PFTV looks at Pete Carroll's chances in Seattle

A week ago, the notion of Pete Carroll being hired by the Seahawks was almost as unlikely as the possibility of Lane Kiffin being rehired by the Raiders.

But Carroll is now the man in Seattle, and so the question becomes whether the Seahawks will be better for it.

PFTV explores the subject.

8 responses to “PFTV looks at Pete Carroll's chances in Seattle

  1. The Seahawks were improving already and were going to be better next year under Mora, anyway. So what will happen is they will win around 9 games and if they’re lucky slip into the playoffs and Carroll will get the credit for doing what Mora was already going to do.
    I’m not a big fan of either guy but Mora to Carroll is a lateral move for the team and doesn’t change the fact that above the head coach is perpetual chaos that will limit this team until it gets straightened out.

  2. Well there’s five minutes of my life I’ll never have back.
    What a complete waste of internet bandwidth, just rehashing what’s already been covered about Carroll by EVERYONE else, with some signature wild ass speculation thrown in to make it uniquely PFT.
    Are you any better at your job now then you were 10 years ago? Knowing what you know now, if you were given a chance to go back to a job you effed-up at earlier in your career, you think you could do better?
    Geez, I know you need to fill this blog with fodder on slow news days, but this one was definitely mailed in.

  3. Warner will retire; which is great news for Pete Carroll and Mike Singletary. The division will be wide open again.

  4. Unresearched(not a real word) blah blah blah…NE FO blew up that Super Bowl team. Didn’t Billicheat go 5-11 with essentially the same players?I’ll reserve judgment on Carroll until he shows one way or the other what kind of NFL coach he will be. He was an excellent Defensive coach during his last run through the NFL.
    Hey albaNY

  5. TheDPR says: January 14, 2010 8:25 AM
    The Seahawks were improving already and were going to be better next year under Mora, anyway.
    So, you do not follow Seahawks football at all is what you are saying? Mora did not even have them playing competitive.

  6. The Seahawks obviously didn’t think Holmgren improved enough to trust with control of the football operations again.

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