Shanahan contract is ready in Washington

As all indications continue to point to Mike Shanahan being the next coach of the Redskins, we’re told that Shanahan’s contract with the team is ready to go.

One league source thinks the contract may already be signed.

“He has agreed to everything,” the source said.  “Heck, he picked out the G.M.”

But until Shanahan actually signs, he is free to go elsewhere if he chooses.  And as Adam Schefter of ESPN pointed out during Sunday morning’s SportsCenter, Shanahan believes in always keeping his options open.

Still, if another team is going to get into the Shanahan bidding, that team needs to move quickly.  We fully expect coach Jim Zorn to be fired when the team’s plane returns home after a Week 17 game in San Diego — if Zorn even makes it that far.

28 responses to “Shanahan contract is ready in Washington

  1. There will be no excuse in Washington now. It’s either heartbreak or glory. With this price tag anyway. I think it is a bad choice but when you have all that money why not spend it?

  2. This is the guy that benched a healthy Jake Plummer, with a winning record at that point in the season, for Jay Cutler.
    Good luck Washington.

  3. shanny shouldve respected Zorn a little by not interviewing for the job until the season was over. what would he have thought if he saw McDaniels in Denver hdqtrs in WEEK 12? douche!

  4. Dont do it Shanahan……
    Another example of it being about the money. Remember when Shottenheimer said he would never coach for Snyder, only to coach for Snyder, lol. Why would any coach, with a succesful past, ever coach the Redskins…..???? Seriously?

  5. Keep in mind, with that midget meddler Dan (richie rich) Synder no HC is safe in that hell hole of a franchise!
    How’d that Haynesworth thingy work out for ya?

  6. Jerry Gray, who just so happens to be a black guy, supposedly interviewed for the position a week or so ago.
    As for Shanahan, whatever. Anything is better than Zorn. Not to hot on a retread head coach who couldn’t win anything without Elway, but its better than who is occupying the spot right now.

  7. The way this situation has been handled says a lot about the character of Snyder and of Shanahan. First, Snyder kicks Vinny to the curb to put in place Shanahan’s hand-picked GM. Mind you, Vinny should have been booted long ago, but to then conduct sham interviews with head coaching candidates during the season, as a prelude to dumping Zorn, tells you that Snyder is impatient and insensitive. Second, Shanahan lets this happen, which is a slap at a fellow head coach. This tells you that Shanahan is all about Shanahan. Since the “interviews” were a joke anyway, all Shanahan had to say is wait until the season is over. Don’t embarrass your current employees and create tension and dissension on the team that I will take over. When this drama is repeated in 2 or 3 years, and it will be, Shanahan should be looking over his shoulder as soon as training camp ends.

  8. These 2 are meant for one another. Shanahan is an overrated coach with no personnel skills, who owes both Lombardi’s to Elway. The Redskins are a joke run by a modern day Napolean with deep pockets and a shallow brain. Greed has defined this team since Snyder has taken over, and its sad to see such a prideful organization be run into the ground like this. Shanahan won’t tolerate Snyder’s meddling, and Snyder won’t tolerate Shanahan’s mediocrity. I give this hire 3 years, max.

  9. I keep holding out for Matt Millan, Synder deserves him. With Shanahan at the helm, Danny boy will fire him after the second bad game. With Millan, there is staying power. You know that team with be bad and that nothing will change it. That is how Daniel Synder has run his football team so far. What makes anyone think that a leopard can change his spots? Also Matt Millan gets around the Rooney rule because he is own minority, hopeless loser.

  10. why would a person of color want to support the ruuneee rule. Dont you realize any interview is based on skin color, not ability?? dont you be knowin that tokenism be da roo with the rooney roo, Foo???

  11. How about a rule that if an owner can’t field a team to make the playoffs once every ten years they’re forced to sell? Really? The Bears still make tons of money and do the same but these poor screws like in OH and DC … yikes.
    Or, can I suggest to stop paying for their crappy team’s tickets and merchandise? AT least Jacksonville know what’s best for their families. Big bucks for one game ticket or food for a week? No sales does wonders for owners.

  12. Way to go Washington.
    Now just sign John Elway and you might be able to accomplish something. Shanny is a joke who only won 1 playoff game in 10 years without Elway.

  13. TheWizard says:
    December 27, 2009 5:15 PM
    This is the guy that benched a healthy Jake Plummer, with a winning record at that point in the season, for Jay Cutler.
    Good luck Washington.
    Two Rings. Idiot.

  14. # TheWizard says: December 27, 2009 5:15 PM
    This is the guy that benched a healthy Jake Plummer, with a winning record at that point in the season, for Jay Cutler.
    Other than you… who really thinks that Jake Plumber was worth a shit ?

  15. At least Snyder is bringing in “football people” to run his team. Try being a Raiders for one day. Nuff said.

  16. Well, with Snyder in charge, Bill Belicheck wouldn’t succeed in Washington… We need a new owner, then a new coach, then a few new players on the offensive side of the ball.

  17. Shanahan is no dummy. I’m sure he’d be in charge and get it in writing before taking the job. I’m not a Skins fan but I’ll be happy to see another team kicking the stupid Cowpies ass all over their division.

  18. Funny how Skins thing Shannahan will be any better than the Savior Gibbs….If Snyder’s boyhood hero couldn’t get the crap fixed in DC then no one will, especially this overrated chump.

  19. Gibbs did take the Skins to the playoffs twice in 4 years, while every other coach since 1992 took us to the playoffs once. I think that says a lot about how good Gibbs is as a coach, doing that even with Snyder and Ceratto constantly bugging him. Shottenheimer was 8-8 and that with having started the season 0-5. A good coach can win in Washington, and now with a REAL GM doing the draft and signing players, a good like Shanahan can succeed. We just didnt hire good coached, and Cerrato, the decision maker behind that, is now gone. So give Shanahan good odds and lets just see if he will succeed.

  20. Two Rings. Idiot.
    With John Elway, Terrell Davis, and a higher salary cap than every other team those years.
    I haven’t forgotten about that.
    I’m thinking Don Knotts could have won the rings with that edge.

  21. I’ve been a redskins fan for as long as I can remember. This is not going to work. Shanahan and Gruden both took someone else’ team and won. When they had to go with a team they had their hand in building they failed miserably and were both fired and replaced with first time Head coaches. but leave it to Snyder to get the retreads like he has done ever since he’s been in washington. Go Nats

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