Lions open to bringing Culpepper back

It appeared that Daunte Culpepper and the Lions would part ways at the end of another painful season.

Just a few days removed from a solid Week Seventeen start, however, there is mutual interest at a reunion.

“I am honored that the Lions would consider bringing me back,” Culpepper wrote after hearing that Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew is open to bringing Culpepper back. 

(Drew Stanton, on the other hand, sound like he has mixed feelings about returning.)

Culpepper appears to have accepted that a starting opportunity is not coming around the corner.  He’s smart to realize a gig backing up Matthew Stafford wouldn’t be so bad. 

Maybe he’ll even play on Thanksgiving next year.

13 responses to “Lions open to bringing Culpepper back

  1. No ill will to Daunte Culpepper, he’s lucky to still be able to play one, and that someone wants him. As a QB nearing the end, would think backing up a kid still very much settling into the position wouldn’t be such a bad gig.

  2. I’m a Vikings fan, and I just love Daunte Culpepper. It was so painful to watch when he got injured, and then it hurt more when he left the team. It’s great to see him back in the NFL and doing well.
    The Lions would make a very good move to keep Pepp on the roster as the veteran backup. It would be a good move for the veteran signal-caller, too, as the Lions are a team on the rise, and he can help steer the ship when called upon.

  3. are you serious??? Daunte Culpepper stinks…your telling me that they cant find someone better than Daunte Culpepper???
    where is Jeff George when you need him???
    You suck Detroit

  4. Who else can the Lions get for a veteran backup? Brooks Bolliger? Josh McCown? Please.
    At least Culpepper is familiar with Linehan’s offense.

  5. Coldpecker couldn’t carry a clipboard in the UFL. I thought the Lions were moving in the right direction. This clearly indicates that they’re still the same old Lions.

  6. Culpepper is still a good QB. Give him some o line and some running game, and the time with the reps at first team, and he will still be good.

  7. no dan he isnt. he isnt accurate, cant read defenses, has tiny hands and fumbles a lot, and now his arm is shot.
    moss made him. and then moss moved on to much better things.
    chauncey pullpecker has had 10 starts in detroit. he hasnt won any.
    with moss, pullpecker is like 38-39 (and minnehaha had a good OL, good backs, good TE, other good WR). without moss he is like 5-27.
    jo-ey harrington outplayed him bigtime in miami. wake the f@#$ up.

  8. Coalpecker is better than the vikes T. Jackson (T-JOKE). Vikes need to cut T-JOKE and trade up in the draft for a bluechip draft choice QB. Sage is a good solid starter for the next 2 years while they bring around the high 1st rounder. They’d better with Rogers (GB) and Cuttler (CB) as competition for the next 8 years

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