Gray offered secondary coach role in Seattle

The remodeling of the Seahawks coaching staff continues.

Just a few hours after we posted a recap of all the changes under Pete Carroll comes news that Seattle has offered a job to Jerry Gray as secondary coach.

NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reports that Gray is expected to take the job, although the Redskins could put up a fight.

Gray was Washington’s secondary coach last year, and (in)famously interviewed with Dan Snyder for the team’s head coaching job while Jim Zorn was still coaching.

Bob Slowik is a top candidate to replace Gray in Washington.

5 responses to “Gray offered secondary coach role in Seattle

  1. Why would this guy even be considered for another job? Anyone who started Landry and Hall doesn’t deserve to evaluate talent at the NFL level.

  2. Hate what this guy did to Zorn and I would be leery of putting him on my staff if I were a coach. He couldn’t have shown decency by waiting until Zorn was at least fired instead of interviewing for a job that was still being possessed by his boss? If he goes, I won’t particularly miss the 15 yard cushions that Hall and Rogers were instructed by he and Greg Blache to give.

  3. he’s a snake and backstabber, not to be trusted on ANY coaching staff!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIRE HIM SO HE CAN INTERVIEW FOR YOUR JOB!!!!!

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