Colts free Willy, then re-sign him

The Colts’ decision to rest Peyton Manning against the Jets wasn’t surprising for a number of reasons. One was that they promoted Drew Willy, a practice squad quarterback, before the game.

Now Willy has been dropped, while wide receiver Sam Giguere was promoted from the practice squad.  Willy has been re-signed to the practice squad.

It will be interesting to see if Willy is re-signed later in the week.  (We suspect he will be, and the Colts will take a similar approach to Sunday’s game.)

If Willy is not re-signed to the active roster, perhaps Manning will play longer against Buffalo.  Now that would be a creative way to annoy the Colts fanbase.

3 responses to “Colts free Willy, then re-sign him

  1. Once the true back up fell, the Colts should have gone for Jeff Garcia. He’s not elite but he is a pro you can rely on just in case.
    Who do you want Colts fans Garcia or the other no names?
    That second stringer looked like a reject of the 70’s Tampa Bay team. God awful!

  2. Lol, in addition to annoying Colts fans, it would further bolster the thought that the Colts wanted the Jets to win, in order to prevent teams like Houston, and Pittsburgh from getting into the post season

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