Bills could still be chasing Cowher

One of the more intriguing dynamics in Buffalo arises from the presence of many former Bills players in the various Western New York communities.  Coupled with the fact that more than a few of them have access to inside information regarding the team for which they once played, opportunities exist for plenty of folks not in the traditional media business to develop possibly good information about the team.

Lately, we’ve been paying attention (or, more accurately, readers have been repeatedly pointing out to us) the information being posted online by Joe Logan of

Logan reported Monday, January 4 that the Bills were slated to meet with Cowher on Tuesday, January 5, a disclosure that carried extra credibility because Logan also appeared to be the first to report that the Bills would be clearing out their coaching staff.

In the wake of Logan’s report, we’ve seen nothing indicating directly and unequivocally that he  is off base.  (The closest thing to a refutation comes in the January 7 Buffalo News, in which Mark Gaughan writes that it is “believed the Bills still are conducting some lobbying to try to convince former Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher” but that “[s]ignificant talks with Cowher have yet to happen.”)

But Logan has an intriguing new nugget, posting Wednesday night on Twitter.  He writes that Cowher is “OK” with the Bills’ salary offer, but that Cowher wants a “commitment” from Russ Brandon regarding the money that would be available to sign players.

We’ll continue to wait for someone to report that Logan is full of crap.  Until someone does, we’ll continue to keep an open mind as to the possibility that Logan knows someone who knows precisely what’s happening at One Bills Drive.

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  1. But Logan has an intriguing new nugget, posting Wednesday night on Twitter. He writes that Cowher is “OK” with the Bills’ salary offer, but that Cowher wants a “commitment” from Russ Brandon regarding the money that would be available to sign players.
    Money to sign players is no object in Dallas, why would he choose Buffalo? You’re right he wouldn’t.
    Buffalo is just a stepping stone to get more money from another Team.

  2. Not a Bills fan, but it would be great to see if Cowher can bring back the Bills to the point that they are eventually taken off of Los Angeles’ radar. I don’t ever want another fan base to go through what we went through ever again.

  3. Cowher = Coward. He will only coach for a Super Bowl-ready team. That way he can’t damage his questionable “legacy.”
    Once a Stooler, always a Stooler.

  4. That is why the big name coaches don’t want to sign with the smaller market teams. Factor in uncapped years and money becomes a big issue. Shanahan knows Snyder will spend as much money as he needs to aquire the players and coaches he wants. You can’t knock Cowher or any coach for wanting a big allowance. I doubt cowher is truly interested in the bills for multiple reasons. Cowher is not a coordinator or positional coach. He is a leader but being just that you rely on the guys under you even more. Cowher would need plenty of money to bring in the Offensive and Defensive coordinators he wants and then more to bring in the players that those coordinators would want. Cowher isn’t a personnel guy so he won’t be making those decisions.
    Cowher realizes that he is the type of coach that will make a big impact to an already established team, a team lacking leadership but that has good talent and coordinating.
    Love cowher but if this did go through and people praised the bills I would laugh hard considering my skins have gotten totally blasted for aquiring a coach who has more superbowls in roughly the same time frame. Yah Shanahan has 3 Superbowl rings, not two. He has two as the headcoach of the Broncos and one as the offensive coordinator of the 49ers that won the superbowl in 94.

  5. If it doesn’t turn out to be the Bills, I really hope Cowher winds up with an AFC team anyway- That way, he has a much better chance of standing between the Steelers and the Super Bowl in the future.
    It would be so HILARIOUS and AWESOME if Bill Cowher wound up denying the Steelers entry into the SB.

  6. Jeremy White of WGR 55 has stated he is full of crap. But Jeremy has been wrong before.
    The Bills Luxury Boxes renewals are coming up next season. That is only reason I believe the Bills are seriously going after Cowher. Ralph and his boy Brandon are great at having an losing team sell out every week. The TO experiment is proof of that. Ralph states everything is based on “Luck” . Well maybe Bills fans have the “Luck”
    this time around- because Ralph doesn’t have any other Horse and Ponies shows available to him and Cowher doesn’t have many other options.
    Other than waiting next year , like Bills fans do every year.

  7. On the day you posted the story quoting his post of the meeting with the Bills, Adam Schefter on Twitter said that it wasn’t true and that Cowher was home walking his dog. He then made a joke about having to cover dog walking.

  8. Florio is really a moron…Cowher is not coming to Buffalo…None of the old Bills are in “the loop,” they hear the same stuff that everybody else does. Thurman is on the radio every day and he speculates just like everyone else. The only way the Bills will hire a decent coach is for Wiilson to sell the team. He has no clue what is going on…

  9. manginiwithcheese: thanks for the kind words. The only difference will be that if Bills ever leave Buffalo, we would never get another team like Cleveland did. Having said that, info has been popping up that the Bills do have a succession plan in place to keep the team there for the long term.

  10. I have just received word that Teddy Bruschi is assembling a staff to coach the Bills. My sources are not that good, but either are any one elses…
    God Save My Bills!

  11. Cowher should accept the Buffalo gig. He may never get the perfect opportunity he is waiting for and Buffalo represents a great challenge and therefore a great opportunity. Do IT!

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