Frye to start against Browns

Move aside, Brian Dawkins, Fred Taylor, Larry Johnson, and Shaun Suisham: Revenge Week just added a new contestant.

Raiders coach Tom Cable confirmed Wednesday that Charlie Frye is in line to start at quarterback Sunday in Cleveland, where Frye was drafted.  Frye suffered a concussion in last week’s game, but was cleared to return to practice.

To add another layer of intrigue, the Browns are also run by Mike Holmgren.  “The Big Show” coached Frye in his last stop in Seattle. 

Frye will be starting against Derek Anderson, the man who replaced him during Week One of 2007 just two days before Frye was shipped off too Seattle.

Throw in Jerome Harrison trying to repeat his 286-yard effort and this may be the single greatest game in NFL history between two teams with a combined 8-20 record.

Now where did I leave that egg nog?

29 responses to “Frye to start against Browns

  1. Say what you want about the Browns but they have played some of the most exciting football the NFL has had this past few weeks. After upsetting Pittspuke and running wild against the Chiefs I agree the Raider game could be fun to watch.

  2. With Frye and Anderson starting in Cleveland, we may have the first NFL game in 50 years without a completed pass.

  3. this roto world beat off session in bold txt is super gay.
    I miss the old days of pre comments or at least comments with a rating system.

  4. Why would Taylor have feelings of revenge? The Jags were classy with their handling of him the past offseason, letting him go early in FA so he could sign and still be an impact.

  5. NOW I am going to be able to watch the game…C Frye is going to sell out the Stadium!
    Had to be an inside job by the league to get this game on locally in C-Town.
    Thank you Charlie!

  6. Can you say Red Right 88?
    Where’s Mike Davis when we need him?
    The Greatness of the Raiders continues with Charlie Frye

  7. If you think there are any thoughts of revenge between Weapon X or the Eagles/fans you need to pull your head out of your ass. If you disagree wait and listen to how loud the cheers are at what will most likely be the last game that Dawk ever plays at the Linc. See, I depressed myself with that last sentence.

  8. I don’t see the same shootout ala Browns/Lions or Browns/Chiefs… But Mangini has the troops rolling as of late

  9. Wow. Where are Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch when you need ’em?
    I wonder which one will be cheered louder while they lay motionless on the ground.
    Go Browns!

  10. Florio,
    Where did you find Rosenthal? This guy lacks the characteristics of the story that you have and he has really poor grammar.

  11. Gregg the egg nog is up Florio’s ass next to your brown nose!
    You sound like a cracker from Walnut Creek. Come on, Jamar-sucks is pathetic because of his play not the color of his skin!
    I bet you complained about having Shell as a coach and Tom Flores and Plunkett running the thing with that latino flavor.
    You’re not a real Raider Fan just a cracker wishing good ol’ boy Stabler was still playing. Get a straw and join Gregg Rosenthal slurping egg nog outta Florio’s ass jack off, cracker, klansman!

  12. the weather will suck so i will gladly part with 2.5 points.
    and, jamarcus is probly illiterate and demands everything despite expending no effort, so, being black is definitely part of the reason he is a schitty qb. along with the inability to be accurate despite having a rocket arm.
    he should be a TE or OL. like chauncey pullpecker.

  13. Awesome! Can’t wait for garbage bowl 2009!!! In the case of the Raiders it’s garbage bowl decade! WHOOOO!!!!

  14. ok i agree with most of the comments on here i am actually excited tho about seeing frye v anderson i think it is really gonna motivate the two to step their game up (money may) another thing that i feel has been overlooked is yea its the raiders and we associate them with being a bad team but they are as of right now 5-9 and if they win sunday they will be no worse than 6-10 there is obvious improvement in oakland more than there has been in past years and they do have W’s against pitt and denver also they did beat philly there secondary is not all that bad, they just need a legit future franchise qb its too bad lockler (sp) is not coming out this year i think he would be a real nice fit out there, they are just a couple pieces away, My beloved brownies i feel are taking steps in the right direction with a win sunday and a win against jacksonville next sunday they could go 5-11 a 1 game improvement from last year and with the way this season started out is really a nice surprise and at this point with the way the team is playing i say yes to mangini coming back next year. if i were to predict the game sunday i gotta go Browns 28 Raiders 17

  15. florio, you missed the biggest story of “revenge week”
    corey ivy, who played for the steelers vs the ravens, and was summarily dismissed subsequently, is now playing for the ravens against his former club, for his former club, its like a russian nest doll set of revenge week in the personification of a scrub cornerback…

  16. florio…i love the 8-20 record comment…since the raiders have 5 wins which is 2 games behind most playoff teams…
    how many games has KC won in the last 2 years?

  17. Here, tonymo. I had a few of these laying around and thought you might be able to use them.
    . . . . . . . .

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