Bengals already out of challenges

The Bengals lead the Jets 7-0 early in the second quarter, but Marvin Lewis has already made an inexcusable mistake for the home team.

He’s lost two challenges, and will not be allowed to challenge for the rest of the game.

The first challenge came on a Laveranues Coles fumble.  It was a close call, so we can’t kill Lewis’ decision.

The second challenge made no sense.  Lewis has to know in that situation to only challenge an absolutely crucial play he’s confident was called incorrectly.  

Perhaps egged on by a crowd reaction to a replay, Lewis challenged a 15-yard pass to Jerricho Cotchery that put the ball on the Bengals 41-yard line.

It was clearly a catch, but there wasn’t a great replay until after the challenge was made.  Even if it was a close call, the game situation did not warrant the risk.

We’ll see if it comes back to haunt Lewis.

11 responses to “Bengals already out of challenges

  1. is Mike Martz coaching the Bengals today?
    that second challenge was just dumb….you dont challenge a 15 yard catch at midfield in the first quarter especially after already losing a challenge

  2. What a dumb ass. Lewis has always been terrible at game management. It’ll come back to haunt him, guaranteed.

  3. Marvin Lewis is obviously nervous playing the Jets again. I cannot believe he wasted his two challenges already. the first one was during a commercial break when his staff hand plenty of time to review the replay. Then the second challenged displayed his lack of confidence in his team. Even if the catch was out of bounds, who cares! Keep your last challenge for a more meaningful play towards the end. Marvin lewis, you just showed your hand and you’re gonna lose! No confidence. No chance. And think I was hoping your team would win. I’m still shaking my head, Marvin, in your use of challenges in the FIRST QUARTER!

  4. Joey Sunshine! Jeez, new drinking game, everytime Joey says “he did a nice job” …. I stopped counting after the first quarter at 7 times…. how about Marvin did a nice job of blowing his two challenges before the end of the first quarter. Mike Brown won’t pay for an extra guy in the booth to call in challenges….

  5. Marvin, Marvin, Marvin. How can you be so stupid? For 15 yards that meant nothing? You are paid not to panic, but I bet you won’t be returning your game check, will you?

  6. That late pass to OchoMorono in the endzone was a TD, but thanks to the lack of remaining challenges it was just Marvin breaking wind in the Ohio breeze.

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