Charles Rogers gets 93 days in jail

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Charles Rogers has been sentenced to 93 days in jail for contempt of court after his recent arrest.

Rogers was arrested for disobeying a sobriety court order, which had been imposed because he pleaded guilty to impaired driving last year.

According to police, Rogers passed out at a Mexican restaurant and was visibly intoxicated.

Matt Millen made Rogers the second overall pick in the 2003 NFL draft. Perhaps if Millen had instead gone for Andre Johnson, picked third overall by the Texans, the Lions wouldn’t have had the worst record in the NFL over the last decade.

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  1. millen probably ultimately chose rogers over johnson bc rogers was a local/michigan guy. can u believe that? proximity to the pro club should never ever be a consideration bc what matters is talent and longevity. are u listening jacksonville???? if andrew johnson went to michigan, you can bet he would have been a lion.

  2. I understand that in the end PFT has to cover what is either newsworthy or will get more hits. But in its coverage of players outside the team setting it is decidedly negative- choosing to spotlight arrests, assaults and jail time. There are a world of activities that players do to help communities in their playing days and afterwards.
    Usually of you read about the beneficial things players do it is in the one-liners section which are just links to stories written by other people.

  3. Amazing, the opportunities squandered in the NFL because thugs and gangsters can’t keep their head straight or their nose clean.

  4. Hopefully Jacksonville is not only listening they have already heard. Reggie Nelson is a stick figure trying to play safety in the NFL and Derrik Harvey has the football instincts of a typical first year Pop Warner player. Those were great Gator first round draft picks.

  5. Some NFL players fail to understand that when they sign their NFL contract, they are agreeing to become role models for young kids all across America. Regardless of how anonymous they want to be off the field, they are a public figure and they must learn immediately to conduct themselves with dignity. Period.
    93 days in jail is a good 2nd chance to rethink ones’ actions. Hey Charles!… wake up!… are you listening?

  6. The oldest trick in the football journalism book: Pick out a player who was picked AFTER the subject player and turned out to have a great career, then say “They could have had (whoever)”.
    As if the journalist would have known better. Hindsight is 20-20, right?

  7. The kid needs some serious help- I hope he gets it before he ends up dead. What a waste of talent and resources.

  8. Had Millen picked Andre Johnson, he’d be Calvin Johnson or Roy Williams….. a talented dude on a 5-11 team.

  9. Only 93 days? Kind of an odd period of time.
    The MA State Senator that failed to follow the sobriety order recently got 1 year.

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