Steelers-Dolphins one-liners

Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes that Sunday’s 30-24 win and a season-ending three-game winning streak don’t change the fact that the Steelers didn’t deserve to go to the playoffs.

DeShea Townsend got the first interception of the season by a Steelers cornerback in the second quarter.

Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley had two sacks on Sunday and 11.5 sacks over the final eight games of the season.

The Steelers ran for a season-high 202 yards, with running backs Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker each gaining more than 90.

Said Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, “If this was the last one, I’d rather we go out with a win than a loss. There’s not much that we can do, but I’m proud of
the way we fought today and we played hard.”

Dolphins QB Tyler Thigpen came on in relief of the injured Chad Henne and Pat White to lead two scoring drives, but threw two interceptions to end the comeback effort.

Said Dolphins LB Jason Taylor of watching White go down with a head injury, “You see a guy laying there stiff and not moving, and you can’t really
do anything to help him. It’s a bad

The Dolphins allowed more than half of the Steelers’ 403 total yards on just six plays.

A host of first and second-year players played big roles for the Dolphins, raising hopes for next year even as the season ended on a negative note.

Dolphins T Vernon Carey will have knee surgery to repair an injury that’s hampered him for much of the season.

5 responses to “Steelers-Dolphins one-liners

  1. RIP fins.
    Let’s address the needs of this team this offseason
    Can we say that the Pat White experiment failed? As much as I rooted for him it’s safe to say that it was a disaster. Move the kid to Wide Receiver. I wouldn’t feel too bad with Thigpen as 2nd string QB. He has a nice touch on the ball which is something I hope he teaches Henne.

  2. Crazy to think the best game of the day was between two teams not bound for the playoffs.
    I’m with overkil2. the Pat White pick was wasted, and I never understood the logic of the pick. I hope he recovers fast (and by all accounts he is already out of the hospital), but I really question his role on this team.
    Too many holes…. and we need too many playmakers. WR was previously our biggest need, but now with how bad the defense is….. we need LB & DT badly. I mean badly. Especially LB.
    Too many holes, this next draft isn’t enough alone to fix all of them. I feel that even though we made progress from last year, it feels like we took a step back. Even with all the injuries, I’m talking about playing. Tackling, finishing, etc – these are things that should have been fixed regardless of talent.

  3. The 12th overall pick in round one will fill a need for this Miami team. Several very talented players will be on the board for that pick. 80% chance it will be a defensive pick.
    The value at WR this offseason is via free agency (VJax-Austin) and disgruntled employees (Boldin-Marshall)…any of these four guys would be a substantial upgrade.
    On the White front, way too early. White’s attributes alone give him advantages in several key areas at the position. There will be a time and place, in a more consistent offense, that White will show his value at the position…

  4. I was watching the Houston/Miami game last week and it was like, Wow, their LBs were studs.
    Once upon a time we had a great run with very good to dominant MLB which ended with Zach Thomas.
    Now all I see is crap. The ILBs are a waste of cap space. The OLBs are aging.
    I’d love to see Cameron Wake more on the field. That kid either pressures the QB or forces a OL to hold him. He just needs to work on his Run D. Taylor should stay if he’s on the cheap.
    I say get rid of Porter and Ginn this year. Free up the cap space moving forward. There is no hit this upcoming year. Both aren’t worth the paper their contracts are written on.
    First round pick should be DT or MLB depending if there are prospects worth a selection that high. If not, then take a look at WR.

  5. “If this was the last one, I’d rather we go out with a win than a loss. There’s not much that we can do, but I’m proud of the way we fought today and we played hard.”
    -Ben Roethlisberger could not play for the Oakland Raiders.

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