Chiefs fan claims Haley gave the finger

With storm clouds gathering around first-year Chiefs coach Todd Haley, a fan who attended Sunday’s game between Cleveland and Kansas City now claims that Haley fired off a middle finger in the fan’s direction.

KSHB-TV in Kansas City, an NBC affiliate, has the entire story, video style.

(After watching it, we had a strange urge to give KSHB-TV sports director Jack Harry the finger.)

Though the fan’s account is persuasive, the story doesn’t include Haley’s side of things.  We’d like to know whether Haley admits to the behavior — and whether one of the many folks who now carry in their pockets a Swiss Army knife of digital communications managed to capture an image of Haley’s alleged salute.

We’re not saying Haley didn’t do it.  We just think that, given the potential consequences of such conduct, we’d like to know whether Haley admits to doing it, and whether there’s any corroboration of the fan’s account.

28 responses to “Chiefs fan claims Haley gave the finger

  1. Jack Harry is what you’d call the ‘grumpy, loud old sportscaster man’ on the NBC affiliate here in Kansas City. He’s trying to keep himself relevant with this style as his age would tell you he’s on his way out.

  2. “KSHB-TV in Kansas City, an NBC affiliate, has the entire story, video style.
    (After watching it, we had a strange urge to give KSHB-TV sports director Jack Harry the finger.)”
    Isn’t that kind of like Leno giving Conan the finger? Don’t forget, Harry is your fraternity brother at Nu Beta Chi.

  3. After getting some intense therapy to help him get over this trauma I’d strongly recommend the fan get to a hospital and get a sex change operation – sensitive metro-sexual he is. 50 years old and he can’t take something like that (if it did happen).

  4. Jack Harry once reported around 2003 that Priest Holmes was retiring from football due to massive tumors on his spine.

  5. I really can’t buy the whole premise of this story. Who stays at a Chiefs game through all 4 quarters without drinking? Not sure it could be done. By the way Jack YOU DESERVE TO BE FIRED! Now come kick my ass.

  6. I am a life-long chiefs fan and although i hate to see the chiefs in the shape they are in, Somebody has to step up and cut this guy a break. This guy is a rookie coach and deserves a chance. Im tired of people doing whatever they can to give him a bad rap…the chiefs need a hardass for a coach right now. I went to the three last home games and all i saw was recievers dropping passes. Maybe, just maybe, Haley was flipping off Bowe or Bradley or O’Connell. If this guy was a “Chiefs Fan” he would support his team and shut the **** up.

  7. Hell – just flip him the finger back! Who cares that he flipped you off. I see it happen in traffic in Austin at least 5 times a day. Doesn’t make the news once.

  8. what a crybaby. These Chiefs fans need to develop a thicker skin.
    I’m no Haley apologist, but give the guy a chance to rebuild the team. All teams need to rebuild from time to time, and now it’s the Chiefs turn. Remember Aikman’s 1-15 team?

  9. @Florio says: “Though the fan’s account is persuasive, the story doesn’t include Haley’s side of things.
    Florio, since when do you make a big issue out of getting both sides of the story? That’s not normally how you roll.
    By the way, has Randy Moss spoken to the press yet? I’m sure that you’re convinced that there’s still some life to that crusade.

  10. If the fan crying about this was someone I knew I’d kick their ass for being such a bitch. If Haley actually did do it, he should have thrown up both of them for good measure.

  11. y doesnt Hail-me get the same abuse/scrutiny that Mangini or Kubiak or Tom Cable get? Hail-me is easily the worst head coach in the league [I dont care if its one year; the team was better under Herm and Gailey]. Pioli made a bad hire. If he was a real man, he would admit his mistake, fire Hail-me, and get some1 else. But he wont, bc he is an egomaniac too that believes tough discipline, media expulsion, and CIA type secrecy wins games. Hmmm…how about good players and coaching???? Hail-me has already lost this team [watch the sidelines during games for proof] and as much as hate LJ, he was right….Hail-me is good at pruning putting greens, cleaning golf balls, and stocking the pro shop…..what a failure.

  12. That fan should be honored to get the finger! I was at a Pats/Raiders game many years ago and saw Al Davis flip off the Patriots crowd on his way back to the vistors tunnel (after the Raiders lost). I have loved Al ever since. Old-School!

  13. Jack Harry tells it like it is. I really think some people in Kansas City really like losing. Todd Haley is in way over his head. It’s bad enough to have bad players – we also have a coach that doesn’t know what he is doing.
    This is about money – BOTTOM LINE – the Chiefs got Todd Haley cheap.
    With a young team like the Chiefs have, they need someone who knows what the heck they are doing and can coach the players, not walk around an cuss at them all of the time.
    This year was wasted… it is ins’t going to get any better until a change is made.

  14. To the fan. Get over it or spend the rest of your life crying about. Hey, wait a minute, this is the high point of your life.

  15. Jack Harry is the jackass….
    These fans who think they “pay the salaries” of the coaches and players, thus making them “entitled” to bitch and moan and call for coach’s jobs, etc need to get a friggin’ reality check.
    The guy is so incredibly stupid to shell out 3K per year if he does not like what he is seeing. I will never understand why “fans” do this. They must think they have some sort of ownership of the team.

  16. $3000 for 3 games and parking? Browns game was one of those?
    Seems like Haley isn’t the only person on the Chiefs giving this guy the finger.

  17. Todd Haley is the worst coach in football. End of story.
    The dude has Jamal Charles on his bench the entire year….THEN, once Larry Johnson is released he grits his teeth and tries his hardest NOT to give Charles the #1 RB gig instead trying to hand it to Kolby friggin Smith!!! Well, since Haley caved and started giving Charles 20+ carries a game he’s turned into one of the top playmaking RB’s in the league!
    Have fun on the unemployment line, Todd. Moron.

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