Aaron Schobel considering retirement

Awash in a sea of mediocrity, Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel has always stood out. 

The franchise’s second-leading sack artist has enjoyed only one winning season since being selected in the 2001draft by Buffalo.  Schobel may not be back to try again for that elusive playoff berth.

Schobel told reporters Wednesday that he is considering retirement.  The 32-year-old struggled with a foot injury in 2008, but has bounced back with seven sacks this year. 

“I’m going to go home and think about it and see if this is what I want to do,” Schobel said.

The Bills have to hope this is a case of a veteran player speaking with emotion after a long, trying season.  Retirement talk can sometimes surface in December, only to go away after a few months away from the game.

Schobel is under contract through 2013 and his $6.025 million salary next season is guaranteed if he plays.

23 responses to “Aaron Schobel considering retirement

  1. Too bad he could never play for a winner. Closest he ever came was in 2004 when the Bills choked in week 17 against Pittsburgh’s backups.

  2. Great player. I would love to have him on my team. Plus I have never heard a negative word from him. Class act.

  3. That would be a real shame.
    Aaron is just the kind of player the new regime in Buffalo needs to set an example for young players and help establish a winning culture for the Buffalo Bills.
    Not a Bills fan, but always rooted for Schobel.

  4. Dear Aaron,
    If you retire, who will I practice my bullfighting ‘ole’ moves with?
    Matt “The Mattador” Light

  5. New England if you want him you can have him. He is riddled by injuries and is over rated. If anybody should want him it should be the JETS because that is the team he has recorded most of his sacks against.

  6. Wow, he has a real passion for the game doesnt he!!
    Say what you want, he is an underachiever and not good against the run.
    If we has so good against New England maybe Buffalo would have beaten them by now.
    If he wants to be traded, thats fine, just say so, Id give him up in a heartbeat for the right price.
    The guy is still young, if doesnt like football for 6 mill, get the heck out.
    There is a cubical waiting for you out there if you want to try working for a living….

  7. # WTE says: December 23, 2009 4:06 PM
    Don’t retire just yet Aaron. Come to New England. The weather is beautiful! You’d love it down here!
    ..beautiful weather? you mean, ice covered football fields?

  8. Guy’s a beast. Sad to see him go so early. But can’t say I blame him with Buffalo being in flux yet again.

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