Brian Billick hasn't had contact with the Bills, yet

In an appearance on NFL Network today, former Ravens coach Brian Billick discussed the report that he’s already assembling the coaching staff that he’ll bring with him when and if he becomes the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

And although Billick said he hasn’t been in touch with the Bills, he didn’t dispute the report, either.

“I’ve not had any contact with the Bills as of yet,” Billick said.

Billick’s use of the word “yet” brings to mind the scene in High Fidelity when the main character obsesses about what his ex-girlfriend meant when she used the word “yet.” Billick’s use of the word would seem to suggest that he thinks there’s a chance he’ll have contact with the Bills soon.

And Billick said he thinks the Bills are doing the right thing by getting their front office in order before interviewing candidates for the head-coaching job.

“As you’re going forward it really is about putting a partnership together,” Billick said. “I think any organization — including the Bills — if they’re looking for a coach, has to decide what type of structure they want to put together before they can decide we want this kind of coach or we want that kind of coach.”

So Billick sounds like a man who likes the way the Bills are planning for next season — and he may be planning to be a part of it. Even if he hasn’t had any formal contact with the Bills. Yet.

8 responses to “Brian Billick hasn't had contact with the Bills, yet

  1. You guys are trying to make a story out of nothing. Tell me when the seahawks get a new gm. Ill read that.

  2. sounds like billick expects ralph wilson wants to screw him in a very uncomfortable place.
    it could be…the back of a volkswagon, billick’s mudhorn, or the buffalo bills headquarters…either way the two are a perfect match…

  3. If Bills fans want Billick, I can only predict in a few years I will still be laughing. The bills will be as lousy as they are now. That is why Billick isn’t with the Ravens, he isn’t the offense genuis they claim him to be. Never got a franchise QB until he was gone. The year they won was the defense. I would take Cowher’s approach over Billick anyday. Anyday.

  4. Brian Billick has been given more exposure lately workintg games and on the NFL network. He is a fine coach he just has to remember other staffers’ input needs to be given consideration. He’s certainly better than some of the Tomato Cans currently in head coaching positions.

  5. Smart Bills fans like me want no part of billick! He is an egomaniac that one a super bowl because he had a killer for a MLB and not because of Billick’s self-proclaimed offensive genius!

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