Panthers whip Giants

Every year in the NFL, there are a handful of games in which a team fighting for a spot in the playoffs loses to a team with nothing but pride to play for.

But there aren’t many games in which the team with nothing to play for absolutely destroys the team that still has postseason hopes.

That’s what happened today at Giants Stadium, where the Panthers dominated the Giants from start to finish, winning 41-9.

The Giants had no answer for the Panthers’ offense, led by backup quarterback Matt Moore and backup running back Jonathan Stewart. Moore completed 15 of 20 passes for 171 yards and three touchdowns, while Stewart carried 28 times for 206 yards.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw two interceptions, while running back Brandon Jacobs carried six times for one yard.

Although the 8-7 Giants aren’t yet mathematically eliminated from postseason contention, it’s safe to say they’re no playoff team. Today, with so much on the line, they looked like one of the worst teams in the league.

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  1. Carolina is the best team in NFC right now, they are clicking on both sides of the ball, and they have a lot of swagger on on both sides with mat moore leading the way, to bad the panthers are out of the hunt, they would scare lots of teams if they faced them in the playoffs, I’ll be there next week to see the saints lose their 3rd straight!!! GO PANTHERS

  2. Strahan saved that team a few years ago, they have nobody like that on this team. Just a bunch of quitters with bad coaches.

  3. HAHAHAHA, in the words of the Giants fans: “One GIANT loss!”
    HAHAHA, have fun watching the playoffs, douche bags…..

  4. Panthers have looked good the last couple of games with moore. If they had started him sooner they might have been a playoff team themselves.
    The giants looked terrible, I would rather they didnt back into the playoffs than have to watch another sorry ass excuse for a game. They are way to hot or cold to be taken seriously.

  5. I love the Giants but they did not just loose today, they did not even try. How the heck does Osi go from an all pro to a bench player. The whole defense stinks, they can’t tackle and just laid down for Stewart.

  6. Way to close out the stadium against a hand-picked opponent, Gnats. Especially that overrated blowhard Brenda Jacobs. Here’s to the Cowboys taking the cherry of that new ghettolicious stadium that cost more to build than Cowboys Stadium.

  7. If Brandon Jacobs is hurt, he shouldn’t play.
    If he isn’t hurt, he should be cut. He’s worse than Tomlinson now.

  8. Maybe the Giants should have reactivated David Tyree. He could have caught a few balls with his head.
    Over rated. Over hyped. Done.
    Nice job finishing your run at that stadium. Getting humiliated by a backup QB, backup RB and a team out of contention.
    Somewhere Herm Edwards is reminiscing and paraphrasing Dennis Green, “It was a miracle. And they are who we thought they were.”
    Sad. Just sad.

  9. Without 2 starting tackles, d-williams, and thomas davis.. Keep Fox, keep Meeks.. It was delhomme all a long. Who would thunk it?

  10. The whole Giants team looked like they quit after that first quarter fumble. Watching on TV, the whole defense were hanging their heads on the sideline. Not one of them stepped up like Ray Lewis would have done. We need someone like him.

  11. Carolina’s not good, but neither are the Giants. And all those Giants fans who thought at 5-0 their team was good. Whom have the Giants beaten with a winning record? Other than the Cowboys, I honestly can’t think of one without looking it up.
    Jacobs has always been worse than Tomlinson. There has never been one year in his career where I’d take Jacobs over Tomlinson.

  12. haha, the best team will be in the play offs, sucks to be you Giants fans, why dont you take the rest of the year off. hahahaha

  13. Human Urine after the game
    5:20 p.m. — Lots of emotion in the post-game locker room, but no one seemed more upset than DE Osi Umenyiora, who complained about his lack of playing time and said this was not only his last game in Giants Stadium, but “probably as a Giant.”
    He said his lack of playing time was “an unbelievable situation” and that the way things have gone for him this season has been “complete nonsense.” He added “the way everything else unfolded it was really unbelievable. It is what it is. We live and we learn.”
    Then he abruptly ended the session by saying “I can’t answer any more questions. I’ll probably say something that will get me really messed up.”

  14. Good reason to keep John Fox and FIRE MARTY HURNEY!!
    Hurney was the one who gave Delhomme a contract extension after horrible performance against the Cards in the play-off last year..
    Fox still found a way to get his players to play hard no matter what.. that is the kind of coach you don’t want to fire despite a poor start…
    As they said, it is not about how you start but how you finish in the NFL! So hopefully Panthers organization has taken a real good look at the team how they really were better off without Delhomme and make QB their top priority along with D line and some receiver during the off-season and become one of the play-off contender team next year!

  15. .VoxVeritas says:
    December 27, 2009 4:25 PM
    Way to close out the stadium against a hand-picked opponent
    I agree, but tell me this, were you saying the same thing to yourself last year when the Ravens embarrassed the Cowboys in the last game played at the original Texas Stadium?

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