Frazier will interview with Seahawks, after all

When news of Pete Carroll’s dalliance with the Seattle Seahawks first broke, it didn’t take long for ESPN to report that Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier declined a chance to interview with the Seahawks.

Frazier has apparently changed his mind.

Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will interview for the Seahawks job in Minneapolis Saturday, according to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Frazier may have initially balked at the interview because it appeared that it was only being conducted to get Rooney Rule requirements out of the way. 

While many will criticize this as a “sham” interview, that ignores the reality that a deal between Carroll and the Seahawks could still fall apart for a variety of reasons. 

Frazier is allowed to interview for jobs this week only because the Vikings are on a bye. He interviewed for the Bills head coaching job Thursday.

30 responses to “Frazier will interview with Seahawks, after all

  1. I think Leslie Frazier is showing he is a “league guy.” He is deserving of true HC consideration. I hope this is not a sham because he does not deserve that.

  2. The Rooney Rule is the most racist thing I ever heard of. These poor black men that know they stand no chance when a bigger name (ie. Cowher, Shanhan, Carrol) is working on a contract but they have to bring him in just because he is black. I don’t get it.

  3. ESPN is reporting that a Carroll deal is already “going down.” I hope that the other Paul Allen is paying for Leslie’s little Seattle sightseeing trip.

  4. Great job Florio you kill the Skins for making a sham of the Rooney Rule even though the commish. signed off on it. Then you question why they would want a 2 time SB coach basically saying he sucks.
    So you give Seattle a pass even though this is an obvious joke of a interview, and when will you write the story of how dumb it would be for Seattle to go after a coach who was terrible in the NFL and will be again. How many SB did PC win, oh thats right he has only won National Championships.
    I know you are still a little mad about the Skins calling you out on the lie you printed, but atleast be fair in your reporting if thats what you want to call it.

  5. I do believe this is a sham. Pete Carroll will be offered and take this job because of the money and that his kingdom at SC has some leaks. The NCAA is looking into a few items as well as the PAC 10 will not lay down for SC anymore.

  6. This trotting out of Frazier as the latest token black head coaching candidate shows what a joke the Rooney Rule has become. Seattle will be the eighth coaching job Frazier has interviewed for in two years with no offers.
    Maybe he’ll get the Buffalo job by default. Why would Cowher or any other marquee coach want to go to a team in a horrible market, with minimal talent — and have to deal with T.O.?

  7. I still don’t see why the Seahawks would want Carroll, who failed miserably in his previous pro stint and seems so much more suited to the college game.

  8. Leslie, tell them you want $500K to interview and you will refund it fully if you get the job.

  9. Every time I read about Pete Carroll and the NFL (or others in that situation), I keep thinking about how difficult it must be to make the change from coaching college kids to coaching adults, many of whom are exceedingly talented, full of themselves – way more than at the college level – and coming, perhaps, from even more diverse backgrounds than one might find at a university. Not to mention that college kids on a team are pretty much all the same age, while the polyglot vets and newbies to be found on any pro team could range from, say, 21 to, what, 44?
    HUGE mental adjustment, not even taking into consideration everything else there is to deal with (like football!). Seems like success in that transition would be a pretty rare achievement.

  10. If Caroll bolts, you would have to assume some of it is because the investigations. They should have lost scholarships for the reggie bush incident.

  11. It does not matter, it is not germaine, if the “minority” candidate believes the interview oportunity is valid. The candidate has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to the progress of the minority represented, the NFL, blah, blah, blah, ad nausem. Someone, anyone tell all minorities
    ( the NFl needs to do something here because it is woefully remiss with respect to minorities, where are the Italians, Latinos, Chinese, Scottish, etc.???) that the only way to get to the top is hard work-earn it. Rooney is bullshit but the minorities must continue to interview and move FOWARD

  12. Please please let this be just a Rooney Rule kabuki theater. Then I’ll be able to shout:

  13. As much of a sham as the Rooney Rule seems, it actually is useful for minority coaching candidates.
    A couple years ago the Steelers were deciding between Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm to replace Bill Cower. But they had to interview at last one minority coach and Mike Tomlin, a 34 year old black man with just one year experience as a D coordinator, impressed the Steelers front office enough to get the job over their in-house front runners. No way Tomlin even gets into the consideration for the job without the Rooney Rule.
    I’m guessing Frazier, unlike Tomlin, hasn’t been that impressive in his interviews. But he’s still agreeing to these interviews to hone his interview skills and hoping to create some buzz. At worst, he’s not burning any bridges by turning down interviews so the Vikings job isn’t his last stop as a defensive coordinator.

  14. I’d interview for the job too, if I was paid to do so. Which he is. Seahawks are probably giving him $50,000.00 for an interview. Beats having to pay a $500,000.00 fine to the NFL.

  15. Unfortunately,
    Leslie Frazier
    Educating him
    To the
    Obvious sham this
    Meeting would be

  16. You know what, either Frazier is standing up for what’s right, letting other teams know he’s qualified by these interviews, or an IDIOT?
    But I gotta feeling, there gonna be more HD jobs,
    he this guy been mentioned a helluva lot.
    We shall see!

  17. Pete Carroll’s Patriots teams made the playoffs two out of three seasons, and the other they were 8-8. I think the Seahawks brass would take a team that is competitive right now after the team that has been out there the last month or so and has had to watch deep Big Red playoff runs two years in a row. 😉
    Now, can he show a defensive prowess in interviews to make them think they’ll be more than competitive? Fans deserve better than a guy who is an also-ran. I’m a Big Red fan and Mike Singletary is my favorite coach but I know that his winning formula, like Lovie’s or Brad Childress’s, has a definite ceiling.
    As for the Frazier’s overrated comments I’ve seen and heard today, it is a decent argument when you look at how much tighter the run defense was years earlier.

  18. I’ve seen this argument made in these comments before, and I will echo it. What about a Rooney Rule for white tailbacks and CBs, since there are none in the league right now? I propose we require teams to draft a white tailback or CB if they draft that position.

  19. And I’ll say it agaon. If Mike Tomlin had taken the advice of PFT Nation and told the Steelers to shove it and hw wasn’t going to participate in a “sham” interview (recall that every so-called expert said it would Grimm or Whisenhunt that would replace Cowher), he wouldn’t be a Super Bowl winning coach today.
    If I were Leslie Frazier, I would take the interview and bring my A game with a full presentation on why they should hire me. Whose to say Carroll won’t pull a Petrino or Saban and run? Then, the Seahawks may just go and hire him.
    Frazier is lucky that he doesn’t have any of you advising him.
    For the record, I think the Rooney Rule is a joke but as long as it is the rule guys like Frazier should make the most of their chance, regardless of how small.

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