NFL will promote Haitian relief efforts this weekend

The National Football League will use the massive national platform during this weekend’s division-round playoff games to help raise money for efforts to assist the many thousands of Haitians affected by Tuesday’s earthquake.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that Commissioner Roger Goodell directed the league office to work with CBS and FOX to incorporate into this weekend’s coverage of Cardinals-Saints, Ravens-Colts, Cowboys-Vikings, and Jets-Chargers messages regarding available avenues for making contributions to the cause.

The league has asked ESPN and NFL Network to provide similar messages during weekend pregame shows, per Maske.  Efforts also will be made at each of this weekend’s playoff games to persuade attendees to make donations.

Maske points out that roughly two dozen NFL players and/or their parents were born in Haiti.

The Red Cross web site has more information regarding relief efforts.  Alternatively, a text of “HAITI” to 90999 will trigger a $10 donation, with the charge appearing on the user’s phone bill.

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  1. “The Red Cross web site has more information regarding relief efforts. Alternatively, a text of “HAITI” to 90999 will trigger a $10 donation, with the charge appearing on the user’s phone bill.”
    This is a great idea. So everyone please, grab the cell phones of your friends, family and co-workers and make this call on their behalf.

  2. I hope Pat Robertson doesn’t see this. He’ll think Florio is the Devil.
    We all know Mr. Florio isn’t that bad:)

  3. We rich Americans should help them out, but ultimately this thing is not our fault. Haiti has been a basket case for over a hundred years, and the US does not bear any responsibility for their situation.
    That said, we should help out our neighbors in Haiti.

  4. The government should round up all of the non-violent, white collar criminals from our prisons and put them to work in Haiti, assisting in the clean up.
    Why do I have to think of everything?

  5. Wow, I can’t believe the NFL is promoting some self-serving charity to make themselves look good. Not that it’s not a good cause. It just annoys me for some reason. – Bitter Giants fan.

  6. I don’t have the $$ to be spending on the Haitians. Sorry.
    Plus, they probably won’t use any of it on their people, and will just save it up for a few years to buy weaponry and then will use it against us just like every other country that has ever asked for our help.

  7. Actually, we have meddled into Haiti’s business. This includes helping to overthrow(although are lying government would deny this) Aristide. He was the democratically elected President and we didn’t like his politics. So, out you go.

  8. “Haiti has been a basket case for over a hundred years, and the US does not bear any responsibility for their situation.”
    i’m sorry for taking this off-topic of donating money to a GREAT cause…but you cannot be serious. do you want to start with our occupation of haiti at the beginning of the 1900s resulting in virtual enslavement of their people, our support of papa doc and baby doc who are two of the most brutal dictators the world has ever seen, US removal of aristide from office twice…haiti’s political and social problems are DIRECTLY our fault.
    with that said, the hurricanes and the earthquake are not our “fault”, but we should absolutely donate a couple dollars to help. people in haiti have nothing right now, and the economy here is rough, but i can definitely spare $5 or $10 because it will go a long way. i hope people here stop complaining about the red cross or about this or about that and just make a donation because this is a humanitarian crisis that goes far past politics.

  9. I am surprised at the number of haitian born players in the NFL…
    seriously people, give money.
    @leatherneck – Why would anyone even think it was our fault…i guess what i’m getting at is WTF are you talking about?

  10. These poor Haitians are starving, yet here in America cat food is full of tuna! I can’t help but think each time I go to the zoo and see those porpoises, crammed into those tiny tanks, what a waste that is. Butcher half of them now! That’s hundreds of pounds of dolphin meat that can be fed to our cats, freeing up that tuna for the Haitians.

  11. This is nothing to joke about or be sarcastic about and politics has no place. These are our neighbors just desperate to survive and save their love ones. There are many Haitian-Americans here who feel absolutely helpless in trying to assist family members. Let’s treat this just like we would our neighbor across the street and do what we can with what we have to alleviate their suffering. Great job NFL.

  12. For anyone questioning why I was saying America was not at fault for this, just read the comment of “mustbechris”, above. He is saying that Haiti’s poverty is caused by America’s foreign policy. He’s wrong about that.
    In this time of need, we must help out the Haitian people.

  13. I sent a hundred bucks to the Canadian Red Cross Haiti fund this morning.
    Whatever you guys can do, even 5 bucks, it all helps.

  14. Just heard from the Better Business Bureau– if you donate by text, it may take up to 90 days for your donation to reach the intended recipient. Remember, the cell phone companies are not going to risk people not paying their bills.
    It is better to donate directly to the organization via web or old fashioned mailing a check.
    Of course, Haiti is still gonna need help 90 days from now.

  15. what happened was indeed a tragedy but I am not going to guilted into donating that will not reach the people who need it most due the corruption of thier government. and any food and other essentials will have get thru the armed gangs that roam the streets. plus they will be getting untold billions of emergency aid from the U.S. government. that of course would be on top the nearly 5 billion dollars of aid that the U.S. government has given hati in the last 5 years.what happened to it?why are they still the most poor country on earth?I will let the players and owners waste thier money along with celebs like oprah who are on the air begging for people to give.wonder how much of her fortune she is giving?so no I do not feel guilty for living in the U.S. and living the good life and watching and caring about sports.

  16. Um, every US citizen has made a donation. Our great President has pledge $100 million. We’ll be making donation’s every April 15th for the next 10 years to cover it. Ttttttthhhhhhaaaaaannnnnkkkkksssss Mr. President!!!!!!!

  17. I don’t mind donating but don’t be telling me its MY fault for something that happened over 100 years ago. Don’t pin that crap on me or anyone else mustbecris. Get off your high horse trying to lay the world’s problems at our feet then saying you caused it, you fix it. Uh unh, no way.

  18. leatherneck, i completely disagree, and i feel like the fact that you even said in your original post without being provoked that it isn’t our fault means that you’re looking to make some kind of point, but this isn’t the place for that argument, and i don’t want this to turn into a political debate, so for the first time on this site, i’ll agree to disagree.
    with that said, i hope people donate money. there are other places to send money if you don’t trust the red cross or something for whatever reason, such as or doctors without borders or various church groups working inside haiti. i don’t think it’s necessary to make a post saying who you WONT donate to. donate SOMEWHERE, and leave the politics out of it. these are human beings and they desperately need it.
    thank you.

  19. The people starving, buried under rubble, and mourning loved ones could care less about the politics. So send $10 if it gets there great and it will help. If corruption sends it somewhere else I think we can afford to take the chance that we might actually help some people. To whom much is give, much is required. Sometimes I wish a country supposedly founded on Christian principles would have people who actually act that way. Let’s not always look for the cloud in the silver lining and just say there but for the grace of God go I. If this is lecturing, so be it.

  20. Mustbechris and Urban:
    Both of you have made intelligent, lucid, well- organized, impassioned statements about a most important topic. Not only are you guys well- informed, you’re also compassionate and sincere.
    I had no idea that was allowed in these parts. Do the others know?

  21. With her book deal and shiny new Faux News pact inked plus pulling in all those $100,000 plus speaking fees in front of balding old neocon horndogs at the boozemaker’s convention in Vegas, I’ll go out on a limb and assume we can count on Sarah Palin for a double sawbuck at the very least. Amirite?

  22. I think a Text Donation of 1$ would make more money then 10$…Cuz as most people will think……when I Grab my phone then stop to think that my Phone bill will be 10$ more…Hmmm…Nevemind. Before You think I am all cold hearted…what I am trying to say is if they lower it to 1$ they will have more then 10x the people to Donate.

  23. I have no problem helping out people as clearly a national disaster is no one’s fault. This is proving once again, that despite Obama’s world wide apology quest, America is the strongest, most giving country in the world. I don’t know the history on what we did to their politics, don’t care, the little kids looking for their parents in rubble did nothing wrong. If you can donate then feel free, if not, so be it. I personally think it would be far more beneficial if a bunch of us pakced up and went there to help clean up the place but that isnt possible. I just hope the rest of the world would do the same for us. Oh wait, history shows they don’t. Just another reason why we live in the greatest country in the world!

  24. They should donate 1,000 dollars for every Brett Favre sack or fumble and 10 dollars to ever A P fumble.
    They could have enough money to rebuild Haiti to look like L A.

  25. jreed
    “what I am trying to say is if they lower it to 1$ they will have more then 10x the people to Donate.”
    Well then you would get the same amount of money.

  26. Chapnasty. I love your chicken hawk talk. Typical right-wing, George W. Bush lovin’, Dallas Cryboys fan.
    I can’t believe a fellow Steelers lover like our beloved Mike Florio even allows a war-happy @$$ such as yourself to even post on this board.

  27. If you don’t want to donate for altruistic reasons then consider this:
    Donations may stave off another wave of legal and illegal immigration that would overwhelm South Florida and points beyond.
    There. I said it.

  28. I’ll donate when i stop seeing people roaming the streets with machetes. and when i stop hearing about people looting TV’s and stereos.
    maybe if people were stealing food and building supplies, or carrying hammers and saws, they wouldn’t need so many donations.
    it’s certainly sad to see, but money won’t fix what is wrong there. give a man a fish / teach a man to fish

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