Colts put slim lead in Painter's hands

With the 14-0 Colts holding only a five-point lead against the Jets, who need a win to keep their postseason hopes alive, coach Jim Caldwell has pulled quarterback Peyton Manning, inserting rookie Curtis Painter in his place.

Painter was inserted for a drive that commenced inside the Indy 10, with five minutes to play in the third quarter.

But Peyton hardly seems to be headed for the showers.  He’s still wearing his helmet, and the home crowd just booed loudly when Painter’s first drive resulted in a three and out.
We’re not sure what’s going to happen next, but there could be a “heated discussion” coming up between Peyton and Caldwell.  The Colts are chasing history, and Caldwell currently seems content to piss it away.

53 responses to “Colts put slim lead in Painter's hands

  1. As a football fan I have to say that the Colt’s are pussies for not going for the record. I swear it has nothing to do with me having Manning and losing in the fantasy final.

  2. Wow, why the hell would you pull starters? You’re so damn close to perfection against the final two teams who are NOT all that challenging. What the hell?

  3. The national media is going to eat Caldwell alive when Indy loses this game for really no reason.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Colts clinch the #1 seed?
    Correct me again, didnt the Patriots go undefeated only to lose the Super Bowl?
    I’d take a 1 or 2 loss regular season with a ring over a perfect regular season and a playoff loss any day of the week, make that the decade.

  4. LMAO colts 14-1 thank you caldwell Pats only team to reach 16-0!!! imagine if seyton manning went down colts would be like 1-14

  5. I could care less, I’m an Eagles fan…but if they’re not worried about the perfect season, then why even have them play into the 3rd quarter in this game? Yea, I understand they wanted to treat it like a pre-season game to get reps in.
    If they are worried about injuries (like they obviously are) it just doesn’t make any sense to have them risk injury for 3 quarters. Either play them or don’t.

  6. Guess going undefeated doesn’t mean a hell of a lot to the Colts Organization.
    You’re playing at home, give your fans what they want. Dumbasses.

  7. “Pats only team to reach 16-0!!!”
    Typical retarded Pats fan, did you forget about the 72 Dolphins 17-0 season? Also, the Pats 18-1 team will always be remembered as the biggest chokes of all time!!!! LMFAO

  8. …on second thought, 2 talking heads on the radio in New York said the Jets have about as much chance winning today as they do having next week’s radio show from the moon. LOL.
    I hope the Jets do win it, talking heads think they’ve got it all figured out.

  9. Un @ucking beleivable!! Why have him play until the 3rd quarter? Leave the most of the starters in? The fans are booing this team and rightfully so, I mean to take a home loss and piss it away so eagerly is beyond me. They suck completley without him, they can’t even move the ball, its pathetic, its worse when your watching it, words can’t describe how terrible the Colts are without Manning. Caldwell and Polian are just showing that without one guy they are irrevelant, them two don’t even matter, Tom Moore is Manning’s most valuable coaching asset. It’s a disgrace to the history of the NFL to piss away games and let teams like the Jets into the Playoffs when a team like the Texans, Steelers really are better. Horrible. I hate Polian.

  10. “LMAO colts 14-1 thank you caldwell Pats only team to reach 16-0!!! imagine if seyton manning went down colts would be like 1-14 ”
    If I were a Pats fan, I would (1) Get my facts straight (the Dolphins did it long before Matt Walsh and Bill Belichick were scurrying around on the sidelines), and (2) Try to avoid making misguided taunts that remind people of the GIGANTIC choke-job that the Pats pulled in SB 42.
    But hey, that’s just me. Maybe Pats fans enjoy reminding people of Tom Brady on his back over and over again against the Giants. Who am I to judge?

  11. LMAO colts 14-1 thank you caldwell Pats only team to reach 16-0!!! imagine if seyton manning went down colts would be like 1-14
    Um ’72 Dolphins buddy, and they didn’t choke in the big game. The ’07 Pats were good but in the end they were just another team that didn’t win when it really mattered.

  12. Can’t help but feel like the Colts are dooming their Super Bowl hopes. There’s something fundamentally wrong about throwing a game away like this. And that’s what they’re doing, make no mistake.
    I guess on paper they still have everything it takes to win it all. But I compare this to how the Chargers are playing at the moment, and I don’t see how treading water and willfully losing a game prepares the Colts to deal with the on-fire Chargers, which seems likely at this point.

  13. Yes, well, the pats are NOT 15-0 this week (and I’m a Pats fan, btw). But seriously, the Jets first string is beating the Colts second string. And if the Jets players are yacking about the win afterwards, well, perhaps they just don’t understand.

  14. Who is this really on? Caldwell or Polian?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Polian took off his mask one day and he is really Don Shula in disguise.

  15. Take it from a Pats fan…..
    16-0 means NOTHING if you don’t seal the deal.
    I don’t even want to rememeber the 07′ season!

  16. biggearl do you remember earlier this week manning….”talking about favre” said ill do whatever coach wants me too! well right when they sat him today he was complaining too the coach hahahaha 14-1

  17. If I’m a Colts fan, I’m pissed. I feel bad for Peyton that he had the chance taken out of his hands.
    Since I’m a Patriot fan, I appreciate the Colt’s staff keeping the Patriots 16-0 undefeated regular season record intact.
    biggearl, with their records and rings, Pats are TEAM OF THE DECADE.
    laugh your ass off at that, buddy.

  18. Why don’t they just say we concede and call the rest of the game – this is a joke – the NFL should be embarrassed – if a team doesn’t want to compete anymore why should we have to watch – this sucks – show us the Eagles and Broncs – shame on you NFL – shame on you Colts – what friggin cowards – Peyton should be ashamed of this team.
    Can’t wait until the Chargers or Ravens blow them out of the playoffs – they are not worthy of being champions…

  19. i’m guessing the Jets know they got a gift here.
    I feel bad for Painter – this was a no-win situation for him. Terrible spot to put him in.

  20. Painter painted a disaster.
    Manning must be frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to finish the game.
    All that hard work for perfection was just stolen from him.

  21. This is a huge problem for the NFL when you blatantly thumb your nose at the integrity of the game. Teams are to play to win. Period. That means playing your best players until the issue is decided. I can guarantee you that Indy fans who paid big bucks for their tickets are none too pleased that the starteres were pulled with a 5-point lead, in the third quarter and with the Colts deep in their own territory.
    Goodell has some issues to deal with and this is one of them. Teams should not be allowed to sit key players with the game on the line unless they are injured or are getting a break for a series. It makes a mockery of the game.
    Just remember … the last time the Colts played their reserves in the regular season and gave their starters a lot of rest, they punked out of the playoffs real fast.
    Here’s hoping history repeats.
    That and Manning gets hurt in the 1st quarter of the playoffs and the Colts are stuck with Painter. that would be justice.

  22. Caldwell is a coward. Coach not to lose, and you’ll lose. Good luck in the playoffs schmuck. Chargers are going to roll you.

  23. Manning needed to do a Favre … only time in his career he had his team at 14-0 and his coach takes him out
    I thought you play to win the game ?
    well Mr. Caldwell let’s see how good a coach you really are when San Diego turns up in Indy…

  24. The Pats fans are bragging about a 16-0 regular season?
    Last time I checked, didnt the Colts win 20+ something straight?
    BTW, as far as the “Team of the Decade” talk is concerned, the Pats might be in the running, but the “DFC” rule negates at least one of their titles.
    DFC = Dirty F***ing Cheaters
    By that rule, a team such as the Steelers (who have 2 SB wins), and possibly the Colts (who may have 2 SB wins after this year, not to mention the real regular season record noted above) can be entered into the “Team of the Decade” talk.

  25. The Pats fans are bragging about a 16-0 regular season?
    Yep. Only team that’s got one.
    I think the Colts had a good shot at it, and I think they’re fools to pass it up.
    The look on Peyton’s and Jeff Saturday’s faces said it all.

  26. BTW, as far as the “Team of the Decade” talk is concerned, the Pats might be in the running, but the “DFC” rule negates at least one of their titles.
    That’s interesting, there’s still 3 championships in the the NFL record books for the Pats. So this “rule” actually only exists in your feeble little brain. So, ya, good try though.

  27. This what pisses me off. The NFL sets up the format for the top 2 seeds to get a bye so they can rest thier players a week…What teams have tried to do is win enough games, wrap it up by week 13 and then think that they have the upper hand getting all thier starters back resting them almost a month or more. I think somewhere there is a football God not being kind to the teams who choose to forfeit their games like this and when the Colts played throughout he rewarded them with the Superbowl. Old school coaches would rest their players because back in the 1970’s and 80’s you could do it. Players were together on the same team for years to get to know eachother, now adays you can’t do that. Teams aren’t that cohesive, because salary cap restrictions. 20-30 years ago I would agree with this scenario, but in today’s game you can’t do it. Everyone can see the writing on the wall for this team now. They lost a freaking game at home at Lucas. Sometimes the biggest genius can out think himself. In this case the so called genius is Bill Polian. After hearing all the boos its clear to me if they were to lose early in the playoffs and badly. I think things could get really bad for Bill Polian. This was a very dick move. I have never heard a 14-0 team get booed and that’s got to be a record that was broken today by Mr Polian so that was a record.

  28. The Colts made me sick today, and probably all the starters were sick too. They have a chance to win them all and they decided to back off and deliberately take a loss. If the coach wanted to sit players why didn’t he say so before the game, or wait until there is a big lead and then do it. What is he saving the players from by pulling them out for 1 half? How sad is that for the colts fans at the game? The announcers keep saying that NE won all 16 and then lost the super bowl so it’s good to pull players out. They act like if you win them all then you are going to loose the superbowl.
    Previously the colts seemed very confident. I was listening to the colts after game radio and Manning sounds like he’s been hit in the gut and seemed dejected. I think the coach has demoralized his players. They are all trying to say the right thing but you can tell they feel like loosers.
    I keep hearing “Well this year the colts got all the statistics they need” so they don’t need to play this game. “Peyton’s got X yardage, blah blah blah”. Well what about the statistic of winning every game including the super bowl?. Announcers said “The colts will win the super bowl and no one will remember this game.” I will remember it. I want to see a team win them all or at least try to win for god’s sake. Seems like a pretty important statistic to me. What if the colts do win the superbowl? Will people look at this game and say they could have won everything but chose not too?
    On the radio and tv, announcers keep trying to look for the positives they can pull out of the game. There are no positives. I think the team has been de-motivated and everyone is back peddling to say why they did what they did. After their sufficient demoralizing I think the colts will go down to the Chargers, and I live in SD, so I say go Chargers. Go Chargers. Too bad, the colts had a chance for the history books. I wanted to see it happen.
    I’m pretty pissed by the decision not to play the game. When the coach saw the game going so badly he probably wanted to put the starters back in, but imagine if he did and someone got hurt. Then he’d really look foolish.

  29. what a joke. Here’s hoping the Jets play Indy in the playoffs and beat them. If you wanted to sit your starters do it next week against the Bills who are not fighting for a playoff spot!
    Would have been cool for Peyton to go undefeated and add that to his resume.

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