Mara vows "major changes" to Giants

There’s a new catch phrase in the NFC East, particularly for the two teams that won’t be continuining their seasons.

The day started with Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen declaring that, in D.C., the “status quo is not acceptable.”

Later, Allen’s saying was pilfered by Giants co-owner John Mara.

The status quo, after what we just went through, is not acceptable,” Mara said, per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Mara was referring only to certain members of the coaching staff, like defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan.  Mara said that G.M. Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin will be back.

Still, 23 months and a day after hoisting a third Lombardi Trophy, Mara is feeling a slightly different set of emotions.

“I’m disappointed at everything. I’m unhappy at everybody. It’s just not acceptable to perform like that,” Mara said.  “I’m less than 24 hours after the end of the season, so I’m sure I’ll cool down at some point and try to make intelligent decisions going forward.  But obviously I’m not very happy right now.  And they know that.”

As mentioned in the Week 17 Morning Aftermath, we think the Giants should take some time to consider whether now might be the time to part ways with Coughlin.

If he stays, the team’s first season in its new stadium could be marred by constant chatter regarding Coughlin’s job security — or lack thereof.

Heck, with one of the bosses bona fide New York pissed, maybe Coughlin’s best move would be to walk away.  Indeed, Mara says he is “probably as disappointed as I’ve ever been in my life at this team,” and he believes the teams 8-8 record “felt a lot more like 2-14 to me.”

Reese might also be wise to steer clear of blaming it all on injuries.  Per Vacchiano, Reese cited the rash of health issues during a press conference on Monday, but Mara refused to rely on that crutch.  Reese’s best bet, when he and Coughlin meet with Mara, will be to say as little as possible, and to let the coach first explain why the players who suited up the past two weeks were playing like a team that was resting for the playoffs.

LIkely making Mara even more upset is the fact that the Giants were blown out in their final game at the venue that bears their name, and the Jets closed the place down the right way, with a 37-0 win over the Bengals.

Still, Mara should be willing to do more than blow off steam.  Heads should roll for this year’s collapse — and the message won’t be as potent if the two men running the show escape without consequence.

28 responses to “Mara vows "major changes" to Giants

  1. This is why i love the Giants, ownership doesn’t poke their noses in for the most part, but when the team plays without heart like they way this team ended the season, heads roll.
    The last two times this happened the Giants were in the superbowl within two and three years respectively after cleaning out heartless players and their coaches.

  2. The Giants — meaning Coughlin and to a certain extent the $100 million dollar second tier QB Manning — were incredibly, incredibly luck to make their ONE playoff run ending up with a Super Bowl win.
    Other than that they are always either one and done or none and done under Coughlin.

  3. If Coughlin stays, nothing will change. He lost the team this year. He won’t get it back. The current group of overpaid thugs needs to be radically weeded out. I’d begin with a list of perhaps 15 to 20 players who should stay on the roster. That is, assuming that many can be seen to have made at least a minimal effort during the several embarrassing losses.

  4. “If he stays, the team’s first season in its new stadium could be marred by constant chatter regarding Coughlin’s job security”.
    Gee, I wonder who would generate that kind of bs chatter?

  5. THIS is what I wanted to hear! Start with Sheridan. He should have been left in Minny to find his own damn way home, because what he’s done to this once strong defense is unforgivable. I wouldn’t be entirely upset to see Gilbride get the boot either, although the offense has hardly been a major problem for the past few years.
    I’m not so sure about Coughlin. A completely new start in a new house, and with some new blood running the show? Sounds exciting as hell

  6. Damn Florio,
    You pissed off Tom Coughlin is still employed as of 4:58 EST? You beat up your dog yet? Let me guess, you really think Brian Billick deserves another shot but TC needs to go so BB can take the Giants job? Why do guys like you and Prisco cloud your analysis based on how nice someone is or not to you?

  7. First and foremost he has an overated qb. Why does everyone think this guy should be great just because his name is Manning. First Plax made people notice him and David Tyrell caught that wing and prayer in the SB and automatically he becomes a legend!BS!!!!!!!

  8. If they fire a coach who got them to the siperbowls only 2 short years ago, they deserve to have this second half collapse this year and for years to come.

  9. They looked downright flat and uninspired yesterday, like they couldn’t wait to end the season and go home. And I’m talking about the start of the game, not after being pummeled.
    I think Coughlin has reached the point where players are starting to tune him out and a change at the helm would be a welcome one…

  10. To think of a guy winning the Superbowl 2 years ago getting fired for being .500 and only 1-2 games shy of the playoffs sounds absurb on the surface, but Marty got fired after a much stronger season a few years ago /shrug. We’ve seen them fired before aka Chucky, Billick, Shanahan, etc. Just not so soon after…

  11. Reese has been a very good GM since he took over for EA. Look at his signings:
    Canty – He never missed a game in dallas but got hurt in camp
    Boley – Probably their best lb when healthy
    Bernard – Did not seem to work out
    Draft (just a few highlights):
    Smith – 107 catches
    Manningham – Breakout 2nd year
    Phillips – Starting to look like a top tier safety before injury
    Beatty – Looked pretty good when Mckienze got hurt
    Goff – Looked pretty good when he stepped in for AP
    Spags coached the D with tenacity, Sheridan looked lost and uninspired. Without Strahan, Spags and then Pierce there was no vocal leader left on D. That has to change and no reason a good DC couldn’t make that happen. Hell, Spags D in STL only allowed 7 more points for the season with a lot less talent.
    This team played flat more than anything, that’s coaching not lack of talent. They had enough talent that the games should have at least been close.
    They need changes, I’d be happy with new OC, DC and positional coaches but if coughlin is determined to stick with his “friends” well then it might be time to start over.

  12. rjgreen3 says:
    January 4, 2010 5:09 PM
    First and foremost he has an overated qb. Why does everyone think this guy should be great just because his name is Manning. First Plax made people notice him and David Tyrell caught that wing and prayer in the SB and automatically he becomes a legend!BS!!!!!!!
    Manning is not over rated look at his stats and what he had to work with the running game tanked the D was out to lunch so to not give Easy E the credit he worked hard for is crazy also he played most of the season hurt would mcscab or homo have played NO
    As for the catch well it was just that the catch that will go down in history as one of the best ever in the history of the game
    Glad to see Mara is pissed off he let the team go all season now it is time to be the owner and heads should roll

  13. Not by any stretch a Giants fan but they are a top notch organization, without a meddlesome owner like some franchises which don’t need to be named.
    I think they did get hit with a lot of injuries on D, their O line is aging, and they suffered from the loss of Spagnuolo. It might be a rebuilding time but they’ll be competitive again.

  14. Tyler says:
    January 4, 2010 4:47 PM
    They should have fired Coughlin last year, and given the job to Spagnuolo.
    I thought they were gonna lock up Spags and have him be the successor to Coughlin.

  15. @BigblueFan
    I know it is hard to get honest but sooner or later you will have to admit that Manning IS OVERATED!!!!!

  16. The Maras are one of the class acts of the league–at least they were under the old man, and I assume the tradition will continue. They’re not the type to knee-jerk over one bad season, but this might be the time to clean house or perhaps persuade Coughlin to retire.
    I’m not a big Coughlin fan. When he took over the Jags, a lot of his philosophy seemed to be based on pilfering old Steelers players. Though he did get some success, it didn’t seem to be much of a long-term franchise-building strategy. I agree with rjgreen3, Eli Manning is overrated. He’s not Peyton. Never will be. One great moment in the Super Bowl doesn’t make for a long-term career. Likeable guy. Yes. Talented QB. Yes. Superstar. No. They’ve overpaid him for what he can deliver.
    At their best, the Giants were a hard-hitting, hard-running, smashmouth team. Same style as the Steelers. Cowher would be a good fit there. The Maras are close to the Rooneys. They’re in a good position to get the inside scoop on Cowher pros and cons. They should give it serious thought.

  17. I”m not a Tom Coughlin fan by any stretch, but bottom line, there is far too much a mentality that every team has to win every game, get every first down, get every touchdown, etc, or someone has to be fired, or benched or whatever.
    Coughlin lead the team to a Super Bowl in 2007. That needs to buy him more than a few bad games. Life is too much now about what have you done for me lately………

  18. Eli isn’t overated. He was having one of his best years as far as stats go. He’s working with a young receiver corps and the defense couldn’t apply any pressure or cover anyone in the secondary. Some smart drafting and a free agent move here and there will get the G-men right back into contention. Tht’s the way the organization does it.

  19. @rob …
    “Overrated” is relative. Like I said, he’s a good QB–just not “top salary in the NFL” good. That’s all I meant by overrated. I think he’s in the top 8 or 10, not the top 1.
    Not being a Giants fan, I didn’t follow their meltdown that closely–too busy following my team’s meltdown. You’re probably right about their needs, although they should have moved to fill the Plaxico void before the season. I’m a Steelers fan, and our problems can easily be addressed with small fixes–plus a couple of guys getting healthy, so I see your point. But I know the Giants players have been on-again/off-again about Coughlin, and he’s not a young man, so it seemed this might be an appropriate time for him to retire. And Cowher would be a good fit.

  20. Deb,
    The void from Plax WAS filled. Giants WR put up stats of 1220, 82, and 790 yds and a TE with 567.
    In 2007 Plax had 1025, Toomer had 760, and Shockey had 619.
    Plaxico has been replaced.

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