Braylon pleads no contest

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was placed on probation today after he pleaded no contest in Cleveland Municipal Court to aggravated disorderly conduct in connection with an October incident outside a Cleveland nightclub.

Michael Sangiacomo of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Edwards, who was traded from the Browns to the Jets days after the incident, was also given a suspended 180-day jail sentence and fined $1,000. And he was given a lecture by Cleveland Municipal Judge Michelle Earley.

“Someone who has as much to lose as you should not be standing in front of me,” Earley said to Edwards. “Situations like this are senseless. You have to make better choices.”

Edwards is expected to be at the Jets’ facility later today for team meetings.

16 responses to “Braylon pleads no contest

  1. With Braylon Edwards, I’m surprised all charges weren’t ‘dropped’.
    Get it?!
    Ahhhhhh bad jokes…sometimes they’re so bad, they’re kind of funny.

  2. Brayin Braylon – the NFL “Bust” will always be first in line to embarass himself like he did Sunday dropping that wide open pass Sanchez hit on his #1 with.
    Judge Earley missed a teaching moment by not throwing the book at him.
    Where will he land next year? I’m hoping its the Lions or Rams.

  3. I bet he learns an important lesson from this…nevermind hes a loser and will be Plaxico’s cellmate in a few months.

  4. Braylon’s not even the best WR to come out of Michigan in the last five years. Steve Breaston has turned out to be a far superior talent than Bray Bray.

  5. The judge (I hate that guy!) should have threw the book at him, and watched it bounce off his face.

  6. Zeppelin53 says:
    January 12, 2010 3:35 PM
    With Braylon Edwards, I’m surprised all charges weren’t ‘dropped’.
    Get it?!
    Ahhhhhh bad jokes…sometimes they’re so bad, they’re kind of funny.
    They’re also funnier when someone didn’t beat you to it by 10 minutes…

  7. Man, that Jets-Bengals game was the greatest. I wanted the Jets to win because I hate the Bengals- yet I wanted Braylon Edwards to have nothing to do with the Jets victory because he badmouthed Cleveland (as if the city or the team had anything to do with him dropping about 300 passes- some of which probably would have made the dif between a win and a loss).
    Got both of my wishes- Bengals go “one and done” (like I knew they would, being the “fake playoff team” they were), and, with the only chance Edwards had to be any part of the Jets’ victory, he lets a TD pass fall right through his arms.
    Awesome. I can just hear him now, “I left those horrible Browns and now I’m in the playoffs!”… as if he had anything to do with why his team is in the playoffs.
    Now it’s time to pay up through the nose for the fact that you were frustrated that you’re not even close to being in the same league as LeBron James. The truth hurts your ego *and* your wallet.

  8. @tre-fizzle
    I guess not everything get’s dropped around Braylon.
    Comment of the day brotha!!

  9. Ahhhh trickbunny – hopefully you can grasp the fact that not all comments are posted instantaneously, and therefore I didn’t see that comment. When I wrote mine, it had said ‘0 comments’. Please excuse the error, oh great joke moderator of pro football talk.

  10. Braylon… we didn’t hate you because you were from Michigan…. we hated you because of your self centered ego and your me, me, me attitude…
    I want to cheer for the Jets in the playoffs but I can’t because you are there…. I hope they see through you and drop you like you do every other pass thrown to you!

  11. Million dollar potential talent, 10 cent head, and penny hands. I warned my buddies when the Browns drafted him that he can make fantastic catches but ‘stone hand’ the easy ones. Score one for me. Glad the Browns booted him although I wish the judge would’ve come down harder on him. At least he’s the Jets problem now. He really showed up for the Cinci game…..

  12. Something something something BUT HE DROPPED IT, something something. Nasty expletive-laden insult. Sincerely, Sensitive Frustrated Cleveland Guy Seeking Validation.

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