Two finalists emerge for Seahawks G.M. job

The Seattle Seahawks are moving closer to hiring a new General Manager. 

The finalists, per Ed Bouchette and Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, are Steelers director of business operations Omar Khan and Floyd Reese, the Patriots senior football advisor.

Jason La Canfora of confirms that Reese is one of the finalists, and La Canfora points out that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll participated in the interview process.

Per La Canfora, Pat Kirwan (whom we reported would interview with the team today) is being considered for the position of assistant to the head coach.

In our estimation, the selection of Khan would represent a win for Carroll, and the hiring of Reese would constitute a win for CEO Tod Leiweke.  Since the new G.M. reportedly will run the draft, hiring Khan would give Carroll considerable sway over the selection process, since Khan is a cap-and-contracts guy with little if any football evaluation experience.  Reese, on the other hand, would potentially create a “triangle of authority” in Seattle — a term that actually didn’t work very well for the last team that used it.

Still, the fact that Kirwan hasn’t already been installed as the G.M. or V.P. of player personnel shows that Carroll’s NFL opportunity isn’t unfolding the way many assumed it would, which makes us believe even more strongly that it wasn’t the Seahawks who called Carroll about the possibility of bringing the USC coach to the NFL, but that it was Carroll who called the Seahawks in the hopes of finding a way out before it became too late.

16 responses to “Two finalists emerge for Seahawks G.M. job

  1. Usually I complain that my Seahawks don’t get any coverage, but please stop writing about them. You’re clearly just hoping to create an image of dissension among the FO.
    The guys who didn’t get along are gone. Stop it.

  2. They should just hire Omar Khan because he has a very fun name to say on TV and radio.
    Anybody agree?

  3. Guys – wtf? You’re just making stuff up here. A coupel of points…Carroll calling the Seahawks?! Come on, really?
    The win for Carroll here would actually be Reese -had you done any research – you’d know – Reese and Carroll are friends, havign worked together dating back to 1985! Carroll was the one who added him to the interview list!
    Re: Kirwan – he’s in Seattle tomorrow…he’ll be in player development -perfect job for a talented boots on the ground evaluator.
    Again guys- ease up on the making sh*t up. You’re starting to sound like local hack newspaper writers.

  4. Even if Khan hasn’t been an NFL Scout, certain executives are able to gather all of the available information about players and make the right, rational decisions.
    Khan has been running the Steelers pretty well, and it’s not like the business and football operations never intertwine.
    That said, no “business” guy should be given the power to build a team like he’s a 12-year-old playing Madden…

  5. isnt it weird that carroll gave kirwan a job in the 90s and NO ONE ELSE has even sniffed him, but carroll comes back, and he is up for a job. theres a reason for that HES NOT QUALIFIED to work for an nfl personnel dept in 2010.

  6. I’m not a Seahawks fan, or a USC fan, or any of that. I could care less. So that being said the notion that Carroll called the Seahawks to beg for a job is ludicrous. One of the worst kept secrets in college football is that Carroll has been courted by many NFL teams over the past couple years. Doesn’t he have a winning record as an NFL head coach?
    Spaghetti journalism… throw it all against the wall, see what sticks.

  7. “So that being said the notion that Carroll called the Seahawks to beg for a job is ludicrous. One of the worst kept secrets in college football is that Carroll has been courted by many NFL teams over the past couple years.”
    Your second point answers the first. Since so many jobs have been (allegedly) offered to Carroll – why the hell would he take this one?
    The notion that he called the Seahawks isn’t nuts, especially given the odd timing. The firing was a bit late, and coincided with both Joe McKnight declaring for the draft AND USC’s basketball program sanctioning itself. The fact that all those things happened in the same week makes it likely that all are a direct result of impending NCAA investigations. Carrol’s getting out while the getting is good.
    So whether he called the Seahawks, or they called him, this is clearly a crappier job than others he’s been offered, and smacks of desperation.

  8. Let me guess, Omar Khan is the Rooney rule interview. If so, this is another hideously transparent action by an NFL team to get the minority out of the way in order to move on to the guy we really want.
    The Rooney Rule was a good attempt to get new blood into the coaching and managerial ranks but it seems more of an insult and a sham as opposed to anything else.

  9. What a waste of a new stadium. The Seahawks are actually the team moving to L.A. The transition seems to be already in place. Browns\Ravens equates to Seahawk\Seagulls?
    Hopefully they can come up with a better name than the crappy Seagulls but then again……..Seahawks, what a stupid name. (rambling now) Their not as great as, well no team has a great name but their not as bad as Redskins, Chiefs, and dollar corn. How about the L.A. seamen. It is close to Hollywood.

  10. Doesn’t he have a winning record as an NFL head coach?
    He does. Barely. 33-31.

  11. I’m assuming that as a former attorney, you have at least been exposed to “some” court room decorum?
    I think I’m going to take this route with your articles that are pure speculation.
    So, you think that since Kirwan isn’t the GM now Carroll is the one that called Seattle to express interest?!? Then, my fine little Italian demon of perpetual optimism, how did he score the $35 Million dollar contract? That’s just one of my questions, but…….
    OBJECTION! Pure Speculation….

  12. Everybody who made a comment about Omar khan’s name or heritage or Rooney rule, etc … You are racists pigs!
    His name or heritage should make no difference whatsoever.

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