Bears interview Mike Tice

The man we once loved to call Meathead could be heading back to the NFC North.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune reports that former Vikings coach Mike Tice will be interviewing with the Bears.  Since Tice never has been an offensive coordinator, it’s possible that he’s being considered for some other role.

Tice currently is the assistant head coach/offense in Jacksonville.  The fact that he’s interviewing in Chicago means that the Jaguars have given him permission to interview elsewhere.

Tice’s departure would remove a strong Jack Del Rio ally from the Jaguars locker room.

Last week, reports emerged that former Ravens coach Brian Billick had contacted Tice regarding the possibility of joining Billick’s staff in Buffalo.  But with the Bills coaching search bogged down, it appears that Billick currently isn’t getting strong consideration for the job.

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  1. As a Vikings fan, I would take Tice back in a minute. Assuming he would be willing to be the offensive line coach again. McKinnie could sure use a kick in the ass. Our OL took a step backwards this year under Pat Morris. They better kick it in gear this weekend!

  2. Well atleast Mike won’t have to worry about how to dispose of his Super Bowl tickets with the Bears.

  3. Once again anyone taking a job in Chicago had better be sure since it is quite clear Lovie Smith has one more season to be relevant and if he’s not, hes gone probably with the entire coaching staff.

  4. Hmm, he’s never been an offensive coordinator, yet his title in Jacksonville is “assistant head coach/offense”? Shady. He coaches the tight ends.

  5. A quick look makes it comforting to know you get your information from Wikipedia and not the Jaguars home page..

  6. Yeah! Now Chicago can watch for a “luv boat” on the Illinois River! Fred Smoot may be looking for a job too after puking it up in Washington this year. Wouldn’t old “I never saw a tackle I couldn’t miss” look good in Bear’s threads?

  7. As a GB fan we would welcome the Bears hiring that idiot. So please hire him so you guys continue to suck.

  8. Why would he go from one short-time coaching regime to another? A Cutler/Tice combo would not be pretty.

  9. Maybe the Rooney rule also states each team has to interview an idiot before hiring someone.
    He sure ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

  10. The Bears new offensive coorsinator will be like Jonny Bravo from the Brady Bunch episode. He will be given the job because the Bear sideline jacket fits. From here on out regardless of who thenew OC is he will be known as JOHNNY BRAVO !!

  11. Mike Tice was a very underrated coach. Not a great coach, but very underrated. His problem is although he knows football and players like to play for him, his personality and Brooklyn accent make him appear to not be very bright.
    Tice inherited the mess from Denny Green and had the cheapest owner in the NFL (which is why Tice was the coach because Tice was willing to be the lowest paid head coach). Outside of Dante Culpepper and Randy Moss — who RedMcCombs kept strictly for ticket sales — Tice had one of the most talent poor rosters, a bare bones scouting staff, and he wasn’t allowed to get proven coordinators or assistants.
    Yet he still had close to a .500 record with a bad team, and even had a win over the Packers in the playoffs.
    And from what I read he was given a token interview with the Jets when Eric Mangini was hired, and impressed the ownership enough with his plan to rebuild the team that they actually had Mangini implement some of Tice’s plans.

  12. How in the world does this make sense? The Bears are trusting the guy that fired a successful Ron Rivera to hire a new OC/DC? If he doesn’t recognize coaching tallent when it’s staring him in the face how is he going to make a decision on someone new after sitting with him for two days. They need to bring in Cowher as a consultant to pick the coordinators then maybe he can keep them when he takes over next year.

  13. I think Tice would be a good OC. Give Tice the open checkbook Childress has enjoyed during his tenure as the Vikings coach and people wouldn’t think he is such a meathead. He did the best he could in his first head coaching job, with zero support from Red McCombs, and still managed to win a playoff game. Thats more than Childress has accomplished.

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