Haynesworth blames system for his poor performance

Last year’s obsession for the Redskins was defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.  Under the team’s version of reality (as ratified by the league office), the Redskins carefully plotted their pursuit of Haynesworth and, without ever letting Haynesworth or his agent know that the Redskins were interested in signing Haynesworth during the period of time that he was the exclusive property of the Titans, the Redskins launched an effort to land Haynesworth at 12:01 a.m. ET on the first day of free agency, and that effort succeeded less than six hours later.

In the end, Haynesworth was signed to a big-splash $100 million contract, which in reality is worth $48 million over four years.

As expected, the man who became a stud only when he was chasing that contract has been a disappointment in the first season after catching it.

Even more predictably, he says it isn’t his fault.  According to Haynesworth, the team’s defensive system bears the blame.

“If they keep this system the way it is, then they would label Albert
Haynesworth a bust who didn’t live up to the contract
,” Haynesworth
told Jason Reid of the Washington Post in remarks posted by Reid earlier this morning.  “Everybody would say he
just took the money and ran off.  And I’m still playing as hard as I
possibly can.  But you can only do so much within the system that’s put
around you.  And I’m not talking about the players. The players have been great.  I
couldn’t ask for any better guys.  I’m talking about the system.  And
[the coaches] can say whatever they want about that [the reason he was
sent home Friday].  The main thing it’s coming from is what I said after
the game about leadership and about the team.”

Haynesworth is referring to his remarks following Monday night’s 45-12 loss to the Giants.  “I’ve been around these guys a lot,” Haynesworth said at the time.  “I think they know how to play
football.  I think we’re all just going different directions, and we
need somebody to lead us in the right direction

“You brought me here to make us better and to create the havoc that I
create,” Haynesworth told Reid more recently.  “But you’re not letting me do the things that we did [in Tennessee].”

We’ll freely admit that we’re not experts in the esoteric aspects of interior defensive line play.  But since we don’t see many defensive tackles dropping into pass coverage, we’re inclined to conclude that, regardless of whether a team uses a 3-4 or a 4-3 or a two-gap or a one-gap or a three technique or an under or an over or a big fat guy who lays down on the center, most defensive systems contemplate that the interior defensive linemen generally will, you know, create havoc.

Of course, Haynesworth is now creating havoc.  But not the kind the Redskins envisioned.

And it’ll be interesting to see how this year’s Redskins obsession will deal with the situation once he’s on the job.

Then again, Mike Shanahan has ample experience when it comes to handling overpaid and overrated defensive players, given that he signed a few of them during his time in Denver.  Under the Detroit Lions theory of team management, those past failures with guys like Daryl Gardener and the Cleveland castoffs will put Shanahan in perfect position to get the most out of Haynesworth.

40 responses to “Haynesworth blames system for his poor performance

  1. Jay Cutler blames the system for his poor performance too.
    Mike Vick blames “the man” for holding him down. Which explains his lack of explosiveness or speed. No excuse for his poor accuracy though.

  2. Fat Albert needs to get into better shape. Other than that, I can’t see where he is saying something that isn’t true about Blache and his system. I’ve watched every game the Skins played this year, but despite having a top 10 defense the Skins were never able to stop a team when they needed to to win a game. 1st CrackBoys, 2nd Eagles, and Saints games are prime examples.

  3. Gee, I guess him being winded and on one knee after 4 plays and having to sit on the sideline a lot of the time because he is a total fat ass and out of shape is the fault of the system too……..unbelievable.

  4. Coming from a guy who plays two downs and has to be helped off the field because he can’t catch his fat ass breath. What a loser. The next time he needs to “rest” I hope Greg Blatche walks over and stomps on his face.

  5. Fat Albert………..another in a long line of lil danny snyder’s failure free agents! redskin fans should mark the day lil danny took control of the skins……….the day the long, slow, agonizing death started!

  6. what a complainer. the system really does not affect a dt for the most part fatty. you are “supposed” to be a run stopper. do your job or stop taking the money. the system fit you fine when you signed that contract, didn’t it?

  7. Thats funny because I’m sure Jim Zorn blames you guys for playing like shit too. Lose some weight you overpaid turd.
    When you get busted at the gentlemens club in the offseason are you going to blame the Redskins too?
    That only applies to Vikings players on boat cruises.

  8. That dick has spent more time on all fours on the sidelines than anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s hurt every 3rd def series. Why doesn’t he play an entire game then shoot his mouth off.

  9. The Titans ran a lot of line stunts and allowed the DL to do a lot more one gap, stop the run on the way to the QB type schemes. The Cbs played a lot of press coverage and the LBs bump and jam under routes to buy the DL time to get there.
    I do not know what they are doing in DC, but I do not think they have worse personel than the Titans on D and if Haynesworth is making the claim, I would tend to believe him. Although I also believed Jason Brown when he said Haynesworth basically tapped out when found out he could not over power him.

  10. Favre On HGH says: December 26, 2009 11:36 AM
    Jay Cutler blames the system for his poor performance too.
    well, both are proven veterans. do you think the talent fairy robbed them during the off season?

  11. Maybe if Haynesworth had gotten the dollar signs out of his eyes and actually looked at the system, he might have realized what he was getting himself into. Or maybe he is just a fat, lazy jerk who blames everyone but himself for his problems.
    P.S. Way to show leadership by showing up 20 minutes late for a team meeting.

  12. This is not the first time we’ve heard this about this system. The personnel in this defense says attack but the system says catch and let it come to you. This is Blache’s last year anyway…time for this defense to attack. The corners give at least 5 yard cushions, press and attack!! I like Blache, he’s a standup guy, but it’s time to let these guys loose. Change is comin in the nation’s capitol. Hail!

  13. sven_ftw says:
    December 26, 2009 12:10 PM
    well, both are proven veterans. do you think the talent fairy robbed them during the off season?
    in Cuddles case, he went to get a beer when he was supposed to be standing in the line that was handing out brains and missed getting one.

  14. “well, both are proven veterans. do you think the talent fairy robbed them during the off season?”
    Do you really think the coordinators are just too stupid to use their talents?? You can’t change the whole scheme to make one guy good if it makes the rest of them suck.

  15. If Fat Albert were really that good it wouldn’t matter what technique they had him play at as long as he was still in the interior of the line. Quite frankly shouldn’t this have come up during their 6 hour negotiation that what such a surprise to Fat Albert? During those 6 surprising hours did no one bothered to bring up the fact they play a different style in DC then they do in Tennessee and how that might affect fat boy? Or did someone bring up the play differences and Fat Albert or his agent brush those concerns aside?

  16. The Williams/Blache defensive scheme has produced four top-ten finishes for the defense, and the defense has kept the team alive this year (even when Haynesworth was sucking oxygen on the sidelines). This sounds like another LaVar Arrington situation, where the player doesn’t fit the scheme. In Arrington’s case, he was there before Greg Williams, but did not fit the new scheme or would not adapt. Arrington was a Pro Bowl player and a model citizen, but Haynesworth has a history of underachieving combined with bad behavior except during a contract year. Some analysts said when Haynesworth was signed that he was not a good fit for this defense and wondered whether he would revert to form once he got paid. I think we have the answer. Danny does it again. Washington fans should be worried that Danny is scouting college quarterbacks.

  17. Hasn’t he been playing with a bad ankle or knee all year? Still, he’s just making himself sound bad and has been mediocre. BOOOOO

  18. I think its funny,he played hard last year knowing a new contract was coming up when the season was over,sure enough some idiotic owner payed way too much(whats new) and some people are surprised he isnt as good as the year before,wait till next year,I say good for haynesworth,he did what anyone else would ,in his situation,he took the money.SOme one was stupid enough to pay him,I wish someone would overpay me for my job,also the funny thing is these owners will keep making idiotic moves like paying 1st round draft choices millions when they have not played one play in the nfl,(jamarcus russell,reggie bush)

  19. when did shanahan sign with the Skins?? your writing about him like he’s already take Zorn’s headset from him. Let’s get a new coach before were talking about him. I say wait for the NBA season to finish up and go after Phil Jackson, he knows a thing or two about winning championships!!(Sarcasim)

  20. Somebody get this man a donut and a face to step on and he’ll be just fine. They spend 100 million on Fat Albert, but my Cowboys spent way less for Demarcus Ware to be a Cowboys for life. That’s why Jerry is still the best.

  21. “well, both are proven veterans. do you think the talent fairy robbed them during the off season?”
    Cutler is a proven veteran ? The only thing proven about him before he went to the Bears was a 17-20 record, ie; he’s a LOSER. He has done nothing with the Bears to show anything but that he is still a LOSER.
    Proven loser and immature idiot is about all you can say about the guy.

  22. He’s Fat and out shape. Probably plays about 40% of all defensive plays and gets paid 100mil to do so. He’s all that wrong with the NFL. He’s the fat slob who couldn’t get off the field in the saints game and gave NO a timeout to regroup and go down the field when they had NONE!
    Leaders don’t do that, they find a way off the field and are SMART enough to know the situations. FAT guys who can’t play shouldn’t be sitting courside at Wizard’s game’s on thursday’s when they are sitting on the sidelines on Sunday’s.
    BTW, How are the titans making out without him? I think just fine but I guess it must be the system or maybe it’s the system that made the walking heart attack worth anything in the first place and he’s really not that good.
    In any case, it’s ANOTHER Great off season strategy by the Redskins. Considering they started the offseason this year in the real season, This offseason should be the greatest in team history. After landing the GM that NOONE else was chasing before anyone else could sign him they really jumpstarted the season. Once the little leprechaun gets to town the dysfunction and bad offseason signings, trades, and drafts can kick into HIGH GEAR! The SKINS will Suck as long as snyder is at the top!
    GET IN THE CAR AND DRIVE UP 95 to see the other NFL team IN MD and be excited during the REGULAR season/playoffs for ONCE!

  23. well, both are proven veterans.
    Cutler is hardly a proven veteran, unless proven means “has never had a winning season”

    Because last year even with haynesworth, vandenbosch and another d-lineman out the titans easily beat the steelers in the showdown game for the #1 afc seed in week 16 2008.
    he then should give credit that the only reason he’s so overpaid now is because he himself was lucky enough to be in the tennessee “system” in the past.

  25. # 56lightsout56 says: December 26, 2009 12:24 PM
    in Cuddles case, he went to get a beer when he was supposed to be standing in the line that was handing out brains and missed getting one.
    nice. i hope he doesn’t correct that by monday…

  26. If he was worth a fraction of what he got in that contract he would produce something. A great player can play good in even the worst system and great in a good system. An over rated player can play great in a great system and bad in a bad system. Which does this guy fall under?

  27. What an overpaid meatsack. Maybe it has something to do with playing ina real division this year. It must have been fun getting all those sacks in that powderpuff AFC South. With exception to the Colts of course.

  28. Funny.
    Maybe Big Al should have asked questions such as:
    “What system are you planning to put me into?”
    “Is it a one gap or two gap scheme?”
    “Am I responsible for tying up blockers, or will I be attempting to penetrate the backfield?”
    instead of:
    “How much you’all gonna pay Albert?”
    (Apparently, he talks in the third person)

  29. Daniel M. (Money) Snyder and Fat Albert are another perfect storm for the DeadSkins.
    Little Danny’s season (the Marketing Season) starts the day after the Super Bowl. He plans how to maximize revenue:
    sell the seats,
    sell the suites,
    sell the treats (advertising, beer, dogs, jerseys, etc.)
    Fat Albert’s season of over-eating starts the same day the regular season ends. He eats until he falls asleep on his couch. But, he has a great agent who can sell someone stupid (cue Little Danny Snyder) on signing Fat Albert to a big-money deal structured to create an advertising buzz to sell the seats, the suites, and the treats.
    They are perfect for one another. For the team and the fans……. not so much.

  30. Deion, Bruce Smith, Albert Haynesworth,Jeff George, the list goes on. Who’s gonna be the next QB, Kerry Collins? Trent Green coming back? Or perhaps we’ll find another guy to pay 100 million, give up some draft picks, etc.
    After watching the last game, I think they should turn over probably 90% of that roster, keep maybe 6-7 out of the 53. Unfortunately, due to his contract, fatass will be one that stays. Hey Danny, if yer looking to overpay someone, I’ll send you a resume. I can kick as good as suisham, if he’s drunk. And IF, only IF, I’m not…….

  31. hmm, its funny how Redskin fans didnt say anything about his laziness or about what kind of shape he’s in when they signed him.

  32. very interested to see how ths Skins play Sunday night…a rivalry game sometimes transcends expectations
    my expectations are the Skins are primed to quit..Albert & D Hall are not the type of guys to build a winning team around
    & given Albert throwing Zorn & Blanche under the bus along with being sent home this week I hope he’s inactive this week
    Monday it was mentioned how they were playing to impress the new regime…45-12 & running your mouth reveals a lot

  33. Mike Shanahan has ample experience when it comes to handling overpaid and overrated defensive players, given that he signed a few of them during his time in Denver. Under the Detroit Lions theory of team management, those past failures with guys like Daryl Gardener and the Cleveland castoffs will put Shanahan in perfect position to get the most out of Haynesworth.
    Florio loves to bring this up…Shanahan made a lot of questionable decisions bringing in platers with bad reps…
    the football gods have punished him for bringing in Dale Carter…but those guys were not here long when they proved to be a cancer & if Shanahan does go to Washington ( which i doubt )
    expect to see a big housecleaning in DC

  34. I’d like to know what system/scheme Albert thinks he can thrive in.
    Then, I’d like to know how/why the Skins do it differently.
    Then, how he would suggest orchestrating the teams current system to one that can make his superb talent shine.
    Something tells me that silence or a dubious look would be a response.
    Or…the classic…”not my job.” When your salary is over a million, hiding from suggested improvements is not an option.

  35. Congratulations Mr. Snyder. Maybe you should sign Deion agan….or Bryant Young……or Jason Taylor…..or Bruce Smith…..or Adam Archuleta….or Steve Spurrier….or Joe Gibbs…..or Marty Ball……

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