Houshmandzadeh says locker room stood behind Mora

Jim Mora’s firing caught Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh by surprise, like a lot of folks.

“I was very shocked,” Houshmandzadeh said.  “It’s something that I can’t believe.  I think coach Mora is a hell of a coach.  You can point to a lot of things.  It’s unfortunate coach Mora has to take the blame for all of us.”

Houshmandzadeh denied that the Seahawks tuned Mora out at the end of the season.

“That’s all media talk.  Everybody in the locker room was behind coach Mora.  Every man in there stood behind him.”

The Seahawks didn’t show their support on the field.  They lost their last four games by a combined score of 123-37. 

We’ll have more on who may be Houshmandzadeh’s next coach in a few minutes.

16 responses to “Houshmandzadeh says locker room stood behind Mora

  1. …and like every other obstacle the Seahawks stood united against this year, they were ineffective and eventually failed.

  2. Seriously, is there a bigger douche than TJ Houshmandzadeh? I’m so glad he left Cincy to be a whiny mouthpiece somewhere else. Maybe if he had played a little better instead of b*tched like an infant about how good his team was (which is exactly what he did in Cincy), they could have won a few more ballgames – which may have saved Mora’s job. Have fun watching your old team on TV during the playoffs, Housh.

  3. Doush must be kissing ass for the next GM/coach. He’s so effin self-centered, that’s the only reason he would come out talking up someone else. Him and Branch need to go. I’d rather lose for 3 more years than pay these turds.

  4. As he dreams of his Bengals uniform.
    How’s that paycheck TJ?
    Enjoy it in your frequently early offseasons.

  5. Nice playing there Hasslebeck…cost your coach a job and literally fell to the bottom three qbs in the league. Hack.

  6. @iceiam
    Do you watch football? Even look at stats? Read the papers? Watch ESPN?
    Next time post “first” so we all know what an idiot you are before we bother to read your comment… douchbag.

  7. If the Seahawks stood behind Mora it was only to push him out the door, or to pat him on the back for being one of the guys and fun fellow.
    This team just packed it in, much like Mora’s Falcons teams did when they had nothing to play for. The players showed zero effort on the field at the end. That is not how they stand behind their coach. They obviously felt no self motivation to play hard and try to impress the man who controls their employment. Probably felt no risk of losing their employment. They also felt no motivation to play hard and show commitment to what Mora was wanting to build.
    Recipe for the “sudden” firing of a lousy coach.

  8. # iceiam says: January 8, 2010 3:15 PM
    Nice playing there Hasslebeck…cost your coach a job and literally fell to the bottom three qbs in the league. Hack.
    To be fair to Matt, an O-line comprised of quadriplegics could probably have blocked better.

  9. Whosyourmamma is the wrong guy to be speaking on behalf of the team. If he looks in the mirror, he would see part of the reason Mora’s gone.

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