Bradshaw may sit out finale

The Giants could be digging deep into their depth chart for their season finale in Minnesota.

Brandon Jacobs has been sent to injured reserve, and Ahmad Bradshaw may not play either.  As mentioned in one-liners today, Bradshaw may have a broken bone on both of his feet.

The New York Daily News does not expect Bradshaw to play.  And if he does, look for him to give way to Gartrell Johnson and Danny Ware before long.

It was a positive season for Bradshaw overall.  There are still concerns that he can’t hold up to the workload the Giants want, but Bradshaw has only missed one game.

Despite playing hurt, he’s averaged 4.9 yards per carry on 156 totes.  He scored seven times and needs 61 yards from scrimmage to reach 1,000 for the season. 

Bradshaw was really the best part of the Giants rushing game; Jacobs and the offensive line declined.

8 responses to “Bradshaw may sit out finale

  1. Bradshaw has a been playing with a broken foot and two sprained ankles most of the year and has proven his mustar. I vote we pull ELI and loose sunday for a better draft pick.

  2. I remember Giants fans referring to that team as the “class of the NFC” at the beginning of the season.

  3. One of the gutsiest players in the NFL…The Giants just had a bad year, injuries and a defensive coach that the players obviously tuned out, or just couldn’t work within his system made for a bad year. I’ll take a Superbowl appearance and a Superbowl win every 8 years.

  4. The only one who should have sat for the Giants this year was D-C Sheridan. He wanted to ‘sit’ upstairs and coach from the stands where he could see what was happening but Coughlin made him ‘stand’ on the field near him.
    To be more accurate, Sheridan should have made to stay home sitting on his couch watching Giants games all year – then it would have meant something.

  5. Good. Bradshaw is awesome despite being injured all year. It’s best for the Giants to rest him so he’ll be 100% for next year.

  6. Bradshaw hurt all year Jacobs bad knee Eli and his foot.
    Yet the O put points on the board the only issue this year was Sheridan
    Fire his ass as the clock winds down to zero tomorrow give him a train ticket back to NJ and tell him his stuff will be sent to his home cut him off ASAP
    OR good luck selling those club seats

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