but no one can tell me Roethlisberger’s not the best QB in the game. You put Brady or Peyton behind that porous line and they are mediocre at best.
    (Full disclosure: Ben’s my fantasy QB.)

    Anyway.. got the scrub out of the way..but what a day for Ben..(CAREER HIGH 503) O my Goodness.The defense still upsets me.. the secondary that is..JUST TACKLE for gosh sakes!!!
    This Offense ,minus the Browns game has played well for the most part..its the Defense.. uggg never thought i would say that about our D.

  19. Mason Crosby sucks. They should have signed Gano when they had the chance. Or maybe one of their 3 fullbacks can kick….


  21. Too bad for the Packers the Refs wanted the Steelers to win or that blatant hold would have been called on that last play…

  22. Once again, going to the prevent defense on the final drive does nothing but ensure you will get scored on. Rushing three the entire final drive, and giving Roethlisberger all day to pick on Harris’ incompetent replacements??! Brilliant move, Capers. That hair piece is stitched a little too tight.

  23. Capers can look hard at this game and fix the holes in the secondary with Arizona’s pass attack coming in two weeks. Before looking ahead though we need to take care of Seattle plain and simple.
    It would be easy to look ahead a game like we did against Tampa and let this one slip away too, but they don’t have the weapons they once did to compete at a high level. We can’t play to their level or we could be in deep shit.
    Arizona clinched, that will help us tremendously because they should be resting their players now in week 17, doesn’t matter though because their backups are even decent.
    Jarrett Bush please read this: Give GB back your salary and get the hell out, because nobody supports your overpaid ass. Go to the UFL where you belong.

  24. What a great game. Excitement all the way through pretty much with the exception of a relatively slow (compared to the rest of the game) 2nd qtr. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many flags. The Steelers O-line got called multiple times along with the GB secondary. But of course….we’ll hear it plenty…the refs gave it to the Steelers (what other explanation could there be right?)….depsite a flaky holding call on Holmes that took away a Mendenhall TD. Fun game to watch, I figured it would have been that type of game. Wish I would have went now, paycheck went to Christmas gifts. The final play of the game was absolutely amazing. I would have loved to be there and hear the crowd pop. Great game by both teams. Can’t wait to hear about all the “drops and refs”….Steelers had at least 3 drops on what would have been 3rd down conversions. Heath Miller played like the all-pro TE that he is. Mike Wallace….say hello to the NFL my friend. Still….in a game with that much excitement…where in the HELL was the PGH pass rush?

  25. sask99 says: “The refs cheated bad for Pitt in this game. The NFL is going the way of the NBA… Horrible”
    Fun game to watch, but I can’t belive I’m hearing the Packer fans complain about officiating. The Steelers were called for more penalties (10) than the Packers (7), and Pittsburg had a TD and other key 1st downs called back.
    Geez your yeam allowed 500 yards passing while holding or interfering with the receivers on most plays. It’s not a conspiracy if its called on occasion.

  26. Here is the difference between the Bill Belicheck 4th and 2 call.
    1. The Pitt defense was playing worse.*
    2. The Packers only needed a field goal to win.
    3. There were about 4 min left so the Steelers got the ball back with plenty of time.
    4. It was a surprise play.
    5. This wasn’t the biggest game of their season*
    * – These two points are debatable and not concrete facts.
    I personally do not like the call, but I do understand it. If you kick the ball to Aaron Rodgers with 4 min to go he is probably going to go down and get in field goal range and leave you no time. If you kick an onside kick and don’t get it back they are about ten yards away from field goal range so you put the ball in Ben’s hands. I don’t think Tomlin thought he had much of a chance of getting that back, but he just didn’t want his defense to give up another lead in the 4th quarter at the end of the game. So he decided to put the ball in Ben’s hands. It is true that the Packers could have still wound the clock down with 4 min to go but it is a lot less probable. This is usually my strategy on Madden: Instead of let my opponent kill the clock on a last drive, I try an onside kick and if he scores than he scores and I have plenty of time to win the game. If I was a real NFL coach with a game on the line, there is no way I would have gone for it on 4th and 2 and there is a very little chance I would have even thought to try this onside kick attempt but either way its a lot easier to explain when you win.

  27. How the Zebras missed that hold on the GB D-lineman during that last play is beyond me….the dude was running sideways towards Ben! Oh well, I guess thats how it goes….

  28. stnmmc,
    everyone knows you wouldn’t be saying that if the lucky Steelers would have lost. Get serious.

  29. RWFV says:
    December 20, 2009 8:03 PM
    Even though the steelers won, that on-side kick was one of the poorest decisions a coach has ever made.
    One of the dumbest things in recent memory. I’ve defended him in the past but that call really rattled my confidence in his decision making. The offense bailed him out. It will be interesting to hear the press conference.
    There is something very wrong with the Steelers mentally when they can show up for games against the Packers, Broncos, San Diego, Vikes etc and sleep walk thru Cleveland, KC, Oakland, and most importantly Cincy. They are clearly not the team they have been in the past few years, but just not showing up when they are capable is inexcusable.

  30. So where was that #1 ranked defense today? Looked like more holes in the secondary than Swiss cheese. Man I hope the Vikes meet the Pack again in the playoffs, because I’d love to see Favre carve them up again.
    Well fought, both teams, and thank you Pack, for both a great QB and the division crown 🙂

  31. mixman34 says:
    December 20, 2009 8:10 PM
    Division, Vikings… DONE
    Your prolly right,you won the division, now your done.

  32. there were plenty of calls both ways! I swear everytime the steelers win someones says the refs gave it to them. go F yourselves…goood game

  33. If Packers fans expected to win this game then they were dreaming. Yea it was the worst possible way to lose, but the defending Super Bowl champs had just lost 5 in a row, and were embarrassed by Cleveland. They were at home, with 10 days to prepare. I for one didn’t expect it to even be close. I am embarrassed by our defensive performance, and will be surprised if Bush still has a spot on this team.
    Vikings fans, you do realize that this game has basically ZERO effect on the Packers playoffs right? There is no reason to be on here ripping into Packers fans. Get a life. We weren’t embarrassed today, I highly doubt there is anyone, besides Bush, who is upset with how they played today. It was a great game to watch.

  34. Great call Brister!!—-With the exception of the RatBirds winning everything fell the Steelers way today—And the dirtybirds come to the Burgh next week….All of a sudden the Steelers are in play and have a decent chance for the playoffs…oh yeah—F all of u pathetic SteelerHaters

  35. Why isn’t this titled “Steelers SHOCK Packers?” Absolutely crazy that Ben can throw for 500 yards and 3 TDs including a game winning TD with 0:00 playing against the Packer #2 defense, his pathetic OL, and a two-man comedy called the Gay and Tyrone show.

  36. GREAT game . We just needed to win a game . Maybe we dont make the playoffs , maybe we do . But it was just good to see us finally win a game . Packers fans that was a great game . GB like Pit is rich in football tradition . You have a great team .

  37. Bobby Brister,
    They don’t need Houston to lose. Houston could win out and it won’t matter. All that matters is that Denver, Jacksonville, and New York each lose one game and Pittsburgh wins out.

  38. I am glad that the Steelers finally won a game. Now let’s get back to Steelers football. Run, block and most importantly TACKLE.
    I understand Coach Tomlin’s decision to go for the onside kick. He does not trust the defense (self evident by giving up 36 points.) He wanted the ball in the offense’s hands to (A) kill the clock if the onside kick was successful or (B) have enough time on the clock for the offense to score and win the game. Coach Tomlin was very fortunate tonight.

  39. Mason Crosby has now missed 10 field goals this year. He has missed kicks in four straight games all of which were less than 45 yds.
    How can anybody make a case for this guy kicking in one more game?

    Didn’t the Vikings do the same thing against the Steelers? Choke when coming from behind? Yep that’s what I thought.
    “Where was Wisconsins finest Woodsen?? Pulling pudd instead of playing? MVP my ass.”
    So, wait. When the Packers allowed that many passing yards, you automatically think Woodson was part of it? Dude, get your big fatass head out of your butt and watch the game. Woodson had a good game aside from a few penalties. It was Jarrett Bush who was at the most fault.
    “I called a last second TD to steal the win and lo and behold it all came true. ”
    Oh wow. That’s pretty impressive….NOT!! Tell that to people who actually care, moron.

  41. Next weeks game should be good. I just hope the Ravens only have to play against the steelers and not the refs also.

  42. –Even though the steelers won, that on-side kick was one of the poorest decisions a coach has ever made.–
    Haven’t you seen the Steelers D give up 5 or 6 late 4th quarter leads this season?
    Had they gone with a traditional kick-off, the Packers probably would have marched down the field, ate the clock, and kicked a late field goal, leaving the Steelers with little or no time left to do anything. That scenario has played out multiple times this season. Tomlin avoided it, and the Steelers came out with the win.

  43. If Pittsburgh didnt get so many defensive holding calls, they wouldnt of had a chance.
    All those calls kepts the Green Bay Defense on the fields forever, and no defense and keep up on 20 play drives without getting gassed.
    The refs gave them the game, and Pittsburgh was calling (whining) for a flag after virtually every play.
    The league favors steelers, anyone who says different hasnt been watch for last couple years.

  44. Finally Steeler Nation has a victory! Ben comes up huge against the previously no.1 ranked defense.
    Again, the Steeler defense almost lets another one get away, and still give up too many big plays. Thank goodness for Big Ben bringing them back time and again.
    WOW what a game and what a finish, almost like last year’s Super Bowl. Steelers have played many close games this year to both good and bad teams. Regardless of whether we get in the playoffs, it was good to get a victory after an unusually long losing streak.
    So, one game at a time, and hope for some help. But if we can get into the playoffs, look out!
    Look out Ravens.

  45. –DayAllOnJuice
    One of the dumbest things in recent memory. I’ve defended him in the past but that call really rattled my confidence in his decision making. The offense bailed him out. It will be interesting to hear the press conference.–
    Would you rather have watched the Packers O march down the field, kill the clock, kick a field goal (or score a touchdown), and have the Steelers get the ball back with 30 seconds and no timeouts? Because judging from the prior losses this season that’s what the D would have done.
    Tomlin recognized that it was do or die. He could either take a chance and give the game to his O, or he could go conservative and hope that this time the D would hold (even though it hasn’t any other time this season). Tomlin went all out, and the Steelers came out with a win.
    I was starting to get concerned over Tomlin’s skill. His bold actions today have allayed my concerns.

  46. I agree with the Steelers was a great game. I cringe at all the Favre jihadists who have somehow whine or assess blame and just can’t enjoy what was a great game.

  47. Even hateful, low-life, forty-year-old quarterback fans who root for a team in purple have to admit that was one hell of a game.
    What more can Aaron Rodgers do to get rid of the mantle that he can’t win the big one? His defense let him down here.

  48. Dear Ben Haters,
    Ben Roethlisberger joins HOFers YA Tittle & Warren Moon as only players with 500+ passing yards, 3+ TD passes & 0 INT in 1 game.
    Another stat for you to think about before ripping him for being a baby or soft. Oh wait, that would be reasonable of you. Nevermind.
    Steelers are a long shot, but still alive & fighting.

  49. # cheddar is beddar says: December 20, 2009 8:29 PM
    everyone knows you wouldn’t be saying that if the lucky Steelers would have lost. Get serious.
    Yes I am a Steeler’s fan. If you would like to believe it was all luck for us and are completely unwilling to comprehend that your D gave up 503 passing yards than that is your perogative. As for the reason why I support the call it is because 1) the reasons stated above 2) I am a gambler as a coach myself, and appreciate those that think outside the box, including Bellichik (can’t believe I admitted that, as a Steeler’s fan that is) and 3) see wyoff’s post.
    Can’t say I have a ton of confidence in the likes of Tyrone Carter and William Gay. It is kind of like how you Packer’s fans have little faith in Bush in your secondary. Given his track record, I will take Ben right now over our D’s recent performances.
    I was sick a number of times on that last drive, and NOTHING should be taken away from GB’s performance, you are still one of the best teams in the NFC, whatever Vikings fan says.

  50. packers4life says: Yah he was a part of it tool, deal with it. Allowing 500 passing is pathetic…worthy of the Bid Turd Award for secondary play.Watched all the game,Bush gave up some,team game string cheese dick…please don’t beat yo’ wife tonight!

  51. “So where was that #1 ranked defense today? Looked like more holes in the secondary than Swiss cheese. Man I hope the Vikes meet the Pack again in the playoffs, because I’d love to see Favre carve them up again.
    Well fought, both teams, and thank you Pack, for both a great QB and the division crown :)”
    Oh yeah like the Vikings defense is so spectacular. Not. Vikings defense=overrated. There is a reason why they are ranked 19th in defending against the pass.

  52. Bubby Brister…
    Great post, thanks for laying out all the info. I take back what I said earlier, that scenario does seem likely.

  53. First of all, here is why i hated the onside kick. Sure Ike Taylor messed up a great kick by Reed. BUT THAT IS THE POINT. I understand you do not trust the Steelers defense. BUT WHY DO YOU TRUST THE STEELERS SPECIAL TEAMS TO EXECUTE ANY BETTER THAN THE DEFENSE? Going for the onside kick requires you to trust the Spcial teams AND the defense. Kicking it deep, you hope the defense can stop one of three drives. Otherwise, you might as well just kick onsides every single time in the 4th Q against Baltimore and Miami.

  54. all these idiotic fans are saying all this and that about holding… the first packers TD was a blatant hold on James Harrison, but that doesn’t matter right?
    Steelers have been plagued all season by bad secondary and we all know the packers can’t beat any good teams.
    #1. To All Steeler Fans
    EVEN IF WE MAKE THE PLAYOFFS…WERE DONE!, your telling me we can beat the Colts or Chargers??? See our secondary, its butter, if the steelers coaches can see WilliamG. AY getting beat up and down the field, we dont deserve a chance to be in the Playoffs.
    #2. Until we actually get into the playoffs, all steeler fans including myself should shut their mouths, cause were an average team at best. Our Offense has a down syndrome of a offensive coordinator and now im questioning the mind of Dick Lebeau, when you cant see your secondary needs changes, you should be fired as well.
    #3. A lot of changes need to be made and tons of stuff is going shockingly unnoticed like how bad our defense is.

  55. # 1mge says: December 20, 2009 8:24 PM
    Great, now the Vikings win the division & are sure to win another Superbowl!!
    Gotta win one first to win “another” you tool.
    Steelers – great game. Wish it would have gone the other way, but congrats all the same.

  56. I really hope that this game will quiet down some of the Aaron Rodgers haters who say he can’t make big plays with the game on the line. With a possible playoff berth on the line the guy stood tall against the blitz, was unreal on third downs, and made a big throw on both the TD and the 2pt conversion to go up 6.
    The guy with the two rings just had the last shot and came through. No shame in that.

  57. I actually had a minor stroke tonite and am blogging from UPMC. That being said, it was a hell of a game. I think the onside kick was the best decision I have seen this year. Great game by Wallace, Logan, Roethlisberger, and good enough by William Gay. Congrats to Green Bay, I think they have a hell of a future for a young and developing team.

  58. Can you say offensive player of the week?
    Looks like Ben and Hines hugged it out. Hines makes some key catches and Clutchlisberger orchestrates another epic game winning drive.
    Big Ben = 13 career 4th quarter come backs. That pass to Wallace ftw was very similar to Holmes’ catch from Super Bowl 43 (Ben’s most epic come from behind victory).
    Steelers defense is absolute garbage. 0 turners in the past 6 games!!! Unacceptable.
    Good luck to the Packers the rest of the way out. I’m really hoping for a rematch between Minn vs. GB in the playoffs.

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