Marc Bulger could be done

The career of St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger may be over.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, citing multiple sources, that Bulger is considering retiring.

There’s a good chance that Bulger won’t be back in St. Louis even if he does decide he wants to play in 2010. But Bulger, who will turn 33 this year, has suffered through multiple injuries and seen his play decline over the last few seasons, may have decided he doesn’t want to play anymore, anywhere.

If Bulger is done for good, the record will show that he made two Pro Bowls while completing 62.1 percent of his passes, for 22,814 yards, with 122 touchdowns and 93 interceptions.

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  1. When Bulger emerged and surpassed Kurt Warner on the Rams depth chart, I was the biggest supporter. When times got bad for Bulger (last couple seasons), I was the first person throwing Bulger under the bus. However, the one thing you could never claim is that Bulger didn’t give his full heart every game. Real pro, real role-model type player. If he retires, the Rams would lose a locker-room leader. If he doesn’t, I’d hope he agrees to a pay cut and can remain on the Rams as a back up to Colt McCoy. [=

  2. So I guess the Rams are going QB in the first round… Clausen, McCoy or Bradford as the #1 pick.

  3. Bulger has all the money that he will ever need, so who could blame him from walking from this pitiful franchise? He is a better QB than his record indicates. He has had 3 different offensive coordinators in the last 4 years. He is damaged goods with Rams fans, though much of the blame needs to be pinned on the OL.

  4. No way that any of the QBs rate as the #1 over all pick. Suh should have that wrapped up. In a perfect world (from the Ram’s perspective) they would trade down about 5 spots and still get a quality QB. Trouble is of course, no one wants to trade up and take that #1 pick and its’ ridiculous $$$ commitment. One more reason that the lack of a rookie salary cap is killing the NFL, especially the lower tier of teams trying to get better quick.

  5. Better yet, trade that No. 1 pick and move down a couple of spots. Let someone else pay Suh as the No. 1 overall and still get your QB

  6. I heard Bulger interviewed on Sirius radio a couple weeks after he was injured, and it sure sounded to me like he was done. It just seemed like t the physical beatings and the hopeless situation within the Rams organization had finally taken their toll, and his heart was no longer in it.
    Damn shame, too. Bulger has always been a class act…a laid-back, unassuming character who gave everything he had, every time he was on the field. I just wished it could have ended better for the guy. He deserves better.

  7. His best times are behind him… Who could blame him, St. Louis is deep in the rebuilding process… It will take some time but Spags or possibly another crew will get the Rams back on track

  8. Bulger would be better off hanging up the cleats, that team is in a very long rebuilding process.

  9. Kurt Warner outlasts the younger guy who was supposed to replace him. Dumb decision to unload Warner, Rams.

  10. the team is rebuilding, so there is no need to draft qb in first round. that can be saved for next season’ draft. as recent history has shown, rookie qbs can play well and take a team to the playoffs, so the need to get a qb and start developing him next season isn’t that high. none of the big three qbs is looking like peyton manning, so avoiding them and waiting for a similar qb next year could be the move here.

  11. Nothing against Warner, but how do you think he’d be doing right now with that O-line? No QB can carry an awful team.

  12. No offense to Rams fans but really, the organization basically killed this guy. There’s nothing left of Bulger thanks to a serious lack of protection for years.
    What a shame, this guy should have been a great QB for a long time.

  13. What about the rookie Keith Null? Sure he threw 9 picks, but his completion percentage was better than Bulger or Boller. I think there is at least some potential there.

  14. Even if Clausen is drafted, they’d better make sure they get an o-line and defensive line as well. Im wondering if Spags will trade for Osi Usimenyora.
    Suh would be more of an impact pick – since defense and a running game turns around bad teams more than offense. (which they need also)

  15. Heard Snyder’s talking to Shanahan about offering St. louis 4 first round picks and paying him $66 mill over 4 years

  16. First off, Osi will be with the Giants next year, no question about it. Secondly, out of the big 3 QBs, Bradford will be the only one to have a decent career in the NFL. The best QB draft was the Rivers/Eli/Ben draft & this draft crop doesn’t even come close to that year. None of the 3 (Bradford, McCoy, Claussen) are the physical beasts that the other 3 were. Their skills are also nowhere close to where the other 3 were when leaving school.
    I watched Claussen since he entered ND, and he is a system QB. It also helps tremendously when you have Golden Tate (best college WR), Michael Floyd (6-5, fast, future NFL Superstar), and Kyle Rudolph (Future 1st round pick) to throw to. Despite these weapons, Claussen has a hard time throwing the intermediate routes & check downs; the staple of a successful NFL QB. He also has a hard time adjusting to pressure. He has a long and hard adjustment period in the NFL. He is a tough guy though, and will give 100% all the time.
    As for McCoy, ge is a proven winner, but nothing more than a career back-up. Just like Claussen, he has a hard time making the intermediate & check down throws. He also telegraphs all of his passes, in the he licks on to 1 receiver & forces too many passes. His size is not ideal for an NFL QB, and his downfield accuracy is suspect. He is more mobile than JC & a winner, but the difference in doped between college & NFL will be his undoing.
    If the Rams are going to take a QB #1, the best bet it Bradford. Although he didn’t play this year & he hurt his throwing shoulder, his injury is not performance inhibiting. He has the size & speed to be a great NFL QB. He never had the weapons that McCoy & JC, but still put up superhuman numbers in 2008. He can make any throw; short, intermediate, long; with great accuracy & the right velocity. He handles pressure well & reads defenses extremely well fir such a young player. He will most likely be rusty in ’10, but his transition to the NFL will be seemless & he will be a superstar.

  17. in a team that is rebuilding, and with the depth of draft that this year should be, why not trade down to about 10 in the first round, and pick up a second rounder as well at the same time? they could still get the QB that they want, or at least 1 of them, and 2 starter quality picks in the second round, and maybe even some starter quality at the start of the 3rd. Why not turn the rest into higher risk high reward type project picks, because its not like you are going to be real good for a couple years anyway? they have a defensive line, next is to build an offensive line, then secondary and a run game. by that time, they could draft some wideouts to go with their established QB they drafted this year and they would be set. its the same damn thing they did with the eagles, why not build it right this time?

  18. I’m thinking that if I’m Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford, I’m going to start practicing my John Elway/Eli Manning routine.

  19. if the Rams are smart, they’ll be taking Suh first overall, and then take McCoy in the second round, where I fully expect him to still be available. He’s rated the 4th best QB by a lot of outlets, including myself. However, I still think he’s going to be a successful NFL QB. I mean, worst come to worst, Rams can always trade back into the first round to take a QB if needed be considering nobody will consider them have any higher (or lower, however you look at it) than a top 10 pick. As a Rams fan, I feel like we’ve now reached an all-time low.. welcome to Oakland Raider country.

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