Weaver gives very lukewarm endorsement to Garrard

On the same day that Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver opted to keep coach Jack Del Rio around for at least another year, Weaver seemed to suggest that the starting quarterback will continue to be David Garrard.

We think.

I think David Garrard can win for us,” Weaver said.  “We have to do some things differently there, in terms of preparation.”

It’s hardly the kind of glowing endorsement that suggests Garrard is the guy over the long haul.  Heck, he might not even be the guy come September 2010.

Especially if Tim Tebow is available when the Jags pick in round one.

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  1. I have a dream, and that dream is for tim tebow to be drafted by the jaguars in round one, then the jags get rid of garrard, tebow becomes one of the NFL’s all time biggest busts, followed by the continued collapse of the franchise and ultimately moving to LA and becoming the LA Jaguars. Make it happen!

  2. Currently projecting Florida CB Joe Haden to Jacksonville with either pick 10 or pick 11 (coin flip).
    Now I could see the Jags trading somewhere into the 20’s of round one to land Tebow, using next year’s 1st round pick…but I just don’t see them using the 10th-11th pick of the draft on Tebow.

  3. What argument is there? Del Rio knows if Tim Tebow ends up being Heath Shuler II, he wont be around for it anway. Of course Garrard is the only answer.

  4. Jags don’t have a 2nd round draft pick (traded for a 3rd last year that got starting CB Derek Cox). Gene Smith is too smart to use the 10th pick on Tebow. Hopefully some other suckerrr, errr, team has taken Tebow by early round 3 so no one is tempted.

  5. For all you usual non-football knowing, same ol’ L.A. moving jab throwing, get over yourself. My 6 year old nephew even knows when something is old news and when to change a conversation, but most of you can’t even converse on a 6 year old level so I guess that explains it.
    Garrad isn’t the problem. Can he improve on some things? Of course, what QB can’t. You give any NFL QB 3-4 seconds he’ll pick you apart. Garrard has show he can do that with proper protection. But this year he’s had 1-2 seconds protection mixed in with a rushing offense which even gives him a smaller margin for error. Gene Smith will take the best available player no matter who it is as any GM would do. But in order for the Jags to have success in 2010, it WILL have to be will Garrard under center b/c a rookie QB ain’t gonna cut it. We need to win NOW!!!

  6. I like what was said before, Tebow will be around in the second round when they pick. I realize the only reason why the Jaguars would draft Tebow would be to sell those $9 seats, but what happens WHEN Tebow fails in Jacksonville.
    I’m not ruling him out as a quarterback in the NFL. But in Jacksonville where they rely on their Quarterbacks having some mobility outside of the pocket (Leftwich could move, Garrad too) Tebow would be forced into the starting lineup too quickly by the 257 Jaguar fans while turning into a Vick style quarterback.
    If Tebow honestly stood a chance (A very good system with foundations in place, a good coaching staff to groom him) it would be in a place like Carolina. Tebow could sit behind Delhomme as he fails another year, then take over the offense with Williams and Stewart doing most of the work. Think about it, he’d only have to throw 5 times a game!

  7. @ andfitch82
    The seats were reduced by $9 per game, they are not on sale for $9…congrats on your first grade reading abilities.

  8. Florio: Tebow will be available for Jacksonville in round 1, and they will choose someone else.
    You’re going to feel awfully silly about your dead-set certainty on this pick come April. We’ll be there to remind you about it.

  9. @andfitch82
    See you’re that guy so that I was talking about earlier so let me help you out.
    1. Jags don’t have a 2nd round pick
    2. The seat aren’t $9, each seat is reduced by $9. pretty simple huh
    3. Outisde of 2 teams, the other 30 teams all want a QB that has some mobility outside the pocket. It’s called lengthening a play.
    4. Byron Leftwich is and was never moblie, whatsoever.
    5. “257 Jags fans you say”. wow you’re telling us like it is now buddy.
    Just stick to whomever your team is and don’t worry about what QB should play in Jax and let us 257 Jags fan worry about that, ok buddy.

  10. It cracks me up when owners like Weaver and Jerry Jones talk about the players on their team like they know anything about talent, etc.

  11. @andfitch82,
    Can I count the ways you are ignorant?
    A ticket being reduced by $9 per game from last year’s prices is not a $9 ticket. JAX does not rely on a mobile QB and Leftwhich certainly could not move, Koetter never uses Dave’s athleticism in the proper way or enough. Tebow is not even close to the type of explosive athlete Vick was and still is. Some team will fall in love with Tebow in round 1. It won’t be the Jags though. They need a early pick in the interior of the OL and they need a physical presence on D. If they stay at 10 or 11 hopefully they take McClain from Bama. If they trade back into the ’20s they need to get Mike Johnson, OG from Bama. I am a Bama fan but not a Bama homer and those two guys are the best at their position in the draft.

  12. Eagles will take Tebow in round one. Reid needs a new project no that the McNabb experiment has officially failed after 11 years..

  13. Like Garrard’s had a chance. Mike Sims-Walker was never healthy until this year and he still is not a true #1 WR, Matt Jones couldn’t kick his coke addiction, and Reggie Williams was just too slow. Marcedes Lewis has not been an impact reciever at the tight end position.
    A QB cannot thrive with a RB as his most reliable receiver. Why waste 3 years developing Tebow when Garrard has pretty much the same skill set, experience, and has demonstrated the ability to win in the NFL. Just give the man some receivers to throw to.

  14. LetsGoPens –
    Mike Sims-Walker is better than any receiver on our team. I’ll gladly trade you Mike for Ted if you want! 😀

  15. @LetsGoPens
    “Marcedes Lewis has not been an impact reciever at the tight end position.”
    Huh? He’s become a far better blocker in the past two seasons then when he came up. His numbers might not be eye-popping, but are consistent with his previous seasons, and he rarely dropped a pass:
    15 Games /15Games Started
    32 receptions
    518 yards
    16.2 yard average per catch
    47 yards (long)
    2 touchdowns
    I’ve seen worse from better TEs on better teams.

  16. I can’t help but think the people who don’t think Tebow will be an NFL QB are the same people who thought that Reggie Bush and Vince Young should have been taken over Mario Williams. In Pittsburgh we have a QB that played in the spread offense in college, predominantly out of the shoutgun. In a conference with no where near the talent of the SEC. He won two Super Bowls in his first 5 seasons.

  17. Where were these type of concerns with JaMarcus Russell or Vince Young and the look at one guy if he isn’t open run offense that he ran at Texas. The same thing happened with Peyton Manning that is happening to Tebow. Despite his dominant performances, people were sick of hearing about Manning and his Dad Archie. Which led to Charles Woodson inexplicably winning the Heismann trophy over Manning and there actaully being a debate over whether to take Manning or Leaf. In the same way people are tired and jealous of all of Tebow’s success. They are tired of hearing how Tebowis the golden boy, Christian, genuine good person.

  18. “andfitch82 says:
    January 13, 2010 1:13 PM
    I’m not ruling him out as a quarterback in the NFL. But in Jacksonville where they rely on their Quarterbacks having some mobility outside of the pocket (Leftwich could move, Garrad too) Tebow would be forced into the starting lineup too quickly by the 257 Jaguar fans while turning into a Vick style quarterback. ”
    are you serious? Leftwich could move? The same Leftwich who had the nickname “statue” while he was here?

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