Suisham told Cowboys about gadget play

It may not be fair, but Monday’s trick play disaster heard round the world will go down in history as part of Jim Zorn’s legacy in Washington.

Now we may know why Zorn was in such a hurry to run the play — even after the Giants called timeout before it.  Zorn knew he couldn’t use it this week.

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said Wednesday that former Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham told his new team, the Cowboys, about whatever that play was

This news adds even more spice to the Suisham revenge bowl, although it looks like the dream of the Redskins signing Nick Folk won’t happen.

We would have liked to see what Phillips did to prepare for the gadget play if he knew it was coming. 

Perhaps he could have devised the same ingenious plan New York used: Send multiple defenders at helpless and terrified Redskins punter Hunter Smith.

41 responses to “Suisham told Cowboys about gadget play

  1. Actually what I would like to see is the play run with an interception like the Giants, only with it returned for a TD.

  2. I hope they lose to the Redskins…oh that would be Grrrrrrreeeeeeaatt!!!!
    Total humiliation for “the star”……can’t wait to watch that one….even if they win against the Skins they lose the last game of the year and Giants get in and Cowgirls go home!!!

  3. i dont care what he brings as long as he brings more than a 20 yard field goal range. nick folk is responsible for at least one of our losses

  4. To this day, I don’t know what Zorn was trying to accomplish. The season is down the tubes. The game was over at 24-0. I’m starting to fall on the side of those that say Zorn did it to stick it to $nyder.

  5. Footnote: How do you think Hunter Smith feels today? Leaving a 14-0 team on its way to the Super Bowl to come to that trainwreck? $nyder’s money worth it?

  6. If the holder had thrown the ball to a receiver behind all those linemen, it might have been a touchdown.
    The problem with the play is, the holder won’t ever have time to make a good throw because there is no protection for him. That’s why the play was a disaster.

  7. “Now we may know why Zorn was in such a hurry to run the play — even after the Giants called timeout before it. Zorn knew he couldn’t use it this week.”
    Does this Zorn idiot have a checklist of stupid plays he needs to run before he gets himself fired? LOL

  8. i thought the skins dumped this guy for the same reasons, he could not make field goals. this makes no sence to me at all.

  9. That play was such a game changer…
    It’s not like they were down 24-0.
    Who really cares? That entire game was awful.

  10. @HappyBunny
    Footnote: How do you think Hunter Smith feels today? Leaving a 14-0 team on its way to the Super Bowl to come to that trainwreck? $nyder’s money worth it?
    The Colts chose not to resign Hunter Smith, as he was a veteran and damn good punter. The Redskins did not give him some major contract but the long term deal a kicker longs for. And he has done a great job. Heck, he has given us 2 touchdowns to only 1 interception. Better numbers than Campbell…

  11. suisham has done enough to help the cowboys this yr, he is the reason the skins lost to them in their first meeting. Now this? can you imagine suisham didnt tell him about that trick play? There would be no stopping it, im surprised the giants did. The first time they lined up everyone was like wooooow, what is this? this is awesome! and then the giants called timeout and everyone was like ughhh now well never see this crazy trick play, but low and behold they tried it and when the kicker threw it 15 yards too short we all knew it would work by next week against dallas but suisham went and ruined it. thanks.

  12. does it even matter if you knew about this trick play ? the Redskins aren’t going to score against their NFC East opponents anyways

  13. @ big easy
    Let it go man, it still won’t bring back undefeated. There’s no shame, you just got outplayed by the better team that night.

  14. “Only thing worse then the red skins is the cowpukes”
    Or a Giants fan obsessed with the Cowboys.

  15. Shazaam should just shut the hell up. Told Phillips about one of Zorn’s trick plays??? Hell, he can’t even remember where the uprights are, much less any of Zorn’s playbook. Keep working on that 23-yarder, Shazaam–the “Boys might need one.

  16. Why would Phillips do anything? That whole December swoon thing is a myth created by the press, isn’t it?

  17. So really, whats the big deal about this? Not every trick play works, and its not like the Redskins didnt make the playoffs because of this play. You see, thats whats some times scary about playing teams that already have no chance to make the playoffs, they are able to try plays they wouldnt originally try.

  18. quick question to clarify things. I thought zorn didnt call plays anymore. Wasnt it Sherm Lewis the one who would have called that play? If it was then Zorn shouldn’t be getting any slack for running it, even though I understand why he would catch slack for it. Just curious.

  19. All I want is for Dallas to lose. I don’t care who does it to them just as long as they go without the W.
    Even if the Giants don’t make the play-off’s(I think they will.) I can still live with the knowledge that they swept the Pokes and absolutely ruined Jerry Jones grand opening night to his ego last September.
    “And whomever exhalts themselves shall be humbled.”—a quote that will never be seen on Jones’ grave-marker one day.

  20. In all fairness, the play was designed to go to the right … which no analyst, announcer or journalist bothered to mention. With the receiver covered, Hunter Smith threw up a Hail Mary to the left, which worked as well as most Hail Marys. That is to say not at all. Would the receiver have been covered if the play had gone off the first time they lined up. Dunno.

  21. # wydok says: December 23, 2009 3:13 PM
    So, why exactly did the Cowboys sign a kicker cut by the Redskins?
    Because he’s missed only three FG instead of ten FG. That’s 66% better already. Suisham still sucks, but he’s better then Folk.

  22. But looking at the big picture, it wasn’t any worse that Steve Spurrier on non trick plays sending out 5 or 6 wide receivers and getting his QB killed on every play.
    Not sure a guy like Patrick Ramsey would have ever been any good, but after that shellshocked season irt was assured he wouldn’t be.

  23. I remember one day when we were little; we were playing street football. And Fat Ricky Johnson from down the street came up w/ this stupid ass play where our Punter would line up in this fake FG formation, then try to throw the ball back across the field. We beat his ass for even coming up w/ some crap like that.
    What type of season are you having when the kicker you just cut, is getting most of the attention the week you play them?

  24. VickIsNoQB says: December 23, 2009 4:19 PM
    @ BigEasy33
    Who dat? The Cowboys say dey gonna beat dem Saints…and in their own house
    Keep chanting that while you watch the Saints win the Superbowl and the cowgirls don’t even make the playoffs. DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!

  25. The Snyders’ and the Jones’ are examples of the worst kind of team owner. They stick their noses into things for which they have no real skill instead of letting the coaches do their jobs. Being a team owner is just another notch on their business pelts.
    The last of the old school owners was Wellington Mara. He always knew what his team was doing and attended practices many, many times. The Giants were all he knew and dealt with his entire life. The Giants were his life. He is enshrined in the Pro-Football hall of Fame and when he died the feeling of loss throughout the NFL was genuine.
    The same could be said for the likes of Art Rooney of the Steelers.
    Mara and Rooney had something Snyder and Jones will never, ever have: real class.
    When Snyder and Jones time comes to leave the scene for good does anyone really think that Redskins or Cowboy fans are going to be saddened by their departure? It is the fans of these two teams who cry out the loudest against their teams’ owners. I have yet to read one good thing ever written, for example, by a Redskins fan when it comes to Dan Snyder.

  26. “Keep chanting that while you watch the Saints win the Superbowl ”
    You have had right at 43 years to do that.
    Aint it time you guys quit talking and actually did it?
    I mean….damn.

  27. Zorn does the play calling inside 2 minutes, just for the record.
    Having said that, I can’t believe after the Giants called timeout, they still ran it. If they KNOW you’re going for it, put your qb in with wr’s, not Hunter Smith in a ridiculous formation.
    The players should have flat out refused to run it and put up the field goal. Just tell him no, and do what they know is right. He’s gone anyway and this stuff is why, so they have no need to fear his wrath. Just look him in the eye on the sideline, tell him “we ain’t doing that idiot sh@#$,” and kick the ball. Woulda been great.

  28. # chunky soupy sales says: December 23, 2009 10:36 PM
    “Keep chanting that while you watch the Saints win the Superbowl ”
    You have had right at 43 years to do that.
    Aint it time you guys quit talking and actually did it?
    I mean….damn.
    Here come the Cowgirls fans, bragging about championships that happened before most young teenagers were born.
    Seriously, while we’re boarding our time machines, why not go back and die in the Alamo, since you retards seem to love that one so much.

  29. @scomibord
    Who dat? The Bucs say dey gonna beat dem Saints…and in their own house!!! AGAIN!!!!
    The Saints are in deep trouble!!!

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