Mangini to return in Cleveland

Eric Mangini’s career as Browns coach will not end on a four game winning streak.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Mangini will return in 2010.

Holmgren was reportedly looking for a defensive coach, and he’s keeping the one that is already in the building.   The full staff was told they will return. 

It’s a remarkable turn of events and proof of how quickly winning can change things in the NFL.

A month ago, the Browns were 1-11.  Mangini was operating without a general manager because the one he chose was fired escorted out of the building.  An unknown “football czar” was on the way to assume many of Mangini’s responsibilities.

A Thursday night victory over the Steelers turned things around, and Mangini’s defense mostly played well down the stretch despite a number of injuries.

Mangini will stay squarely on the hot seat in 2010.  Coaches like Jon Gruden and John Fox could become available and have connections to Holmgren or his agent.

But this second life in Cleveland gives Mangini a chance to just coach. It’s something he’s almost underrated at by now.

His teams in New York and Cleveland haven’t underperformed.  His problems have come more with organization building and rubbing people — like most media — the wrong way.  Holmgren runs the show now.  He too once had his personnel powers stripped, and was a better coach for it in Seattle.

Mangini will get the same chance, and it’s all because of a four-game winning streak during games that weren’t supposed to matter.  They all matter.

47 responses to “Mangini to return in Cleveland

  1. Good for Holmgren. Give the man a chance. Winning 4 in a row without a real QB in the NFL is pretty impressive.

  2. Can’t say this is a shocker, at least to me. You can’t fire a coach who managed to squeeze a 4 game winning streak out of a previously abominable team. They could’ve easily quit on him once the season was clearly over but they didn’t, and that says a lot. I think Holmgren’s hands were pretty much tied.
    I will say if there’s not some serious improvement next year, I think Holmgren will swing the axe.

  3. Mangini staying isn’t surprising, however the offensive coordinator or quarterback coach staying is a shock, Holmgrin likes west coast offense and likes his guy to run it.

  4. Your surprise surprises me, Rosenthal.
    The only people that should truly have a “wow” reaction to this are the people who have a personal vendetta or agenda against Mangini (namely, Mike Florio, Peter King, etc).
    Most people figured Mangini would stay, simply based on the fact that he’s been there one year and took over an absolutely horrible team. When Holmgren, a former coach, was hired, that even strengthened that sentiment.
    And, if nothing else, he’s keeping the seat warm until Jon Gruden is available and/or the future of the CBA is more definite.
    Just because you all WANTED him fired doesn’t mean it would happen.
    I do wish they’d start looking for a new offensive coordinator, though.

  5. wow, florio gets another one wrong. shocker! on the bright side, he can continue to take (mostly unwarranted) potshots at the guy for another year.
    after all, the browns obviously should have hired todd haley, jim schwartz, josh mcdaniels or some of the other first-year coaches that did such a fantastic job this year.

  6. Hallelujah! No more “it doesn’t look good for Mangini”sniping in any story remotely related to the Browns.
    I guess that, since you can’t promote or try to influence the firing of Mangini now, it probably means we won’t see any stories about Cleveland anymore… 🙂
    …PS- Have I told you lately how much I appreciate the fact that you guys print every one of my bitching rants against PFT? You may be the National Enquirer of the NFL and purveyors of bullshit, innuendo, and agenda, but you know I love you and I can’t resist looking at your trashy site 🙂

  7. Florio should have been made to post this, instead of Rosenthal.
    He’s weaved every other thing about the Browns and Mangini into some fantasy. I would have been interested to see what he could make up about this development.

  8. Good call. You can’t judge Mangini on just this season – Cleveland was a mess when he arrived. He also went into this season assuming he could work on a long range plan. Therefore, he went with a young roster, building up draft picks and cap room for the future. If he had been told last Spring that he would be coaching for his life in 2009, he would have made some very different roster decisions.

  9. Smart move by The Big Show. Next, sign Cribbs and Harrison and use our 10 draft picks wisely.

  10. Not only that, but if nothing else, Mangini stayed so that Randy Lerner wouldn’t have to pay ANOTHER former coach who isn’t coaching the Browns anymore.
    With all the millions of comments we had to read from Florio and others regarding the escalators in Brady Quinn’s contract being a reason for his benching, you’d think you give equal footing to this money issue as well.
    But why expect fairness from PFT?

  11. For what is worth, the Browns played well and beat some teams that were headed to the Playoffs. Although, I don’t like this guy, I do have
    faith in Holmgren’s apprasial, and he must thought he could work with Managini or he has a
    Defense coordinator in mind. In either case, the first order of business is to get Cribbs SIGNED!

  12. it’s actually a good move. the coaching market for 2010 looks to be drying up, with 2011 looking like the good year. If Mangini can’t get this team to .500 or better next year, then enter Gruden or some other Holmgren protege.

  13. As you can see, Florio didn’t have the stones to post this one himself. All his little jabs at the Browns and Mangini went unnoticed to the relevant football world. How it must suck to be wrong constantly and then hide behind the veil that is pft. Good day.

  14. This is a good move for the Browns. Holmgren has all the reins of power in the organization. He has the experience, knowledge, and strategic vision. Holmgren will have a “new blood” coach, Mangini, working for him with some new ideas to contribute.
    This will work if they all have good chemistry working together, and apparently they do.

  15. Good Coaches are good teachers. I’m sure whatever negative qualities Mangini
    has Holmgren beleives he can fix them.

  16. As much as I can’t stand the Mangina (I am a Pats fan) – it would have been downright wrong to let him go after the way they finished. They beat up the Steelers (who still had a pulse at the time, we just assumed they quit against the Browns, as opposed to being thoroughly beaten), Broke records vs KC, stuck it to Oakland, and then finished off by punishing Jacksonville. The Browns defense definitely looked “for real” the last month of the season. Get a real QB, and theres no reason this team can’t contend for an AFC north crown next year. Just look at the Bengals.

  17. rosenthal – kudos for your fair-minded analysis added to your recent edit/update of this post.

  18. First Bruce Arians, than Eric Mangini staying. I am glad to see that these rumors are making it into print before substantiation.
    I fell like every boner that graduated community college with a journalism degree can be a sports writer.

  19. How many times did Holmgren say:
    “A coach deserves more than one year.”
    How many times??
    wow, absolutely shocking, an earthquake!

  20. Mangini’s defense or Ryan’s? Please, give credit where credit is due – Mangini the Boob deserves squat for the Brown’s D.

  21. One of the things Holmgren asked Mangini to think about before his first interview must have been “How can I trust a guy that ratted out his old boss?”

  22. Is Rosenthal writing the Mangini updates because Florio is too busy out back shoveling poo in his mouth after a year of guaranteeing a Mangini firing has made him look the fool?

  23. Great news for the Browns! And Bubba’s Q Restaurant where Mangini feeds his face 6 nights a week!

  24. Holmgren…….Mangini………all you need is Brett Farve and it’s a trifecta! Hmmm. Ah, but Brett’s under contract. How ever could he get out of his last year with the Vikings?

  25. now that mangini has escaped the wrath of the football gods,florio can now devote more attention to getting tom coughlin fired.
    florio=small potatoes.

  26. This is HORRIBLE news for us Browns fans! im so pissed at this i highly doubt ill re up my season tickets next year.this just ruined my entire w/end and offseason

  27. …and Cleveland suffers another year of unmet expectations. Mangini is a weirdo obsessed with his former mentor. No whining next year delusional Browns fans (above) – you’re getting what you asked for.

  28. I am surprised…but it does make sense if you think about consistency and Holmgren preaching “everyone being on the same page” I think keeping the staff intact is critical for that.
    Mangini is a good coach when it comes to X’s and O’s, but he needs a little help when it comes to talent eval and other tasks outside of the practice field, etc. I think his goal of getting his players to play for him and getting “smart, high character players” is working as evidenced by the Browns finish to the season. Now, it looks like Eckert is coming to be the GM, and he and Holmgren will have the say on personnel and most importantly the 11 picks in the 2010 draft.
    Also, he is keeping a defensive minded head coach, a great DC(Ryan), and a not so great OC(Daboll). I think Holmgren will have quite a bit of influence on the practice field as it pertains to offense. Last, I hope Charlie Weis and Todd Haley go after Brady Quinn and we get some value for him…of the 2 QBs, he is the most tradeable, especially if Weis puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to Quinn. I can go with either QB; I think they’re still hard to eval; but maybe that’s why there’s been such a problem at the QB position…bottom of them has go to go.
    Let’s go Browns.
    Pick #7 – Taylor Mays; a bigger, stronger, faster, Ronnie Lott.

  29. bluestree says:
    January 7, 2010 3:59 PM
    Holmgren…….Mangini………all you need is Brett Farve and it’s a trifecta! Hmmm. Ah, but Brett’s under contract. How ever could he get out of his last year with the Vikings?
    I’m sure Brett would just love to leave a team loaded with talent and a comfy dome to play for Cleveland. Sorry Packer homer,Favre will be back with the Vikes to spank you again next year! Keep on dreamin…..

  30. It wouldn’t have been a surprise either way, so why, my point being, is anyone acting like this is shocking, Fike? Who else was interviewed? Fox? Did Schefter report it? Than it’s probably another example of digging too deep & looking for any possible relationships or loopholes or stylistic/philosophical similarities instead of just reporting what’s actually out there & established.
    As I posted, I posted w/ the knowledge that anybody in the NFL at any level can say anything they want & retread & reverse at any point from the very next sentence out of their mouth to the trade deadline & nobody, not one of us should be shocked.
    All I did was quote the man.
    And all you did was quote a five year old.

  31. O.K. let’s see where this goes now. I still believe that we need to get rid of Daboll. Offense was awful, I get that we need playmakers but still, no creativity. Reminds me of Metcalf up the middle, thanks for that memory Marty.
    For the three or four players on record that liked Mangini this is great news, for the other 7 million fans that wanted him gone- bad news. Wonder if this had anything to do with the fact that there may be no football in 2011, from what has been discussed.

  32. I’m not a Browns fan but this is actually a good move. there are so many problems, but they ended on a good note, and this could be a good way to keep consistency. you don’t fire a coach after one year, after inheriting almost zero talent at the skills positions. looks like he found a running back though. and he has Cribbs, and Joe Thomas. good starting points.

  33. Mangini is terrible.. maybe he’s got dirt on Lerner or somebody else in the organization, like he had on Belicheck (spygate). Browns cant risk letting him go and then blabbing…
    I’m sure all the other teams in the AFC N are happy to hear this…
    How long before fans start screaming for Holmgren to get fired? I mean, you bring in “The Big Show” to turn around a team that is a mess, and the first thing he does is NOT FIRE ANYBODY?
    Way to go… looking forward to another year of Browns sucking…

  34. Translation: Gruden is committed to ESPN for another year.
    This is a win-win for Holmgren. If Mangini succeeds, Holmgren looks good. If Mangini fails, it’s not “Holmgren’s guy” and he will get his guy (or himself) for 2011 (if football is played)

  35. Florio could not be found to post this article, however sources inside the Florio estate said that he would be available for future posts after he is done eating crow.

  36. The 4 game winning streak wasn’t the reason he was kept on – other than the game against the Steelers that was overrated. The thing that saved him was the support from the players. Mangini’s still on a short leash and he probably knows it.

  37. Pervy; The Vikings are OLD, the Humpty Dump is falling apart, and you calling me a homer is priceless!

  38. Pick #7 – Taylor Mays; a bigger, stronger, faster, Ronnie Lott.
    that would be a huge pick and a good pick too, he reminds me a little of Sean Taylor. as for your Brady Quinn wish, won’t happen, i see them trading Anderson though and getting a 4 or 5th round pick. but yeah Mays is good.

  39. As I thought about all the nasty things Florio had to say about Mangini…. a coach who has finally brought order to the dysfunctional Browns team he inherited….. I’ve come to the conclusion that Florio is nothing more than a self absorbed AH.
    There was actually a time when I thought Florio had some credibility but I know better now……and so do a lot of other people.

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