Report: Billick to interview with Bills

Fans that don’t like listening to Brian Billick announce games could get some relief next year. 

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Billick is expected to interview next week for the Buffalo Bills’ head coaching job.  Billick didn’t exactly deny the claim when asked.

“I have not had any contact with the Bills so far,” Billick said.  (But maybe his agent has.)

Buffalo is expected to enter phase two of their head coaching search next week after the first group of big name coaches turned them down. 

Judging purely on record, Billick has a resume that merits more coaching buzz than he’s received since getting fired by the Ravens.  In nine years with Baltimore, Billick went 80-64, with four playoff appearances and a Super Bowl title.

His failure to develop a quarterback for the Ravens could be a big negative to a Bills team desperate for help at the position.

Florio passed along the news that the Bills are also expected to speak with Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera.

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  1. For a guy touted as an offensive guru, Billick showed NOTHING during his tenure as Ravens HC. His defense did the winning and his offense was pedestrian at best. Makes me think that his success in MN. was due only to Cunningham to Moss and had nothing to do with his schemes, or his coaching. Bills will only end up firing his ass, too.

  2. As long as I never have to listen to him call another Bowl game, I’m okay with this. Brutal. You miss college football Bill. We get it. Why don’t you just say “Hey anyone that will listen, I’m available to coach, and I’m darn smart. Just ask me”.
    He would deserve a team like Buffalo.

  3. Billick is a better coach than Coward or Shanahan the Tan Man.
    I’m sorry, but the fact that Elvis Grbac couldn’t see the color purple and the fact that Kyle Boller is a stumbling, bumbling fool don’t fall to Billick. Even with an average QB (look at our offensive stats with an over-the-hill McNair with Billick as the offensive coordinator), the Ravens’ offense would have been very good.
    I’d even take Billick back as coach of the Ravens. Harbaugh is a joke.

  4. Daggert, deserve a team like Buffalo? What poor team do you think you deserve to root for?
    Russ Grimm Dick LeBeau, interview’em!

  5. I usually don’t listen to any of the football announcers too closely, as most seem to be graduates of the super-inane school of sports broadcasting. But Billick is less annoying than most, at least for me. It’s like listening to one of your more tolerable professors from college calling a game. Life could be a whole lot worse (and almost always is).

  6. Billick has history of getting a lot out of quarterbacks that suck.
    That ring on his finger is proof. Now if the Bills can only get two HOF’ers on defense….

  7. Guy deserves another coaching position. He is a great motivator, great at getting an us against the world mentality and his players like him because he has their back. i think the perfect job for him would be Dallas.

  8. Billick is a genius. Just ask him!
    He wrote a book after Marvin Lewis, Matt Stover, and Ray Lewis won the Super Bowl for him. “I’m Great and So am I”
    Buffalo isn’t big enough for Billick’s ego.

  9. Great choice if you want a pompous, self-serving, arrogant, overrated moron. NEWSFLASH: The smartest guy in the room would rarely knows it and never admits it.

  10. madbillsfan says:
    Screw him, we want The Chin…
    Cowher has never won anything without referee assistance. If you could hire him AND his refs, great, but Ralph doesn’t have the money for that, and the refs seem happy to stay on in Pittsburgh anyway.
    With that in mind, Billick is by far the better choice.

  11. Billick is a much better option than some of the other high profile guys that people talk about

  12. To be immediately followed by interviews with:
    Jim Fassell
    Dennis Green
    Jim Haslett
    Mike Martz
    Herm Edwards
    Steve Mariucci
    Romeo Crennel
    Charlie Weis
    With Crennel and Edwards being not one….But two “Rooney Rule” interviews….But it’s all just blowing smoke….The Octogenerians running the team really plan to choose between Weeb Ewbank or Hank Stram….

  13. Why would the Bills care the Billick can’t develop a QB! Buffalo has never even bothered to try that concept! Ralph hopes to get lucky on a QB someday, but doesn’t really believe in developing one! Afterall, they final hired a supposed football guy, which is something the owner said has been needed for a while……duh!
    Billick is not the answer!

  14. Beer Cheese Soup – Ralph has the money for any coach. However, he is just tooooo darn cheap to spend it. He believes that one day there will be a brinks truck following his herse…….the sooner that happens the sooner the Bills have a chance at respectability again unless of course they somehow get lucky!

  15. Nevermind this story! I want to know who the Bills will interview due to the Rooney Rule!!! Oh! Who will it be?!

  16. Ah, yes. Brian ‘Legend In His Own Mind’ Billick. If bullshit was money, he’d be a millionaire.

  17. @Norseman – Brian is a millionaire. Got paid on average about 4 million per for coaching 9 years.
    Say what you want about him, bottom line is that the guy won a pile full more than he lost. He won a SB in his second season. Won 2 AFC North titles and was in the playoffs in 5 out of his 9 years.
    Should he have won more SB’s with our great defense – maybe. But how many SB’s has the great toasterhead (P. Manning) won in his 11 years in the league. The only coach in recent history to win multiples is Bellicheck.
    For all the Ravens haters and frankly the Ravens fans who hated Billick, the truth of the matter is that Billick was a highly successful coach who motivated his team well, got them to play together and consistently put a winning team on the field. For all who say he was arrogant, he had a great relationship with Oz and never demanded control of player personnel because he understood that it was not his forte.
    His biggest sin was in championing Kyle Boller who turned out to be a 1st round bust as a low level first rounder. Not surprising when you look at the bust potential of 1st round QB’s. see Leaf, A. Smith, Couch, Russell, Andre Ware etc etc etc.
    Had he stuck around long enough for Flacco, he still would be coaching in Baltimore. I have tremendous respect for Billick. I have met the man and he is personable, funny, self deprecating and obviously smart. He brought our city a SB title before the Colts got theirs and made our team a legitimate contender year after year. His coaching made the Steeler/Raven rivalry the best in the NFL, IMO.
    I hope he gets a job and hope he is successful again. As I said before the Dallas job would be perfect. He would give the organization and stability that Wade Phillips can’t and that Jason Garrett doesn’t have the experience to do. Much as I hate the Cowboys, I think Billick would take that team to a SB next year. He would have no problem working with JJ as the GM because he knows that it isn’t his specialty. (but then again is ain’t JJ’s either) Of course this all means that JJ would never do it.
    In any case, I think BB gets craped on far too much. For all the mooning about the Chin, BB as good a winning percentage and got his SB right away rather than waiting 15 years like Cowher. In the end of the day each of them have one trophy. Difference is that Cowher wants total control of the organization and Billick wants a good GM in place. Tell me who has the bigger ego?

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