Bush finally delivers in a big way

When Reggie Bush entered the NFL four year ago, it was presumed that he’d be the next Gale Sayers.

Today, Bush finally became Gale Sayers.

Bush has performed today in a way rarely, if ever, seen since he was running circles around Fresno State defensive backs. 

With an 83-yard punt return from Bush, the Saints have built a 45-14 lead, a margin that likely will be insurmountable for a Cardinals team that has managed only seven points since Tim Hightower’s 70-yard touchdown run to start the game.

Bush also has 84 yards rushing on five carries (including a 54-yard touchdown), and 16 yards receiving on three catches.

That’s 183 total yards — and the Saints would be wise to hold at that number, saving Bush for next weekend against the Cowboys or the Vikings.

50 responses to “Bush finally delivers in a big way

  1. “Today, Bush finally became Gale Sayers.”
    -Elaborate on that because those guys do not belong in the same sentence.

  2. The Saints should start pulling guys out right now – especially Brees, Bush & Darren Sharper who has had injury problems this season.

  3. yes, hes having a good game. One game is not enough to justify paying him his millions next season. He will never be able to put an entire season together of this caliber of performance

  4. Hey Florio! Trying to play kissy face to the Saints after you assured us they were gonna looooooooose?

  5. Bush must be using Payton’s conference call remark as chip on his shoulder. Don’t know if Payton used the remark as a motivating tool, or if he really meant it.
    In his conference call this week Payton made the remark that they wanted to draft Beanie Wells, but the Cardinals beat him to it.

  6. Ya know if the Saints keep playing like this the rest of the playoffs & super bowl they are going to be one stone cold scary team to go against. Where was this team the last few weeks?

  7. IU dont understand why AZ is even punting in the 4th quarter? AZ is stupid not to just go for it on every single 4th down when faced with an offense that is scoring off of every possession.
    IN any case, AZ is trailing by 4 TDs. Almost impossible to get even close. Yet why not try?

  8. Thanks for the Fresno St reference, Florio…I’d almost forgotten that Bush ran for about 1,250 all purpose yards against us in that game…Ouch. Want to give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice in it while you’re at it…?!

  9. Bush has already been mentioned a few times as going to the chiefs…
    i think he fits in NO… if he doesn’t end up in KC id like to see him stay in NO…
    most of the country doesn’t even know SEA has a team..

  10. Wow, Florio…
    Your first pick of the divisional weekend and, SURPRISE, it’s a dud.
    When will you admit that you have NO IDEA what’s going to happen in any game?
    (Probably about the same time you actually get one right!)

  11. and with those 5 completions, Matt Leinhart has become Joe Montana, just like the encyclopedia said he would

  12. by the way, you’re about to go 0-5 in picks. anybody could have told you the saints would blow out the cardinals. they have NO defense!

  13. It takes a cards fan to truly understand a saints fan. I am happy for the saints, the city, the fans there. We know out here in az how good this feels. Your team is good. VERY good. And they proved it. Congrats dudes. Have a good time in the big easy tonight. BAM!

  14. Yeah, Florio is a dumbass for comparing him to Gale Sayers. It’s like comparing desean jackson to jerry rice or something…
    Yep, Reggie is jumpin all in that tonight!! lol

  15. The Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES have as many playoff appearances as the NAWLINS SAINTS!
    It will be fun watching yet ANOTHER AINTS team have their playoffs ended at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings.
    We beat your ass last year in your house, and we’ve got more weapons this year.

  16. Sorry to say….Bush is set to make 8million next season. He is willing to restructure his contract to stay in New Orleans…. And how do I know ?He’s my neighbor, he lives in the condo unit next to me.

  17. Loved Payton’s comment about the term expert being thrown around loosely. Numbnuts questioning and doubting the Saints. Because these talking heads are ex-jocks don’t make them experts how to prepare a team. Seems like common sense that it’s important to get a team healthy for the playoffs. Other than seeding the regular season means little.

  18. Yeah, saw Kardashian jumping up and down – thats is definitely “junk in da trunk.” “Meat in the Seat”, “Rack in the back”, or whatever else you want to call it.

  19. # McWest says: January 16, 2010 7:08 PM
    In his conference call this week Payton made the remark that they wanted to draft Beanie Wells, but the Cardinals beat him to it.
    This has been known since draft day. No secret in New Orleans and totally different running styles. P Thomas or M Bell would have been the ones that should of been worried.

  20. “Bush is set to make 8million next season. He is willing to restructure his contract to stay in New Orleans…. And how do I know ?He’s my neighbor, he lives in the condo unit next to me.”
    He’d be wise to do so. Anybody look at Leinart’s face after the game? And Carroll in Seattle re-uniting Bush is way off kilter -they have a better runner in Justin Forsett already.

  21. And this is why I have to endure every sports bar jerkoff calling him Reggie Bust, because people like you have to compare him to Gale Sayers.
    HE”S NOT GALE SAYERS!!! and Saints fans are fine with that.
    The guy causes matchup problems and today he showed just how dangerous he can be when you don’t respect what he can do. You’ve just hated on Reggie for so long, you can’t just say he had a great game. You have to take a shot at the guy while eating your crow. Bitter.

  22. Bush did have 2 punt returns for touchdowns in one game, he was just as good in that game as he was today.

  23. Booger, is that you?
    Pan down, Pan down, We’ve got Bush. We’ve got Bush.
    bigbolt says:
    January 16, 2010 6:58 PM
    We’ve got Bush!!!

  24. Where are all the Card fans that guaranteed a win, just like ass-holio. Vikings won’t make it past the Cowgirls. Homo & the girls are hot. Come back to the Dome so we can get revenge. First stage of Mission Miami has been annihalated. Next week the Cowgirls. The Saints have lost their mojo my ass!!!!!

  25. AR12isBetter says:
    January 16, 2010 6:57 PM
    Or the Vikings?!!! Pretty stupid statement since EVERYONE knows it’ll be the Cowboys.
    Are all Cowboys fans idiots?
    Seriously, is there ONE intelligent Cowboy fan out there? One?
    This question ponders the mind of many across the nation.

  26. Reggie Bust only showed off today because of these 2 things:
    1. He’s a Free Agent after the season
    2. Arizona’s Defense STINKS!
    Besides those 2 facts, Reggie’s knee is a mess. Wouldn’t want him for the price he’ll try to ask for.

  27. @danlinker
    Thanks-as classy a fan as any.
    @MNFANINAZ-Watchout…this aint your daddys Saint’s. ViQueens won’t make it past the Cowgirls. Why am I talkin trash to you. You don’t even matter, will lose tomorrow.
    @hugh-Intelligent Cowboyfan is like, “Military intelligence, Two words combined that can’t make sense.” From the song Hangar 18 Dave Mustaine/Megadeth. OK so I had to embellish the amount of words…but you get my drift, right???

  28. scrapdawg, check your facts. Reggie is under contract until the end of next season. His contract was a five year deal. So know what your talking about before you drop your pants & talk out your ass. Cause you look like a fool wit yo pants on the ground!!!!!

  29. Now if it was the Packers who just lost to the saints you would hear all kinds of crap like oh it was the refs fault etc etc.The Packers are by far the worst fan base in all of football.What a backwards bunch those people are.The Vikings will bitch slap the Saints next week.

  30. I’m loving it. Most of you have called Reggie a bust and now you love him. Guess what he’s been running the ball good for the last six games when he was in. Reggie will be a Saint next year, Payton loves him in his offense so he’s not leaving.
    Too all of you Vikings/Cowboys fans, get there before you talk trash. Cowboys don’t stand a chance, barely beat an off beat Saints team last time. Boys won by 7 and missed a field goal so should have had won by 10. The Saints dropped a touch down and Reggie pulled up with cramps on his way to the end zone. Yall are scared and you know it.
    Vikes, yall know Farve will throw at least 3 picks. Good luck tomm boys, we want to see yall again!!!!

  31. Bush reminded me of an NBA player tonight, playing for his next contract. Someone will be stupid enough to offer him a huge deal after that game. And, he needs the money. I am sure that Kardashian broad costs a ton of cash. (Not sure why, she really isn’t that great and will be as big as Roseanne Barr in a few years).

  32. If Florio means Gale Sayers, today, at age like 66, then maybe.
    Gale Sayers scored 22 touchdowns, as a rookie, in 14 games. Reggie Bush … is … good grief, I don’t know, how do you even respond to some so STOOOOOOOOPID ????
    To compare Reggie Bush to Gale Sayers is, perhaps, the dumbest thing Florio has EVER said on this web site.
    And that’s saying something.

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