Frazier interview has lasted over four hours

Seahawks CEO is conducting a rather long “sham interview” with Leslie Frazier Saturday.

Speaking on NBC with PFT poobah Mike Florio by his side, Peter King said Frazier’s interview has lasted 4-5 hours Saturday and was ongoing when the segment aired.

The interview should satisfy Rooney Rule requirements, unless the NFL wanted to punish the Seahawks for defying the “spirit” of the rules.

Multiple reports say Carroll has already agreed to terms on a contract.

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  1. The Rooney rule is a complete joke. Owners should have the right to hire whoever they want. Leslie Frazier is the new Sherman Lewis… the token black guy sparing a few teams a pointless fine.

  2. I wonder if black coaches just get tired of being dragged around the country wasting their time on jobs which have already been promised? I guess it’s a case of “play the game or you won’t get a shot when the time comes” … poor old Leslie Frazier has been on the Rooney Trail for a while now – I hope he gets the big job eventually.

  3. Frazier was asked several times what advice he would give to Pete Carroll after the USC coach takes over the Seahawks.

  4. By the way, Frazier is kind of a tool to agree to this interview, isn’t he? If black coaches want to unite to force fairness, shouldn’t they have boycotted interviewing for this job and made Seattle swallow its punishment?

  5. I’m sure no talk of coming to Seattle as a DC/asst. HC is going on…
    Or maybe hes just giving them the Jules from Pulp Fiction quote –
    “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee! ”

  6. Teams will continue to sham the rule as long as there are suckers out there willing to do the sh interviews. I am extreamly dissapointed that Fraizer agreed to do the interview.

  7. A half hour waiting in the lobby.
    An hour touring the facilities.
    An hour glad-handing the entire staff.
    An hour of the CEO bloviating about how great of an organization he runs, and his personal football philosophy.
    An hour of Frazier stating how grateful he is for the opportunity to interview even though the Seahawks already have a HC waiting behind the curtain.
    Yeah, that’s over four hours.

  8. The rule its self is racist, why can a team interview one black coach and hire him without interviewing one white and since they have to interview one minority they should also have to interview one woman to be far to everyone.

  9. i’m sure microsoft flew in the best barely legal sex ninjas from japan, hooked him up, with a college bowl style swag bag, kick-ass meal fit for a condemned prisoner with no appeals left and 6 hours to live.
    but he isn’t getting the job…oh well, the rooney rule is about opportunity, at least we know leslie frazier was on someone’s short list, which is all it ever was supposed to do.

  10. “The interview should satisfy Rooney Rule requirements, unless the NFL wanted to punish the Seahawks for defying the “spirit” of the rules.”
    Two black coaches have won the Super Bowl. I think the rule has served its purpose. Abolish it.

  11. Frazier is in my opinion a hell of a coach.. I would love if the Seahawks shocked everyone and hired him instead.. partly cuz I’m a big Frazier fan and believe he deserves his shot.. and I’m also a Carrol fan, hoping he remains at USC, keeping them a powerhouse..

  12. Doing the Sharpton……. Goes like this
    CEO: How much to keep you quiet that we have already signed a coach?
    Frazier: $800,000
    Ceo $300,000 and a solid recommendation for a future employer???

  13. This is ridiculous.
    Frazier would make a way better head-coach than Carroll. I would sue the Seahawks if they are just wasting his time.

  14. Pretty rediculous, we all know this is to try and quell that we know it is a sham interview.

  15. Token interview. Frazier is just as guilty for going along with this sham. And if there’s a hidden motive (being paid to interview), then he should be ashamed of himself.

  16. Obviously Frazier has heard all the rumors about Carrol becoming the new HC of the Seahawks, so he should have just told the Seahawks no thanks.
    All this is will become a distraction to the Vikings as they prepare for their game next week. Wilf should have point blank told Frazier that he can’t talk with any team until the Vikings were done playing to avoid any distractions. Frazier is under contract to the Vikings, and Wilf has that say whether Frazier likes it or not. The bigger picture right now is the Vikings and their game next week, not the Seahawks. So really, Frazier is being selfish and putting himself first instead of the team that is signing his paychecks.

  17. @Desides:
    Really? are you dumb or willfully ignorant. Institutional Racism is alive and well in the NFL and corporate America. You so confidently use numbers to prove your point… look up the percentage of black hires as head coaches in the last 10 years versus white coaches. Try it at the Div I level in college too.
    This may come as a shock to you but Carroll has failed on multiple occasions as HC in the NFL. That makes him the best man for the job?
    Funny how some white guys are always for first to cry racism without having any idea how racism affects minorities.

  18. The Rooney rule doesn’t say you have to hire a minority coach. It says you have to interview one. Does it work? Remember all those stories that a former Steeler who was an assistant coach would be the next Steeler head coach? (Sorry, Steeler faithful, can’t remember his name. Didn’t he go to Arizona?) It was a done deal. Only Tomlin, in his “just to satisfy the Rooney rule” interview wowed the Steelers and who’s head coach now?
    Frasier hasn’t lost a thing and he got the chance to impress the head of an NFL team. Isn’t he wishing right now that he had interviewed for the Seahawks last year?

  19. Lets extend the Rooney rule further to make it “fair”. We’ll just determine the percentage of each minority in America and then require that each team hire that many of each minority, give or take 5%. That would include coaches, players, accountants, ticket takers, hot dog vendors, Defensive Tackles, water boys, Tight Ends, Vice Presidents, Kickoff returners, etc. That will ENSURE more minorities are hired in a FAIR manner. Wait, aren’t the majority of the players that receive over half of the revenue minorities?
    The issue here is that teams obviously do not discriminate based on race. They are willing to do whatever it takes to win, regardless of race. Is there one team in the league that has a roster with a majority of white players? Even by accident? Then why would it be suspected that owners are foregoing talent because of discrimination?

  20. Must have been a rather awkward interview period, with everyone in the room knowing that Carroll had already accepted the job you are sitting there interviewing for.

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