Ochocinco is fine, but Bengals lose Sims for playoffs

We’ve heard a number of outlets say the Bengals rested their starters Sunday night against the Jets, which simply isn’t true.

Cedric Benson wasn’t out there, and perhaps the game plan was simplified, but the Bengals’ key players were on the field while the Jets racked up a 27-0 halftime lead.

Marvin Lewis probably wishes he rested more players, because his team suffered some new injuries.  An MRI on Chad Ochocinco’s knee revealed no structural damage, and Marvin Lewis didn’t sound concerned about the injury after the game.

Defensive tackle Pat Sims isn’t so lucky.  A starter during the last five games, Sims was placed on injured reserve Monday after breaking his forearm against the Jets.  Cornerback Keiwan Ratliff was signed to the active roster.

Nose tackle Domata Peko (knee) is expected to return from injury for the playoffs for Cincinnati’s sagging rush defense.   The team also expects safety Chris Crocker to return.

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  1. The Bengals have looked awful down the stretch. Carson Palmer in particular has looked bad, though his receivers did him no favors last night. They’ve won on defense, special teams and their running game this year. Going against the Jets’ run defense and Revis Island, I don’t see them coming away with a win next weekend, even if the venue favors Cincy.

  2. :/ Bengals pretty Banged up but a Return of the 5 Starters we didn’t use vs the Jets will help alot….Just sucks because Sims gave us a good rotation at DT.

  3. If Peko is healthy, he is a major game changer to stop the run. Which is all the Jets can do, so you can do the math.
    The Jets are the most arrogant 9 & 7 team I have ever seen, and it would be great to see them go to Cincy and have the taste knocked out of their mouths.

  4. And Geathers…who is the man…i would say resting 4 of your 11 defensive players is pretty extensive.

  5. Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on January 4, 2010 6:31 PM ET
    We’ve heard a number of outlets say the Bengals rested their starters Sunday night against the Bengals, which simply isn’t true.
    They can only beat themselves…

  6. You either play, or don’t play. don’t march on the field and play half ass because you don’t need the win.
    You can get away with it in the preseason, because your opponents don’t need the win either, but when you’re playing a team that enters the playoffs by beating you, they’re going to play their asses off, and you’re going to get injured, plain and simple.
    Bengals, u got what u deserved!!!!

  7. Quite frankly neither the Bengals or the Jets look all that great to me. They both look like one and done, but that obviously isn’t possible. It’s a shame the Texans couldn’t get in.

  8. Too bad he didn’t tweek his BIG mouth.
    An average receiver that will never go to the Hall of Fame.

  9. I love all the shit talkers about the Bengals on here. We sat a lot more starters than apparently the almighty Florio and his girls think. That game was very vanilla and showed the Jets nothing. They ran simple plays and nothing too crazy. They saw nothing from us on the field. BUT, the Jets showed everything. They brought the whole deck on the field and are now pumping their chest like they are something great. We have a lot better idea of that team going into this weekend than they have of us. I’m not at all saying we’re going to blow them out like some Jets fans are thinking they’re going to do to us, but I do think we have a better shot. Get real people.

  10. Glad BengalsDouche2 saw the inherent contradiction in Florio’s article. He says we didn’t rest our starters yet lists that Benson, Peko, and Crocker will return. You really think if that was a playoff game all three of those wouldn’t have been playing? If so, I’m sure ESPN could use some more writers for ESPN Pittsburgh.
    Though the Bengals did play most of their starters, and I’m in no way convinced that the offense will have any success against the Jets come Saturday, most people are focusing on the 37 pts put up by NY. Don’t expect the run game to dominate Cincy this week. Look for a close game, much like the one people expected this week. Low Scoring, run heavy, and my guess, Sanchez making a miscue in crunch time that allows the Bengals to escape w/ yet another win.
    18 yrs in the making… WhoDey

  11. @President Charlie,
    At least the Steelers and the Panthers……oh wait, both weren’t invited/ didn’t make it to a meaningful post season game
    (Panthers beat NC in the Toilet Bowl).
    My bad!!!

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