Rodgers-Cromartie fears that he tore knee ligaments

The injury suffered by Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie might not have only knocked him out of Saturday’s playoff loss to the Saints.  It also might have knocked the second-year player out of action for most if not all of the 2010 offseason.

According to Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ official web site, Rodgers-Cromartie believes that he tore ligaments in his left knee.  The specific ligaments torn will determine the extent of his absence from offseason workouts.

If it’s a torn ACL, he’ll need full reconstructive surgery, and he’ll be out of action for four months or longer. 

Urban reports that safety Antrel Rolle suffered a concussion, and that quarterback Kurt Warner has a bruised chest.

The entire team likely has a shattered ego after losing by 31 points, and it possibly will have a new defensive coordinator after giving up 90 in two games.

11 responses to “Rodgers-Cromartie fears that he tore knee ligaments

  1. Tibor – You sound like a Cards fan with a shattered ego…
    If you don’t like this site, stop coming here…it’s really that simple.

  2. Oh yeah, new defensive coordinator for sure. This was not good the last two weeks.
    Please let it be someone proven already on some level.

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  4. # scrapdawg12 says: January 16, 2010 10:42 PM
    Trade Boldin especially if Warner retires. Mcnabb for Boldin. Chalk it up.
    The only thing to “chalk up” here is that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
    As I posted in another thread, the Eagles have two very good young WR with a lot of upside. What would bringing in Boldin (and signing him to an expensive contract) do?
    ..and ‘zona has a Hall of Famer at QB that still hasn’t retired. But even if he does, I’d imagine the Cards would take a look at Leinert before trading for McNabb.
    So please, stop with your McNabb-for-Boldin wish.

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