Dungy confirms he's not a candidate at USF

In response to our item from earlier this morning regarding his presence on Sunday and Monday at the USF campus, former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy called to explain that he’s not a candidate to succeed Jim Leavitt.  (We suppose we should call it an “exclusive interview!“)

Coach Dungy explained that he met with the USF athletic director to discuss the search and to recommend some candidates, and that he met with the team on Monday because the players currently are going through a difficult time, given the abrupt departure of the man who lead the program for 14 years.

So ESPN can now remove from the infinite SportsCenter loop the semi-breathless suggestion that Dungy might be interested in the USF job.  He isn’t.

14 responses to “Dungy confirms he's not a candidate at USF

  1. I think Tony Dungy is in the best place right now . A respected football coach and great teacher of the game. He has now begun to take on a role of mentor and counselor of these young men. Perhaps he wants to compensate for the tragic death of his son. He is a very religious man and I am sure has much to give as a leader and coach if he were to reenter the college or pro ranks in the future.

  2. so st. dungy is the only coach who you can believe what he says right?glad to see he is there making sure only qualified black coaches get the job right?no there is nothing racisit about that all is there?since you seem so concerned about diversity how many african american writers and staffers do you employ florio?

  3. Why doesn’t St. Tony take one for the African American team and take the head coach position there?
    If he cares so much about it that it’s disgraceful that more white people haven’t hired African Americans, let him walk on water over to USF and take the job.

  4. So when he said no does that meet the looney rule?
    I know its college it was ment as a joke
    Dugheap should stfu
    Is he not the guy whos killed himself while tony was chasing a SB win? Focus on your family and get off your soap box tony
    Maybe he and Andy Reid should start a father of the year club for NFL coaches

  5. I do not question that Tony Dungy is a fine man but all this about him being a great coach is a bit much. He had the best qb in the history of the NFL (according to the press) and he won 1 Super Bowl. I know other coaches who have won 1 Super Bowl and most are not mentioned in that regard. I remember Cowher, Gruden Holmgren, Billick etc and look what happened to the Colts when they took out Manning. I believe the coaches are overrated as you look at the teams that are left in the playoffs, where would these teams be wihout Favre, Brees, Manning, Romo, Rivers. I think only the Jets and Ravens do win without great qbs. Please let us take Dungy off the mantle.

  6. big blue, yes, his son, his son who had the racist myspace page
    lets see a non-dungified coach’s career survive that…
    oops, it just wont get reported for a dungified coach. bet on that.
    and dunghole just wants a rooney rule for college coaching too.
    dunghole is to black coaching (non-) candidates as deion is to black prospects for eugene parker’s agency.
    move over, jester jackson and al sharpdick, there’s some new pimps in town.

  7. If I ran a dog-fighting ring and my kid was good enough to play college ball, then I’d head straight to wherever Dungheap was coaching…

  8. So when coaches deny something to other media, they’re lying. When they deny it to PFT, they’re telling the truth. Gotcha.
    (Is this the first or second coach that has ever talked to PFT?)

  9. Where do these foul mouthed mean-spirited people come from? Coach Dungy is trying to help some individuals (maybe due to the loss of his son or not) but he sure does not deserve the crap and name calling that these individuals seem to like to dish out. You guys need to find something better to do than demean other people. Maybe a little intrespect would make sense.

  10. BigPooFan, SlapKiddie and RealTinyOneToo – each of you have your classless DUMBA$$edness on display in your posts.

  11. The only minority Tony seems concerned with is African Americans. Tony, there are a lot of minorities out there.
    By only caring about your own particular minority, you come off looking like Al Sharpton.

  12. Florio:
    I understand that in this age of flimsy, forced “objectivity,” all media outlets are “obligated” to create an open forum for socially-retarded, hateful illiterates, but there’s gotta be a limit.
    If you’re really hoping to pass yourself off as some kind of crusading “liberal,” then you really should give as much consideration to the well- written rebuttals from educated black folks, as you do the illiterates.
    Yes, Tony Dungy is a great man. And I know that you and the wonderful, forward-thinking folks at NBC think he is the only black man in the world worthy of your respect. I get that.
    But there are other black men in this country– who are not named Dungy and who arent former coaches, who don’t work for NBC, yet are still worthy of your respect. Staggering, but true.

  13. Thank God! Living here in Tampa, I don’t think I could stomach any more Tony Dungy. He was fine when he was here, and well respected, but since he has taken on his studio gig he seems to only care about pushing his own personal agenda. It’s become so absurd that I think he is ruining his own legacy.

  14. Didn’t Florio once state that the best way to determine if a coach was lying was to see if his lips were moving?
    Apparently that only applies to active coaches who don’t have their paychecks from the same employer.
    Just an observation about the objectivity of this article. Take it for what it’s worth.

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