PFT Daily: January 11, 2010

Today’s PFT Daily looks at the fallout from wild card weekend.

We start with the dominant defensive performances by the Ravens and Cowboys, and give some love to young running backs like Felix Jones who stepped up huge in victories.

Oh, and the final call in the Packers-Cardinals game gets a quick mention, but we’ve got that issue well covered on the site.

One warning: Do not click play if you don’t like your sports videos narrated by a 30-year-old who looks like a 14-year-old boy.

13 responses to “PFT Daily: January 11, 2010

  1. so you give love to greene because he is young…but no love to ray rice who is even younger and had a better game???

  2. Please tell me you are not wearing eyeliner.
    I have no problem with your commentary, but if you plan to do it for a career, you know you will eventually have to at least button the collar and maybe even get a tie. The sideburns and collar make you look like you are playing vampire.
    And Felix Jones is the anti-you. He is 22 and looks 38.

  3. You know, I come to this web site to get what I hope is accurate breaking NFL news, but the B.S. around the edges is making it increasingly not worth it. Too many Jim Rome wanna bees

  4. This simply will NOT do. Where’s Florio with his limp excuses for missing yet another Eagle butt-thumpin by The Cowboys ?
    Better yet, where’s DeSean Jackson with his “we gon’ sting dey ace ?” Is that how teams get stung? I hope The Cowboys get stung the same way by Minnesota this weekend. DJ/Eag’s,PFT and espn will be OH so j-j-j-jaded.

  5. why would you think i’m wearing eyeliner??
    and i’ll take matthew broderick. could be worse.

  6. why would you think i’m wearing eyeliner??
    I’m guessing lighting, looks like you might be at times.
    Dress professionally – shirt buttoned and tie and you look older.
    Dress like a 14 year old in a suit and you look like a 14 year old in a suit.
    Nice buzz cut would add a few years though too.
    Not complaining, just responding to the article.
    Half the time I am reading another article while listening so I don’t care if you wear a bathrobe.

  7. Since PFT seems to be using sponsors, links to others, etc.. G-Money should have his posts attached to Gillette or Schick or some shaving related company. G-Money looks likes he’s never shaved in his life! Is that a 11:00am shadow I see?
    Play the angles!
    Sorry about the G-Money thing.

  8. I’m a bleed-blue Cowboys fan and even I can’t understand how you could ignore Ray Rice, Gregg. That guy is scary good. I sure hope someone else bumps off the Ravens so the ‘Boys won’t have to deal with him in the Super Bowl. 😉

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