Hasselbeck thinks Big Show should cough up his big bike

As we continue to clean out the “to-do” list on a slow Saturday bring you the best and most compelling NFL news and information, here’s a recent item from Seattle regarding the unretirement of former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, who is now the captain of the Browns’ front office.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck wants a refund.

“We did buy him a motorcycle as a retirement gift,” Hasselbeck recently said, per SeattlePI.com, “so I don’t know if we could get him to sell that and give
us our money back or what

Hasselbeck was kidding, of course.  (We think.)

But he wasn’t kidding six years ago, when he played a postseason game at the site of Sunday’s contest against the Packers.  On that occasion, Hasselbeck declared after winning the toss in sudden-death overtime, “We want the ball and we’re gonna score.”

Hasselbeck explained that he was just trying to stay loose when he offered up the phrase that will ultimately be engraved on the granite slab that marks his eternal resting place.  (And if it’s not chiseled into the stone, it’ll likely eventually be spray-painted there by Packers fans.)

“The first time we’d played them early in the year I didn’t play
well,” Hasselbeck said.  “I was all tight and serious and wasn’t me.  And the second time,
the coach at the time said go have fun, relax.  And that’s what I did
and that’s what it was and we played well, but we still were at the
point where we really hadn’t really turned that corner as a team and
believed in ourselves. . . .

“I don’t regret anything.
It was what it was, a bunch of grown men playing football and acting
like kids.”

And the acting like kids extends to members of the Packers who were on the field that day, including quarterback Brett Favre.  Per Hasselbeck, Favre “has said that to me at every coin toss I’ve seen him at.”

It remains to be seen whether Favre would characterize such exchanges as a “heated discussion.”

13 responses to “Hasselbeck thinks Big Show should cough up his big bike

  1. Who cares what Hassel-on-his-back says or thinks. I dont care if he is serious or joking. I dont like the or hate the guy. I dont know how he still has a job though. I cant remember the last time hes done anything or even when he wasnt on the injury report. Always hurt, never that good. What is the point of Hasselbeck?

  2. wait wait…is this post about Hasselbeck wanting Holmgren to give back the bike, or about a dumb thing Hasselbeck said at a coin toss six years ago?

  3. Hasselbeck is expected to be in Green Bay next season to compete with Aarron Rodgers for the number 1 QB spot. Ted Thompson is high on Hasselbeck and feels the competition is good for Rodgers.

  4. “is this post about Hasselbeck wanting Holmgren to give back the bike, or about a dumb thing Hasselbeck said at a coin toss six years ago?”
    Florio’s writing suffers from a disorder known as, “Non Sequiturrets Syndrome.”
    Symptoms include yelping out the names of Favre, the Patriots or Vick into any possible article, no matter how pointless.

  5. Matts’ been a good QB for a long time. He can’t carry a team, he has to have a supporting cast, but he’s a good guy. It’s just a game, and if they’re having some fun, so what?

  6. Get it right, 42-7 on Sunday. Hasselbeck’s best days are most likely behind him. 02-07 were good years for him and the Hawks. You can’t deny he was a very good QB. He’s only 34, he may have something left in the tank. If only the Hawks get a RB, FB, receivers, O line, D line, tall, skilled corners, bigger LB ……..

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