Hurney says Delhomme will be back

Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney recently said that quarterback Jake Delhomme continues to fit in the team’s plans, despite the fact that Delhomme was placed on injured reserve to cap his worst season by far as a starting quarterback.

“This move doesn’t change anything about his future,” Hurney told Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer.  “We
feel the same about Jake as we did yesterday before we put him on I.R. 
We’ve made it clear we have confidence in Jake.”

The bigger question, however, is whether owner Jerry Richardson still has confidence in Hurney and coach John Fox.  If they’re both fired, the new regime might not want to bring back Delhomme.

And while he’s entitled to receive $12.675 million in guaranteed money next year, a decision to pay Delhomme not to play for the Panthers isn’t much different than a decision to pay Hurney and Fox to not work for the team, either.  If it’s time to move on, those payments are simply a cost of doing business.

For his part, Delhomme wants to stay with the Panthers.

“There is nothing inside of me that says, ‘Let’s try to start over some
other place’ — absolutely not, not even remotely close,” Delhomme told Chandler.

But the decision as to whether he’ll stay in Charlotte will be made by someone else, and there’s still a chance that the someone else won’t be Hurney or Fox.

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  1. I also feel the same way about Delhomme as I did before they put him on IR. “Please no no no, not him again!” They look so much better with Matt Moore taking the snaps. Or Garo Yepremian. Or that guy sleeping the cardboard box under the bridge.

  2. there’s not a team in the nfl that wouldn’t like to have jake as a backup.. his time in carolina needs to be done tho.. It’s Matt Moore’s time.
    And as espn thinks, D-Will should be traded in next year’s draft for a top 5 pick…
    no thanks

  3. Why wouldn’t he be back? They are paying him 13 mill. Have him compete for the job in the offseason, and if he doesn’t win it at least you have a solid backup. You might as well have him do something for the 13 mill you’ve stupidly guaranteed him.

  4. Hurney can’t really come out and say “Yeah we’re going to cut him” right now, but I’m still 50/50 on whether he’ll be back… Richardson has some big decisions coming up. I just hope whatever he does improves the franchise

  5. Look, there’s no denying that Jake had an awful season. However, he has done so much for the Carolina Panthers franchise that he should stick around for the next couple of seasons as the #2 QB.

  6. Living here in South Carolina, Hurney feels much differently than the Panthers fans here. It was a huge mistake to give Jake that new contract and to trade their 1st round pick to my 49ers. However, I’m loving all of it. I’m tired of hearing the local sportscasters talk about the Panthers

  7. Thought he was done after the 5 int game against Cardinals, but they gave him an extension.
    Hard to believe he’ll return after the season he had this year, not a rookie making bone head mistakes anymore.

  8. Earlier in the season Marty Hurney said on a local radio show that the team gave Jake a contract extension because they didn’t want Jake going to another team like there were teams lined up for his services. At the time I thought that was one of the stupidest comments I had ever heard given the fact that Jake still had one year left on his contract. This latest comment is even dumber if that is possible. I agree with BOHlive. Just what in the hell is this master plan the Panthers have? I wish I could F*** my job up as bad as Hurney and Fox and still keep it.

  9. There is nothing inside of me that says, ‘Let’s try to start over some other place’ — absolutely not, not even remotely close,” Delhomme told Chandler.
    That’s because he knows no team will take him. He will be selling insurance next year.

  10. Time for Jake to retire. He’s made his money, he’s had his glory, and he’s finished as a starting NFL QB.

  11. What else do you expect him to say? If he admits he really blew it now, he would be fired as soon as the Saints take a knee on the last play January 3rd. He’s still holding out hope that he and Fox are going to be back, trying to save face.

  12. Then smith should shop for another team! Its said how that team has some awesome talent and delhomme is holding that team behind

  13. They should’ve never given Jake that new contract after the playoff implosion. Make him play out his current deal first before you decide whether you want him back……. in any capacity. The Panthers were only bidding against themselves when they re-signed him. A colossal mistake!!!

  14. He has done a lot for the franchise, and he should be kept around but not at $13 million as a backup. That’s not loyalty that stupidity.
    Tough year for panthers fans

  15. This mess in Carolina with Jake Delhomme represents just one the major issues concerning the Panthers going forward. Jake has not been a bonafide NFL starting QB for more than a year. To quote Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports. ” 60 Minutes should launch an investigation as to how Jake Delhomme got his 20Million Dollar extension”. I would argue Jake should have been cut after his performance in last year’s playoffs against the Cardinals.
    The Panthers have just three playmakers on the offensive side of the ball and two of them play the same position (Stewart and Williams). The decision to hang their hat on Delhomme is inexplicable and definitely grounds for the firing of Hurney and Fox. The money Jake receive could have been used to find a complimentary WR to say—-help Steve Smith make some plays in the passing game.
    Look for the talking heads to make excuses for Fox and Hurney while “focusing” on Peppers for the Panthers lack of bite this season. The Panthers are getting a return on their investment from Peppers. Jake Delhomme…… well we know about him.

  16. Anyone with half a brain now knows that Moore is better than Jake Delhomme has been since Jake’s great superbowl run in 2003.
    Seriously, my wife could not tell you the difference between a football field and a basketball court but she watched a few minutes of Panther football while working out at the gym and came home and told me a few weeks ago that, “The Panthers have this guy who can really play and even throw a football very nicely unlike that Jake Delhomme guy had done.
    If Jake is brought back for any other purpose that a backup then the Panthers are in for deep trouble.
    However, if Moore is the starter and the Panthers use their second round pick to get a wide receiver and then get a punt returner with one of their (few) late picks then watch out.
    This team has no learned Ron Meeks’ defense and the offense has come alive now that they have a qb who can easily complete the fundamental, basic throws a qb has to make.
    The Panthers may well be a 2010 powerhouse waiting to explode. With Jake they are waiting to implode.

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