Rumors fly that Bills are naming a new G.M.

As anticipation builds for the Bills’ 2:30 p.m. ET press conference, the preliminary talk is that the Bills could be naming a new General Manager.

The move is expected to be an in-house promotion, with Tom Modrak or Buddy Nix expected to get the job.

On the surface, the elevation of Modrak would suggest that Bill Cowher won’t be the next head coach, since Cowher would want to have full control of the operation — and he’d want to hire his own G.M.  But Cowher and Modrak previously have worked together, and maybe Cowher would accept Modrak in the role Kevin Colbert played after Cowher won a face off with Tom Donahoe.

Russ Brandon, a non-football guy who has been running the business side of the business, has served as G.M.  He’d likely resume his focus on matters unrelated to football.
Again, these are all rumors at this point.  Continue to mash the F5 button.

UPDATE:  We’re now hearing that Nix, not Modrak, is the likely internal hire.

25 responses to “Rumors fly that Bills are naming a new G.M.

  1. My god, please dont be true. Those guys are responsible for getting us where we are and they get a promotion? they need to be FIRED!!!

  2. i puked when i read this post, then i remember reports that the bills have been talking to cowher….Maybe cowher said he come if Modrak were GM, and this is just the foundation for a Cowher hire on Monday…

  3. Modrak is awful and responsible with Guy, Brandon and Mauron for the current mess! Just sell the team Ralph……..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Buddy Nix is a former Chargers front office guy and good friend to Marty Schottenheimer. He left after the Schottenheimer-Smith rift. Cowher got his start under Marty Schottenheimer in Cleveland….

  5. Nix has absolutely no experience! Ralph is just sooooo darn cheap he didn’t want to hire a big name GM……..Ralph please note that there will not be a brinks truck following your hearse! Spend the money and go out and hire a qualified GM!

  6. Thanks for the F5 tip, I didn’t know that. Let’s not forget, it’s players who play. A guy in the front office isn’t going to make touchdowns appear. Let’s hope wherever this goes, that it is the right direction. A few LUCKY picks in the sixth and seventh rounds would be nice too.

  7. Nix has absolutely no experience! Ralph is just sooooo darn cheap he didn’t want to hire a big name GM……..Ralph please note that there will not be a brinks truck following your hearse! Spend the money and go out and hire a qualified GM!

  8. you guys are focused to much on the GM>>>its about the coach…
    If Nix can bring Schottenheimer>>> GREAT!
    If Modrak brings Cowher>>>EVEN BETTER!
    Otherwise i say clean house…

  9. If they hire from within and don’t get Cowher this team is a bigger joke than the national media makes them out to be. They have not put a playoff product on the field for 10 years and they are still promoting from within. The only way this works is if Cowher comes to Buffalo. The pressure is now squarely on Ralph to get Cowher there.

  10. Please let this be FALSE. We can’t take it any more.Modrak has ruined this team,look at his record.When you talk about blowing something up and rebuilding, you don’t reassemble the old parts.

  11. As Bills fan, it is getting frustrating playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” with these names. This guy knew this other guy who did this with someone else.
    That being said, I’m not optimistic about anyone in this organization making a good decision.

  12. Good god if Modrak gets the gig i will puke. The guy has a proven track record of complete failure.

  13. Everyone calm down it’s clear many of you have no idea what you’re talking about. Nix was with San Diego the entire decade and joined the Bills late in the 2009 draft process, which he likely had little to do with who they picked. Do not try to link him in with the Bills of this decade. Buffalo Rumblings came up with a pretty smart statement saying he might have been hired last year to come in and evaluate the franchise and then take over this year. Sounds sensible. Everyone relax, and face that we as fans don’t really know Nix from Telesco from any other potential GM. As long as it’s not Modrak. I like the move and I’m looking forward to new coach and draft.

  14. ROFL I almost feel sorry for Bills fans. Almost.
    So they’ve sucked donkey balls for years based on the decisions made by the people they already have on staff. Solution to stop sucking ? Promote one of the same people who helped create the mess in the first place.
    Nobody competent wants to go to Buffalo and deal with Ralph Wilson. Until he passes away that franchise will continue to be an NFL wasteland.

  15. Hey SmartBillsFan,
    If you are so smart, why don’t you realize the stupidity of your logic! It does not make sense to bring in a scouting lifer to evaluate your franchise and then take over running it!!!! This guy has been a scout, perhaps a good one, but he has never run anything. He would not be qualified to evaluate how well a franchise is run nor is he qualified to takeover and run a franchise as screwed up as this one!
    Ralph is going cheap again! I so hope they don’t follow up this braindead move with grandpa Schottenheimer which would be another disaster!

  16. Saves RW alot of money with this hire. Once again he is afraid to let someone outside the organization to run the team. Buddy was employed by the Bills under John Butler.

  17. Nix on Nix but at 70 at least he and Ralph and enjoy The Three Stooges reruns on AMC as they actually on the sets when they were performed. No one wanted the job on the outside. Bills are playing in a crumbling stadium, on their way to Toronto (what’s the exchange rate today) and their most famous player is behind bars again.

  18. “A guy in the front office isn’t going to make touchdowns appear”
    Do you know anything about how the structure of an NFL team works ? The front office people and the head coach yearly engage in this thing called the draft. In the draft you get those players you refer to in your post.
    A good draft makes new players appear that put TDs on the board or stop the other teams from doing so. Bad drafts lead to teams that can’t score and can’t stop the other team from scoring.
    These same people also make the decisions regarding signing what are called free agents. Good front office people analyze a FAs history and realize whether or not the player will fit in to the roster well and help the team be successful. Bad front office people spend tons of money on players that don’t help the team.
    These same people also make the decisions on whether to re-sign and retain good players the team already has.
    So yes, the front office people can and do indeed make touchdowns appear.

  19. Looks like my fellow Bills fans have no idea what they’re talking about. As usual. Nix is one of the top 3 talent evaluators in the NFL. Several other teams have wanted him for their GM in the past but he has turned them down. He acted as Assistant GM in San Diego and received a large part of the credit for turning their team into a powerhouse. He was one of the main talent evaluators for the Bills when they dominated the AFC in the early 90s.
    I’m not sure who the rest of you geniuses think would be any better than Nix. Just because you haven’t heard of him before doesn’t mean that he isn’t worthy of the job. My guess is that most of you couldn’t even name 10 other GMs off the top of your head. Mr. Wilson may have actually made a very good move here. Why don’t the rest of you look into Nix a little more closely and give the guy a chance.

  20. Reddog9 – It makes great sense actually because all he is going to do is bring in the best players and hire the best coach. He’s not in charge of anything else. He’s going to hire the coach and bring in players. I don’t see YOUR logic in not seeing how that is a good move. He’s not a scouting lifer he was head of pro personnel and college scouting in San Diego. Last I checked they have one of the most talented teams in football.

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