Pierre Thomas says he'll be fine

Pierre Thomas demonstrated how important he is to the New Orleans Saints’ offense on Sunday, gaining 60 yards on six carries and scoring the Saints’ first touchdown as they got out to a 17-0 lead against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And then he demonstrated how important he is with his absence: Thomas left the game with a rib injury, the Saints stalled, and they ultimately lost 20-17.

But there’s good news for Saints fans, as Thomas told the New Orleans Times-Picayune after the game that he thinks he’ll be fine.

If Thomas is fine, the Saints would likely use him in week 17. Coach Sean Payton has indicated that he believes it’s important to have momentum heading into the playoffs — and the way his team has been playing lately, the Saints could stand to build up some momentum next week.

3 responses to “Pierre Thomas says he'll be fine

  1. that is good to hear, after sabatoging several teams of mine this fantasy season, i’m glad, now that its over, that pierre thomas is doing well, how is his wife doing? his mom? that sister of hers? does she still hang out at the local tavern?

  2. He demonstarted how important he is to a team that’s faltering.
    The Saints started, stumbled, farted and fell.

  3. He should have stayed in….after the game the Radio heads were defending the pull of Pierre by saying his ribs were jacked up and so forth but now it just appears he pulled him to save him just like he’s saving plays for the off-season mini-camps…c’mon Payton grow some nuts…it’s the NFL…”You play to win the game!!!”
    CB’s are throwing themselves into runner like they have no arms…WTF…hopefully they bring in some pop warner coaches to show them how to tackle!!!

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