No MVP votes for Chris Johnson

Here’s an interesting footnote to the 2009 MVP award:  Titans running back Chris Johnson, who broke the single-season yards from scrimmage record and rushed for more than 2,000 yards, didn’t get a single vote.

Making that outcome more intriguing is the fact that, last year, one of the 50 Associated Press voters cast a ballot for Johnson.  Assuming that writer/broadcaster hasn’t exited the precinct, the voter in question thought less of Johnson in 2009 than in 2008. 

And that makes no freaking sense.

All told, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning got 39.5 votes, Saints quarterback Drew Brees received 7.5 votes, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers got two, and Vikings quarterback Brett Favre finagled only one.

73 responses to “No MVP votes for Chris Johnson

  1. Or it might have been possible that this year that writer was more impressed with whoever he voted for than he was with Johnson.

  2. Here’s some “Florio” logic for you: Maybe that same guy who voted for Johnson last year was more impressed of what he did as a rookie versus now having a year of Pro ball under his belt…
    Yeah! Suck on that.

  3. Or maybe the same villain from your McNair McMystery could have also killed the voter!!! It just makes too much sense to not be true!

  4. “Or it might have been possible that this year that writer was more impressed with whoever he voted for than he was with Johnson.”
    Screw you and your common sense.

  5. team was 8-8… so if they didn’t have him, would they be 4-12? Who cares. missing the playoffs is missing the playoffs.. mVp (valuable).
    In all honesty, Chris Johnson HURT his team… without him, they’d draft in the top 5, and miss the playoffs. With him, they draft like 18th and miss the playoffs.. Common denominator: MISS THE PLAYOFFS.

  6. Let’s say the guy who voted for Johnson last year cast his vote for Manning this year.
    Last year, he may have thought Manning’s performance was worthy of a 5/10, and Johnson’s worthy of a 7/10.
    This year, he thought Johnson performed better, say an 8/10, but Manning performed much better, propelling him to a 9/10.
    So no, it doesn’t mean he thought less of Johnson’s performance this year than his performance last year.
    A little math goes a long way.

  7. Florio, last year he was the most dynamic player, and biggest playmaker on the number 1 seeded team.
    This year, he was the most dynamic player, and biggest playmaker on a non-playoff team.

  8. You can’t be MVP of the league on a team that loses.
    You take Chris Johnson away from the Titans and they might lose 2 or 3 games less. You take Peyton Manning from the Colts and they probably finish with a worse record then the titans.
    He obviously cannot be MVP if pretty much the same team for the most part as last year had such a change in record. Also tag on the fact that at least for the last 4 or 5 games the titans made it priority to give him enough touches to have a chance to break 2000 yards.
    When the titans were terrible the first half of the season chris johnson still led the league in yards. Obviously his presence was not as big a difference maker as you would expect from a MVP.

  9. I’m not sure why this is difficult to understand:
    The Titans made the playoffs last year and this year they did not. How valuable is a player to a team that doesn’t even make the playoffs? Not very.

  10. Can’t start 0-6 and have THE mvp on your team.
    Heck, judging by their season he wasn’t even the MVP on his own team, Young was! Completely different team with him.

  11. Another problem is no one wants to vote for a guy that thinks be should win it. You didn’t hear manning , favre, or brees talking about MVP throughtout the year. Chris Johnson couldn’t resist it. Having said that he still should at least got 1 vote. He can’t help the fact his qb in the beginning of the year stunk and the defense wasn’t as good as last year. That actually warrants more consideration when everyone knows you’re getting the ball and u still get it done.

  12. why should Johnson have received any votes? how many games did the Titans win before Young became their starter? how many did they win after? wouldnt that make Young more of an MVP candidate then Johnson?
    the MVP award isnt all about stats

  13. i think MVP has a lot more to do with getting your team to the playoffs than who the Most Valuable Player is. and just another reason why sportswriters need to be the final say for every important decision in our wonderful country

  14. You guys are referring to CJ as a crybaby? Do you guys realize the real MVP was crying on national TV a couple of weeks back?
    Hats of to Johnson. Manning will continue to be handed the MVP award even if he doesn’t lead in any statistical categories (see 2008).

  15. Last year he missed rookie of the year and this year O votes for MVP.
    Ballerina Boy with his Pink Tutu and rocket arm wins again.
    Every vote went to a WHITE guy!

  16. “# aec4 says: January 9, 2010 6:38 PM
    team was 8-8… so if they didn’t have him, would they be 4-12? Who cares. missing the playoffs is missing the playoffs.. mVp (valuable).
    In all honesty, Chris Johnson HURT his team… without him, they’d draft in the top 5, and miss the playoffs. With him, they draft like 18th and miss the playoffs.. Common denominator: MISS THE PLAYOFFS.”
    Yea, who the hell wants the best runningback in the league? Makes more sense if teams try to do crappy and get early picks. We all know how well it has worked for the raiders/browns/lions/rams.
    Additionally, do you think that the player would draft with a 4-12 record would be better than Johnson?

  17. All Peyton Manning needs to do is show up on the ballot.
    Chris Johnson deserved the votes that were given to Rivers.

  18. They might as well as rename the award “Most Valuable Quarterback”.

  19. Orrrrrrr, perhaps Florio, (why after all these years do I still need to explain this stuff to you?), last year Johnson was the best player on the team that had the best record at 13-3, and this year it wasn’t enough to be the best player on an 8-8 team?
    Besides that, Johnson rushing for 2000 is about as hollow a milestone as Dallas Clark’s and Reggie Wayne’s 100 catches. CJ was only in the game and running and running and running because Fischer wanted to get him 2000. Too bad the joke is likely on him. No player that rushed for over 2000 yards in a season ever had a truly “Great” season later in his career… as a matter of fact, most players that rushed for 2000 yards, had their careers take a severe decline in the years that followed (likely from the abuse and overuse involved with rushing for 2000).

  20. “Chris Johnson deserved the votes that were given to Rivers.”
    Chris Johnson is a retard. Until he can learn how to speak, he shouldn’t be worthy of any award.

  21. I am not sure CJ is the most valuable on his own team. They were 0-6 before VY started playing. They couldn’t win a game without VY at QB.

  22. One more thing Florio,
    Are you at all baffled why Revis didn’t even get one award? You know those writers from NY are big time homers.
    If CJ got a vote and Revis didn’t than Revis would have a bone to pick.

  23. The breakdown of votes just proves one key fact………Sportwriters really know nothing about the game of football!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. As much as I love Chris Johnson, there was no way Manning or Brees was not going to be the MVP (MVQB).
    Now if Chris Johnson isn’t the offensive player of the year then he has a right to be upset.
    Same thing for Revis as defensive player of the year.

  25. No Matter what you say he still averaged 5.6 yrds per carry even with that last game with 36 carries. He should have gotten it hands down.

  26. 1 Vote for Favre? That writer should be hung. Favre didn’t deserve even 1 vote.
    Aaron Rodgers is a far superior QB.

  27. Here’s what makes no freaking sense: Florio’s bizarre idea that a player who couldn’t even get his team in the playoffs deserves a vote over all the players who were VALUABLE. Last year Titans were 13-3.

  28. The AP should not be the end all say all. They are writers. The players should have more say-so. Than a group of stodgie old men.

  29. They really should rename the award Most Valuable Quarterback.
    Anyways, they should have a ‘best performance’ award, because MVP indicates that the player carried his team, and despite CJ having a ridiculous year, the team didn’t make the playoffs so he didn’t have a chance.

  30. This is rediculous, re-read this people:
    aec4 says:
    January 9, 2010 6:38 PM
    team was 8-8… so if they didn’t have him, would they be 4-12? Who cares. missing the playoffs is missing the playoffs.. mVp (valuable).
    In all honesty, Chris Johnson HURT his team… without him, they’d draft in the top 5, and miss the playoffs. With him, they draft like 18th and miss the playoffs.. Common denominator: MISS THE PLAYOFFS.
    Hurt his team? He (along with Vince Young) made their team relevant, and in the playoff hunt in December, after starting ZERO AND SIX!! What an idiot post from the writer “aec4”
    Saying Chris Johnson hurt the Titans is like saying my Bills were better off WITH Dick Jauron as head coach going forward. Both rediculous and false.

  31. I would have put Brees and Rivers ahead of Manning. Looks like the AP’s lost touch with reality.

  32. How the hell does it not make sense? A year ago Johnson was a good RB on a what? 14-2 team? And this year he was a really good RB on an underachieving team.

  33. I was thinking that you can’t make the argument for Chris Johnson when the QB change seemed to be the real difference for the Titans. As for Peyton dominating the voting, that’s your “backlash” for their “no mas” game in week 16? Not much of a backlash if you ask me!

  34. it’s because of the favre hype, indy going to crap when they bench manning, and rivers going on a tear after starting like garbage. It’s a shame, CJ deserved it more than anyone else because his team sucked, he did it himself with little or no suppoorting cast. he’s better than peterson, i’m convinced.

  35. Horrible logic Florio…
    The assumption that the person who voted for Johnson last year thinks Johnson was better last year neglects the possibility that the voter thought whomever he voted for this year (Manning/Brees/Favre/Rivers) was better this year than he was last year.
    It’s not a vote between Johnson ’08 and Johnson ’09, it’s a vote between every NFL player ’09.
    You’re smarter than this.

  36. So am I to understand that Peyton is the MVP because his backup sucks more than Rivers or Bree’s backups?

  37. How can all of you bitch about Peyton winning it? You all know the pre–requisites that come with MVP. But I’ll lay it out for you:
    1. Player must be on predominantly winning team (10 wins or more).
    2. Player must be either a QB or RB.
    3. Player must be known of by casual fans (this rule is breakable via an amazing record).

  38. Tony Grossi from the Cleveland Plain Dealer gave Johnson that vote last year and has admitted it in his column a couple times.
    Manning deserved the MVP. Johnson deserves the Offensive Player of the Year Award.

  39. Pervy_Harvin says:
    January 9, 2010 10:24 AM
    Update from Arizona: Warner and Fitzy practiced all morning on sneaky timing routes that should give the Packers fits. Also in the game plan is a secret scheme intended just for Mr. Woodcock to render him basically useless on the field.A shadow on Mathews also to keep Warner clean.Darnell Docket also had a few choice words.” Remember our inspired D play vs. MN where we chased Favre all night? Expect that and more coming at Rodgers. It’s playoff time baby,and we know how to turn up the heat!”
    Stay tuned for further updates!
    Wait a min. So you are telling me the Card Birds are scheming against our defensive/offensive strategys?? This is madness!!!

  40. It is a shoe in any year that the MVP will be Peyton Manning. His team is average at best if you leave him out of looking at it. For most of the season(s) the Colts defence is garbage and or injured and filled with over-rated players aka. Bob Sanders. (How can he be one of the best if he never plays??) He makes their recievers stars. Also look at that game against the dolphins, the defence couldn’t stay off the field, Miami ran train on them the whole night, all Peyton had was what 15min? Also his team has no run game what so ever. What can you say, the guy is damn impressive. He is definately the best QB out there.
    Besides Lendale White could come up with some huge numbers with the size of the holes the Titan’s Oline created. They never seem to get any credit.

  41. Meh. This award is a joke. It isn’t the MVP of the league…its the award for the best known single player from the top 4 seeds in the playoffs. Johnson got a vote last year as the best known player on one of the top seeds in the playoffs, but none this year as his team missed the playoffs.

  42. they should give bian8 a clue and a brain……..then he might be able to perform the bare necessities for survival like breathing and blinking!

  43. Yeah, I can’t breathe or blink yet I’m on a computer typing things out. I must be a robot. Dumbass.
    I have yet to hear any explanations for your boyfriend Brady’s game yesterday.

  44. bian – maybe, but you certainly cannot think.
    Every hear of a “bad game”……if you want me to define it, how about “what Manning typically has when he reaches the playoffs”………..
    yes, Brady had a bad game, now his playoff record is down to a meager 14-4……it will take him a while to reach Manning’s pathetic record……….LMAO!

  45. Haha oh I understand that people have a bad game. I was just wondering if you for once would admit Brady wasn’t perfect. But if Manning had a game like that would you not claim he was a terrible quarterback and not worth the recognition every knowledgeable football fan gives him? You got a double standard against quarterbacks and it’s due to your obsession with Brady. I just think it’s funny once your boy has a bad game you all of a sudden realize QBs can have bad games….. except for Manning right?

  46. bian8 – please point out where i said Brady was perfect??????…….I can assure you I have NEVER said that..and only a baffoon such as yourself would ever think ANYONE who says ANY QB is perfect. It is becoming clear with you though, not exactly sure but I would guess you are in the 4 or 5th grade????
    …and, no I wouldn’t (regarding Manning). Why???because for Manning, having a BAD playoff game is almost expected given his body of work. 1 game at this point doesn’t make or break either one of them.
    What double standard have I ever portrayed………please explain??
    I can assure you I know much more about playing the position..and my obsession isn’t with Brady, it is with nit-wits like you that think Manning is somehow god-like when his poor playoff record and performances speaks for themselves. I didn’t CREATE their respective records. It is what it is…….I didn’t CREATE Manning’s poor QB rating and record in the playoffs…it is what it is, and HE is what he is……….a flawed QB who performs well when things are going well, but not in the clutch…….and that my pre-pubescent friend cannot be argued, sorry!

  47. “not worth the recognition every knowledgeable football fan gives him”……..and the majority of football fans AREN’T that knowledgeable……..including yourself!

  48. Warner, Brady, Rothlisberger, Favre will be in the Hall based on regular season performance AND playoff performance………..Manning will be in, but more based on his reg season performance……..when you have the most wins in a decade and have only 1 SB appearance , that says something………

  49. So Roethlisberger (Thats how you spell it Mr. Football Genius), and Warner are better than Marino because they have more rings? Thats sure what your argument is saying.
    I would love to know how you know your much more knowledgeable than most football fans. Enlighten us.
    The only problem I have with you is you try and degrade Manning because you don’t like him. Maybe it’s because he beats your team a lot, or your one of the Brady fans who think he is so much better because he has won more playoff games. I thought a football genius like you would realize football is a team sport. So, how is it that all of the times the Colts lost in the playoffs it was Manning’s fault because he choked? Man, since you know so much about playing quarterback I thought you would realize that.
    The funny thing is most fans I know who hate Peyton Manning at least realize he is a great quarterback. However, since your such a football know it all I guess we should all change our opinions.

  50. bian……what don’t you get??????it isn’t JUST sb wins…… is the BODY OF WORK…..last time i checked, there are more games in the playoffs than just the SB….why is this such a hard concept for you to grasp? But, playoff wins and SB wins are a large PIECE of this body of work……you cannot possibly be so stupid that you think that a QB with great regular season stats and poor playoff and SB stats is the same as saying “gee, how many SB wins does he have”…….are you really this flat out DUMB???????
    Sorry moron……stats don’t lie. Doesn’t matter HOW I feel about anyone…it is YOU that is using FEELINGS to try to win an argument and it is only making YOU look stupid! Anyone that wants to ignore playoff stats when rating the body of work of a QB is like a little girl shutting her eyes and hoping for something to be true.
    Again, you cannot have your cake and eat it too… IS a team sport but the QBs influence is MUCH greater and needed much more in the playoffs………..(see Kurt Warners and Tom Bradys playoff QB ratings please) These guys come through and are CLUTCH performers……….saying it is just a team sport is a cry-baby excuse……sorry.
    Manning deserves cudos, he runs the offense well. and I am not saying he is TERRIBLE. But, the truth of the matter is, he doesn’t have a truly strong arm, he isn’t the most accurate QB ever (cannot even throw a good spiral) and he is NOT a clutch performer. The stats don’t lie sorry. He is also the benefactor of the offensive slant the NFL has had the past decade. 300 yards passing these days doesn’t mean nearly what it used to!
    I don’t expect you to change your opinion. The definition of an idiot is someone who cannot comprehend facts to render a decision. Something you obviously cannot do! Just saying SBs don’t mean everything. Doesn’t tell the whole story just as saying only great performances during the season means everything.

  51. “So Roethlisberger (Thats how you spell it Mr. Football Genius), and Warner are better than Marino because they have more rings? Thats sure what your argument is saying. ”
    NO, not what I am saying at all……..again, there are more games in the playoffs than JUST the SB.

  52. yes, i know…….the games Manning looses, it is a team sport but the games he wins, it is because HE is such a great QB……….right……….do I finally have this right???? LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  53. Hahaha we are obviously arguing two different points because your not getting my point. Agree to disagree. I’m done arguing with you

  54. Bian8 – yes, i totally get your point, you are just too stupid to understand a response and craft an argument or a rebuttal……..
    ever heard the saying.”ignorance is bliss!”…….well, it certainly applies to you………just keep sitting in the dark with your hands over your eyes and wishing!……….LMAO……..and get back to me when you get into high school, at least then we might be able to have a legitimate discourse! LOL

  55. Haha well I think I am the only one who can judge whether or not you get my point. I told you I don’t want to argue with you anymore. I actually have a job and live in the real world where I interact with people. So I am going to go do that and let you continue picking fights with people on here. I will leave you with your LOLZ and LMAOs now.

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