Vikings pick up a ninth Pro Bowler

Last week, a day after losing their third game in four outings, the Vikings learned that eight of their suddenly underachieving players will be playing in the Pro Bowl — if the Vikings don’t qualify for the Super Bowl.

A day after getting back on the right track with a 44-7 win over the Giants, the Vikings have picked up another Pro Bowler.

Rookie Percy Harvin has been named to the team as a kickoff return specialist.

The spot was created because DeSean Jackson has stung the Pro Bowl’s ass both as a receiver and as a return man.  Since Jackson got his most total voting points at receiver, he goes to Miami as a wideout.

I feel blessed to make it to the Pro Bowl,” Harvin said Monday, per  “It
is a great honor and humbling to be recognized by the other players and
coaches in the NFC.  I also want to thank all the fans who voted for me. 
But the biggest thanks goes to my teammates.  I can’t do much of
anything without the ten other guys blocking, so really it’s like a
special teams honor for all of us.”

Harvin is the second player in team history to qualify as a kick returner.  The other one?  Koren Robinson.

Let’s hope that this is the only way in which Harvin emulates Robinson.

30 responses to “Vikings pick up a ninth Pro Bowler

  1. This is a well deserved pro bowl spot. The kid would of had even more yards and possibly touchdowns if it weren’t for the migraines. If the Oline blocked better those past few weeks that would help too haha. But, I digress.
    Congradulations Percy Harvin, hopefully you don’t have to go like the rest of the Vikings, but instead will be in the Superbowl. Good luck to ya.

  2. “I feel blessed to make it to the Pro Bowl,” No way did Percy say that.
    I uhh feels uhh bleessed to uhh makes uhh the pro bowl uhh and Im gonna smoke it uhh

  3. Glad to hear it. Well deserved.
    Finishing just a yard and a half behind the conference leaders in kick returns makes this hype machine a worthy recipient. Especially because he was so good down the stretch, averaging a whopping 21 yards per return over the last eight games.

  4. Percy and Koren have more in common that being voted to the pro bowl as returners, they both are also substance abusing vikings who happen to play WR. Koren also collected speeding tickets for going over 100 mph, something that seems to be all the rage in Mpls these days among the current Vikings.
    It used to be that a Viking with a Superbowl ring was called a thief but that’s changed, their QB has one but then again, he got that by playing on the Packers.

  5. Maybe DeSean and the rest of his team should have came out and “stung some ass” in Dallas last week than trying to be Broadway Joe via Twitter.
    On Harvin: The kid deserved it. The Rookie of the Year needed some recognition other than his headaches.
    To bad he will be the 9th NFC player to have other commitments come the Pro Bowl.

  6. U guys are such ass clowns.. You guys hated on him when he was drafted, you hated on him during the season, and now he is a pro bowler in his rookie season and you’re still hating. On behalf of Percy Harvin (he grew up in my neighborhood) kiss his ass. He will be successful with or w/out your support.. Don’t you hate when you can’t keep a good man down. He has changed his behavior, matured as a man, and you people still can’t let it go. Keep the weed jokes coming as he SMOKES past defensive backs into the end zone.

  7. Congrats my man! Well deserved. I said you got robbed when they first came out. Go win the SB rookie!

  8. shugs19_27 says:
    As a Packer fan, the kid deserved it. He is electric. Mel Kiper Jr can suck his ….!
    As another Packer fan, I couldn’t agree more. I really had a lot of doubts about the pick, but he came out and proved me (and everyone else) wrong. The Vikings certainly seem to have a good one.

  9. Jimmy, weren’t the Packers the last team to have Crackhead Robinson ( I played high school ball with the kid, and that’s what the entire team called him).

  10. Mike, I know you a lawyer as you cannot make up your mind. On one post you say the pro bowlers have underachieved and another post you now believe in the Vikings but that will end when they lose in the first playoff game.

  11. Well deserved. He is getting the kind of respect that Hester got a couple of years ago with teams preferring to kick it OB rather than let him touch it.
    Also, very cool for a couple of the Packer fans to say so.
    On that note, here’s hoping that the Vikings and the Pack get one more chance at each other in the play offs. No one is playing better than the Packers right now (yeah, Dallas is looking good but I have to see Romo do it in the playoffs to believe it) The Vikings & Packers would a terrific game.

  12. Im happy for Percy. @Shug19_27, @Beer Cheese Soup, and @GB3Pack4, good to see some objective Packer’s fans who can appreciate a talent like Percy Harvin instead of bashing him and his selection to the Pro Bowl.

  13. 9 Pro Bowlers is great but I seem to remember another year when this team had 9 pro bowlers and it didn’t work out so well. Here’s to believing this time things will be diffrent. SKOL

  14. A well deserved trip to the Pro Bowl for Harvin. He was a great player with Florida. Good luck in the meaningless game before the Super Bowl because you will be playing in it. Don’t look for any Saints players on the field because they will be studying tape preparing for the Super Bowl.

  15. Rookie of the year.
    Stats are tricky. You should try to understand them before you try to use them to make your point.
    He has almost 300 yds more than those above him as well as two touchdowns – the most in the NFC.
    Also, your averages go down when you don’t play in the game.

  16. Who is a bigger assclown: Jimmy Smith or Bob Nelson?…let’s take this to a vote.
    Jimmy Smith – 1
    Bob Nelson – 0

  17. While I think that Percy Harvin had one heck of a rookie year, I think Domenik Hixon should have garnered quite a bit of attention here. Maybe John Mara doesn’t want any of his players going to Miami but I think Hixon showed a lot of character focusing on return duties after being buried on the depth chart at receiver. He was more consistent than Harvin over the course of the year and created many momentum swings that kept the Giants in games.

  18. Add another “good for you” to the list, right alongside the two wins over the Packers. The Pro Bowl selections and those two wins are all that the Vikings will have to cheer about this year. Only the talent surrounding Favre has kept him from dropping his drawers, and now it looks like Childress is going to allow Favre to be “the man” in the postseason, instead of Peterson. Good luck with that.

  19. @TNicks
    The position is for KR, not KR/PR. Yes, Hixon returned punts (Harvin didn’t)…but look at the KR numbers only:
    Harvin 27.5 avg. 2 TD
    Hixon 22.6 avg. 0 TD
    “He was more consistent than Harvin over the course of the year.” Please explain….

  20. vbeach31
    The only people who are hating on Percy are jealous Packer fans. Percy is one of the sickest Vikings, period.

  21. Couldn’t agree more, Harvin was a great signing. Can’t wait to see the Vikings win in the playoffs. And yes I do hope to see the Vikes versus the Pack at the NFC championships. Nothing would be better then to win the superbowl in the same year as beating the pack 3 times in the year.

  22. bustabloodvessel says:
    January 4, 2010 11:28 PM
    Jimmy, weren’t the Packers the last team to have Crackhead Robinson ( I played high school ball with the kid, and that’s what the entire team called him
    Yes, but Koren was well behaved during his tenure in GB. So what’s your point? That he only drank and drove 100 mph in MN? Ok, you win that point hands down, my theory is that he was playing for a chance at the Superbowl in GB and not same opportunity was not afforded to him in Mpls and thus the drinking and bad behavior.

  23. Jimmy, talk about a double standard. You give Koren a pass because he behaved himself in GB, but Harvin is automatically doomed because of his past behavior, even though there’s no indication he’s acted out of line while in Minnesota?
    There’s no give and take with you, and as such, it’s pretty obvious the only reason you’re here is to troll.
    Go back under your bridge.

  24. Jimmy, I promise, the kid was doing the same things in GB. The police tend to look the other way according to him. As I said, I played football with the kid in high school (he was two years behind me), and still talk from time to time. Just because he didn’t get caught, doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing it. My point was the god almighty Packers picked up someone’s garbage, who was in trouble multiple times with every other team, but in your opinion he’s okay. What about Randy Moss, I’m sure you are the first to crucify him, and he hasn’t done a thing wrong in NE. Then you complain about the Vikings picking up old Packer players, when in reality, it happens on your team as well. Honestly, this is the only thing I have seen you say that is stupid just to be stupid. I know most of the trash you talk is just that, meant to get people riled up, so I don’t normally respond, but this one is just bad.

  25. Add one more Pack fan to the list glad to see Percy make it in. He’s been truly fun to watch and I hope he gets a handle on those migraines. Possible HOF’er in the making right there.

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