Goodell: Seahawks have complied with Rooney Rule

However awkward Seattle’s coaching and G.M. search has become since the Pete Carroll news broke, they won’t have to pay a fine for it.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said to the assembled media at the Bengals-Jets game that the Seahawks and the Redskins have been compliant with the Rooney Rule.

Judy Battista of the New York Times tweeted that Goodell has been in contact with the Seahawks throughout the process.

11 responses to “Goodell: Seahawks have complied with Rooney Rule

  1. sure they have, this commissioner is all about paying lip service & image, i think we know what a joke the rooney rule really is

  2. Rooney Rule: Reverse discrimination. Let’s have a new rule that in order to TRULY comply with the (L)ooney Rule you have to interview other minorities other than Blacks. What kind of Sh*t storm would that cause.
    One more thing: how can we have an NFL rule named after an owner of a team and make it not seem biased?! People would march in the streets if there was Jerry Jones Rule. Hypocrites.

  3. So……..Me not being a minority or anything, can somebody please explain to me how it is that the “Rooney Rule” is viewed as anything other than condescending and insulting to minorities? Especially when it only requires a sham interview to be complied with?

  4. Boy Florio, you sure showed your true d-bag colors. Where’s the attempted crucifixion that you gave to the Skins in this situation? A$$hat.

  5. Rooney Rule is pretty dumb and really doesn’t work…if anything college needs something like it where almost NO FBS head coaches are black!!! Why is that people?? Boosters for colleges are racist as hell apparently. Old white dudes.

  6. It isn’t reverse discrimination. It’s just discrimination, and to the detriment of minority candidates that waste their time interviewing for jobs they have no chance of getting. Until rules like the “Rooney Rule” and laws like Affirmative Action are eliminated, discrimination will continue. These laws don’t eliminate discrimination, they create it for all parties involved. Both the minority and majority candidates are impacted by disparate treatment and disparate impact no matter who actually gets hired, both of which are violations of the law. Is racism dead? Absolutely not. Do these rules and laws level the playing field? Absolutely not. What’s missed here is that any employer that chooses not to hire the most qualified candidate because of racial bias is not only harming the candidate but their own business.

  7. The Rooney rule doesn’t say you have to hire a minority candidate. It says you have to interview one. That was on purpose. The idea is that great minority candidates never got a chance because no one owning a team knew them. And the “sham” sometimes becomes real. Look at Tomlin and the Steelers. That is all it was ever supposed to be, a chance, not a certainty.

  8. So as in the case of the Redskins, Goodell has “signed off” on this farce…. the proposers of this rule – right or wrong – must be puking in their soup tonight. This rule has been so mistreated it’s not even funny.
    Can we just put a bullet through the head of the “Rooney Rule” and put it out of its misery?

  9. I’ll bet Goodell asked Frazier to interview to keep Seattle from forcing him to fine them since no minority candidates wanted to interview.

  10. Who ever said that the Tomlin interview was a sham? Perhaps it was never intended to be a “sham” interview. The guy took a shoddy defense and turned it into one of the best in the NFL. I’m sure the Rooneys looked at his track record, based on performance, gave him an interview and the best candidate won the job. And won a Super Bowl. The second best candidate also made it to the Super Bowl. And lost. I’d say that NFL teams can draw an inference from that situation that hiring the best candidate regardless of race will pay off in the end. The need for this “sham” rule suggests that the NFL thinks they have a bunch of racist General Managers and Owners. If that is truly the case, those teams will continue to lose because they don’t hire the best candidate for the job. Seems like simple economics trumps laws and rules designed to place minority candidates.

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