In studio tonight with Scott Ferrall

As we’ve mentioned but not officially pimped (yet), I’m heading to New York to crash the set of Football Night In America during Saturday’s wild-card games.

And since I’ll be in New York for a couple of days, I’ll be crashing some other places, too.

Tonight, for instance, I’ll visit the studios of Sirius Satellite Radio (the second-best national radio operation behind Sporting News Radio) for a spot on The Scott Ferrall Show.  It’s currently scheduled for 10:00 p.m. ET on channel 101.

We’ll talk about this weekend’s games and presumably all sorts of other stuff, and I’ll plug PFT and Sporting News Radio and my plans for crashing the set of Football Night In America on Saturday.

6 responses to “In studio tonight with Scott Ferrall

  1. That show is amusing in very small doses. His schtick is just a little tiring with all the caffeined up yelling, and speed metal soundtrack. He does go on funny rants though.

  2. Rock on Florio, what an amazing rise. It’s a media driven world anymore.
    Just a suggestion- any way to get an ex-coach or ex-player to contirbute to the site? You, Greg and the bunch do a good job, but actual football experience is sadly lacking and very evident in some of the postings.

  3. Farrall is still has a job in broadcasting? I wonder how if he still has the same idiotic method of approaching his show he was using the last time I had the displeasure of hearing him.
    Not sure if this is a step up for you and PFT Florio – to me it seems more like a “step in it” moment instead.

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