Jason Campbell finally blasts Clinton Portis

Mike Shanahan is in Washington to cure the Redskins offense. But the team’s biggest names still have some issues to work through.

Speaking on ESPN 980’s “John Thompson Show” Wednesday Clinton Portis defended his relationship with Dan Snyder and said what a great teammate he is.  Then he threw his quarterback under the bus, criticizing Jason Campbell’s leadership and handling of his captaincy.

If we printed all the the insulting things Portis said, this would be a very long blog post. So we point you to the Washington Post to check them all out.  It’s fascinating stuff.

Campbell, informed of the comments, had enough. Portis’ attitude for a now mediocre player is galling from afar. It has to be infuriating for the players who actually show up to practice.

“How is he going to say I’m not a leader?” Campbell said in a phone interview. “I mean, that’s just not true. To me, that’s
somebody who shows that they don’t know what a real leader is. A leader
is not someone who leads by the wrong example. A leader is someone who
is trying to do the right thing and trying to lead by example, and not
just [being] about themselves.

“There’s a reason guys get selected as
captains, and there’s a reason guys don’t get selected as captains.
Obviously, he doesn’t have the respect of the locker room to be a
captain. For someone to try to take a shot at me at the end of the
season, after they haven’t even been around, only speaks about their
character anyway,” Campbell said.

Good for Campbell.  He’s too classy to do this during the season, and he’s already “squashed” the problem with Portis.  His teammates, though, appreciated him firing back.  They were quick to dump on Portis too. 

Here’s what Portis and even the anti-Portis segment of the Redskins fanbase don’t seem to fully appreciate: There are 40 more valuable running backs in the NFL right now.  He’s just a guy, he can’t break big plays, and a battered running back in decline doesn’t magically turn his career around.

We know Portis has a ton of guaranteed money due next year, but incidents like this make it clear the team would just be better off cutting their losses now.

Ask the Chargers if they are enjoying paying LaDainian Tomlinson over $6 million to average 3.3 yards per carry.  And he really is a team leader and franchise icon.

Ask the Chiefs about trying to milk another year from Larry Johnson’s contract or the Seahawks what the last year of the Shaun Alexander era was like.

Mike Shanahan can build a better running game with no drama no name backs than dealing with Portis.

Mike Anderson is probably still in good shape, right?

53 responses to “Jason Campbell finally blasts Clinton Portis

  1. Maybe Shanahan can trade Portis for Champ Bailey again.
    If Portis wasn’t needed by Shanahan in Denver, there’s no reason to think he’s going to have any use for the guy now.

  2. Mike Shanahan made Portis what he is, if he stays I wouldnt be surprised to see at least a little more from Portis.

  3. You know, I’m no ‘Skins fan and I certainly don’t watch every game, but everyone needs to freaking LAY OFF Jason Campbell.
    Sure, he’s no Manning or Brady, but it’s not his fault Danielle Snyder drafted him early, and if people think that QB is the only reason the ‘Skins haven’t won a Super Bowl in 20+ years, then they are just friggin ignorant.
    I hope he goes to another team – ANY team, even the ones I hate – and wins a Super Bowl….. just as long as it’s not with Washington. They don’t deserve him.

  4. I really think Campbell can still be a pretty good QB in the NFL. Look at how he played with that horrible offensive line and lack of a running game. All things considered, he’s not bad at all.
    I’m just saying I’d like to see him in a better situation and then judge the guy on the field.

  5. Good for Campbell. Portis has been one of the major problems for the Skins, with his “special relationship” with Snyder and his consistent bending of the rules, disrespecting coaches, etc, etc. As a long time Skins fan, I say screw Portis. Campbell may not be a great one, but at least he’s a man.

  6. Oh yeah, and is there any truth to the rumor that John Thompson won’t allow there to be any white people in the building when he’s doing his radio show?

  7. Gregg Rosenthal said:
    “He’s just a guy, he can’t break big plays, and a battered running back’s decline doesn’t magically turn around.”
    Curtis Martin and Ottis Anderson beg to differ…

  8. Portis smokes too much weed to be a leader…….and he is a lousy running back……always has been. Redskins were dupped by the Broncos in that joke of a trade!!!!!!!!!

  9. about time campbell nailed that primadonna
    i dont think campbell is good, or the answer. but it is obvious he was at least trying.
    portis has been all downhill since his 1st carry in DC.

  10. portis was a product of shanny’s system
    just like every other average running back who played for Shanny and put up guaudy numbers…..

  11. Dump Portis and get Sveltedale from the Titans or Willie Mac from the Ravens as the skins’ new RB and watch this team get better. Shanny gettisoned Portis for Bailey and now he’ll do it again.
    GOOD for Jason Campbell !!!!

  12. Portis is all but gone. Shanahan shipped him out when he was in Denver, so I don’t see why he’s want to deal with him again in Washington while being half of the football player he was when he had him the first time.

  13. Clinton Portis needs to go. If the Redskins truly are going to break from the past — what the firing of Cerrato and the hiring of Shanahan is meant to inspire — then they need to get rid of one of the worst teammates and biggest cancers in the NFL. It only helps that he is well into the downside of his career and shouldn’t be starting next year anyway…cut him now, make an example of him as a break from the past, and for once show your quarterback that you stand behind him.

  14. Portis hasn’t been the same since heleft Denver…..neither has Shanahan!
    Good for Jason for speaking up; I wish he would go to the Oakland Raiders because J Russell is a bust; at least Campbell came to work ready to play!

  15. Remember Shanny is the one that got rid of Portis in the first place in the trade for Champ. It’s much more about the offensive line and scheme than it is the RB.

  16. You put Jason Campbell in Carolina next year and I see them in the NFC Championship. Campbell’s far from the problem. Let’s see, a quarterback whose stats have improved EVERY year about to enter his prime versus a running back who is on the wrong side of his prime? Portis must go.

  17. “Portis hasn’t been the same since heleft Denver…..neither has Shanahan!”
    Since he left Denver, Mike Shanahan has studied the best teams around the league, reportedly assembled a coaching staff, and agreed to become the coach of the Washington Redskins.
    So, uh, what more did you want him to do in his one year off?

  18. @coop
    20 plus years since the redskins won a super bowl? really know your NFL history don’t you?

  19. “The Coop says:
    January 6, 2010 12:30 PM
    You know, I’m no ‘Skins fan and I certainly don’t watch every game, but everyone needs to freaking LAY OFF Jason Campbell.
    Sure, he’s no Manning or Brady…”
    or Brees, or Roethlisberger, or Rivers, or Rogers, or Schaub, or Ryan, or Favre, or Warner, or Romo, etc.
    He’s actually lumped in with guys like Jabroni Russell and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Just plain losers. The guy is horrible. I’ve never seen more passes behind the LoS in my life. He can’t handle any pressure whatsoever.

  20. Shanahan should get DeDe Dorsey a shot!
    The guy is a great talent. Special teams & carrying the rock!
    3D Please!

  21. As a Redskins fan, I agree with this post wholeheartedly.
    I’ve been calling for Portis to be traded or cut for the past two offseasons.
    Problem is, cutting Portis this year (due to accelerated cap hit) saves the team very little (not even enough to sign a player to the league minimum, I think).
    So do we keep the extra body around?
    I hope Shanahan gets rid of Portis. A 3rd round rookie RB would be better at this point in Portis’s career, that has been a huge fall from grace.
    Sionara Portis. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
    I hope we can hold onto Campbell, but I also hope Campbell respects himself enough to not stick around, after the way this franchise treated him.

  22. This is way overdue. Portis can’t be bothered with practice during the season, he shows up out of shape this year, but he thinks he can criticize someone else’s leadership? Ridiculous.
    This is a product of Portis having a direct line to Dan Snyder. There is a similar problem in the works with Haynesworth. It will be interesting to see how Shanahan handles it. If he really is in charge Portis will be gone next year.

  23. Dedicated Skins fan since a wee lad from way back.
    Have seen much worse than Campbell (insert any QB Spurrier used here). Have seen much better than Portis (why Stephen Davis was allowed to leave early I’ll never know).
    The argument of talent now, talent potential, performance history is irrelevant. This wasn’t the worst Portis outburst he’s laid on the DC media, and I don’t necessarily think he was laying smack on Campbell, but here’s another example of how low the Redskins have fallen.
    In any event, Portis (and others) need to be let go. No better way to freshly construct a new atmosphere than throwing out the trash.
    I can’t say for sure whether or not Campbell will ever produce on a high level as Portis has in his earlier years, but I’d take that guy in a heartbeat over some half-ass who thinks he can just show up on Sunday and not put in the work others have. And then have the nerve to spout of at the mouth in spite of it all. Take a walk Clinton, ’cause all you’re running is your mouth.

  24. Before anyone criticizes Campbell for anything, notice how he picks himself up off the turf after EVERY play… even run plays, thanks to his line’s inability to keep defenders off him. Even in that blow out against the Giants, after he was injured, he put himself back in that game… he may not be the best at his position, but he’s got the most heart and the best attitude you can get in a quarterback. Regardless of whether he’s a Skin for the rest of his career or goes somewhere else, he’s earned more respect than any other player on that team and never says a word… Get rid of Portis, get Campbell a line now that he finally has some actual receivers and let’s finally give him a chance.

  25. …hayward giablommi says: January 6, 2010 12:30 PM
    Oh yeah, and is there any truth to the rumor that John Thompson won’t allow there to be any white people in the building when he’s doing his radio show? …
    You can be in the building but you cant let him see you or have the audacity to speak to him. He hasn’t had a white guest on his show since, well since ever I dont believe.

  26. Beast Of The East says:
    January 6, 2010 12:47 PM
    20 plus years since the redskins won a super bowl? really know your NFL history don’t you?
    Oh SORRY bro………. I said 20+ and it’s been 18. PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
    Trust me, it will be 20+ soon!!
    Maybe it just happened longer ago than you realize, buddy.

  27. @DanRooney
    Yeah, you’re right – probably not in the top third of QBs, but look at his supporting cast. Pathetic.
    All of those QBs you mentioned have a WR, maybe even two, that are better than the jerkfaces that the ‘Skins have.

  28. I dont think Campbell has what it takes to be more then a marginally servicable NFL QB. BUT, There is something about the guy that makes me root for him.

  29. Clinton Portis is a p***y!!! If you have something to say to someone, be man enough to say it to his face. Oh I forgot, he isn’t a man, just a punk dressing in funny costumes to cover up him really wanting to be in drag

  30. Portis hasn’t been the same since he left Denver? Some of you have no idea what you’re typing. Go look at the numbers since Portis has been with the Skins. Either way, get rid of em’…..but to say he wasn’t a good back is absurd.

  31. Portis should STFU. If he had paid any attention he’d have realized that Campbell was thrown under the bus before the season began. And he’d have noticed that the same thing happened to his HC. Nobody succeeds in that environment and the record of the Skins has proven that for the last decade. So either Portis is an ignorant fool or he’s a jerk. I’ll pick the latter.

  32. Mangy66 – The way things look right now – this is actually the ideal year to get rid of Portis – in what looks like a non-cap year. Willing teams that are flush with money and stuck with large cap hit players underperforming versus their compensation – will be purging their rosters if the NFL enters into an uncapped year. The cap it often times what prevents teams from cutting washed up players, as their signing bonuses accelerate and count against that years cap.
    Snyder is far from a great owner, but he really has never worried about the amount of money the Redskins spend – thus they win the FA superbowl every year – it just doesn’t translate into actual game wins. So if Shanny feels that Portis is a cancer, distraction, bad influence or just washed up, he can get rid of him for the cost of his guaranteed future money . . . but not experience any sort of salary cap ill effects.
    By the way I think Jason Campbell is under-rated, with the coaching courosel that has been in place in Washington there has been no consistency in the offense, Moss is about as old as dirty and none of the WR’s the Redskins either draft or brought in via FA have been impactful players, and his best receiving weapons are his TEs, RBs and an aging Moss. I agree that he could find some serious success in Carolina or even Jacksonville – both teams have stud running games that could help set up the passing game.

  33. I don’t see Willis McGahee coming back to Baltimore next year. He wants to be the full time back and with Ray Rice, that just isn’t going to happen. He should have fresh legs because last year he was hurt for a period and this year he has been limited by Rice. I hate to see him go because he has more power to get into the end-zone. For some reason Cam just doesn’t trust McClain to get the job done inside the 5.

  34. I’m not a Redskin fan so my attention to Portis’ lack of leadership qualities has been limited. I’ll also write that I respect Jason and how he’s performed under the circumstance of playing under a new offensive scheme seemingly every season. That being written, if you read the comments of the “un-named Redskins”, while they stood up for Jason and sounded-off on Clinton, they didnt dispute what Portis said. In fact, it just looks as though the problem they have is that Portis went on the radio with his comments and the fact that Clinton isn’t a leader on the team.
    If I were Jason (which obviously I’m not…. or am I?), I’d feel good knowing that my teammates (for now anyway) have my back in this situation, but I’d be concerned whether or not they actually think what Portis said was true or not. Fortunately for Jason, in this instance, Clinton has the reputation he has, so it sorta makes his “slamming” of Campbell seem more selfish that what it would be if someone else made the comments.

  35. Campbell has led the skins to 4-12 and no wins in the division. how dare cp talk about his leadership when it’s an obvious issue with this team. Campbell definitely a decent qb and guy but not sure anyone looking from the outside can disagree with what portis said about campbell’s leadership.
    CP obviously has a delusional take on his own efforts to lead the skins.

  36. pushing50 i suspect that cam would trust mcclain just fine if mcgahee wasnt there, but they need to placate willis’s ego by letting him vulture tds.

  37. Wow. I don’t blame Campbell at all for having the urge to defend himself after Portis’ jackass comments but I don’t think he should have said anything publicly. Leaders shouldn’t take after someone in the press like that especially a teammate even when they have complete justification as Campbell does.

  38. Campbell is a top half of the NFL starter. Give him a real coach, real weapons, and a real o-line and then determine how good he is. The jury is still out on him.
    Clinton Portis has never been about the team, he’s a first-class ignoramus that nearly got his butt-whupped by Brian Mitchell (and now that B-Mitch is gone maybe someday it will happen), with absolutely no intelligence.
    Shanahan AKA Coach Teflon might not be a great coach, but at the very least he can get production out of young marginal RBs. Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, and Mike Anderson were all late round picks (6th round I believe) and they all rushed for well over 1000 yards in a season at least one time a piece. Once Shanahan rebuilds that horrible offensive line with a bunch of underweight outcasts and 4th round picks and finds his RB in the 6th round of the draft, at the very least you know the Redskins’ running game will be the best it’s been since 1991.

  39. These next five years are going to be fun to watch. 5 more years of the Redskins sucking it up, having soap opera’s in the locker room, which will eventually lead to Shanahan getting fired and Danny boy finding the next bust as a coach. Hilarious

  40. as an eagles fan, i love clinton portis. he comes through for me every year by tearing the locker room apart.

  41. How can anyone slam Campbell. from what I see, he is doing the best with what he has got to work with. I think a real quarterback coach, and a real coach that can and will tell the owner to shut up and quit meddling will do wonders for Jason.

  42. Say what you want about Campbell’s performance on the field but he seems to be long on character. He takes his lumps like a man and drives on as best he can, always a place in the NFL for a guy like that. Portis is an a*s clown that needs to go bye bye so we can watch his inevitable MC Hammer-like descent into financial ruin/complete irrelevance. I have a major issue with people so blindly ignorant that they don’t have the good sense to be ashamed of themselves.

  43. I love CP as he just tells you how torn apart this team was and will be going forward. Nobody is accountable to each other which translates into many many years of losing and last place in the nfc east. It really is embarassing.
    i predict two seasons and maybe three and shanny is canned as they have no draft picks again plus need 20 holes to fill. That team right now could not even beat the 4th string charger team. Are you kidding me? how can you compete with the nfc east and nfc as a whole with this group of high school players.

  44. I don’t think Jason Campbell will be an elite QB, I think he has starter ability and has alot of athletic ability and potential, but with a good team he could lead them to post-season success. The dude is one classy guy. Up their with the best of them.
    Hopefully for the Skin franchise they will dumb Clinton’s ass.

  45. @Haywood:
    I guess you didn’t realize that Coach Thompson’s show included Al Koken for 10 years before Snyder let him go in a cost cutting move (Brian Mitchell was let go from the show at that time, probably in part due to CP’s friction with him, I speculate)

  46. THANK you Jason Campbell. I may be a Dallas fan, but even I won’y bad mouth Jason. He has always handled himself with dignity and I have never heard him pointing fingers at anyone or blaming anyone else for anything.
    Portis, on the other hand is a clown who cannt even speak proper English and is certainly headed toward bad things after his career is finished.
    He never practiced with the team and would forever would be lapping at Dan Snyder’s heels like some sorry ass little house dog. I hope he stays with the Skins, because he holds them back, but surely Shanahan aint that stupid, having dumped him once.
    **** you, Portis, house dog.

  47. What are the chances Shanahan goes after Ryan Torrain? He probably wouldn’t cost much, and Shanahan loooooved the guy, and he’s buried on the depth chart.

  48. @ chrismoore06
    Had not a clue, nor don’t even know who that is. Just figured that was a safe bet considering there was not a single white player that I ever recall wearing a Georgetown uni while Thompson was coach.
    I was pretty shocked when I went to a game there a couple years ago with JT III as coach and saw what appeared to be a white kid playing for them…alas, it turned out to be Doc Rivers kid who, by process of elimination, is obviously biracial.

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