Whisenhunt not stressing Warner's decision

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt wants Kurt Warner to return as his team’s quarterback in 2010. But he says he knows Warner is going to take his time and make the right decision for himself.

I don’t think there needs to be a deadline, but we all know what kind of person Kurt is, and we all know he’s very intelligent and grounded and he’ll go through this process,” Whisenhunt said on KTAR in Phoenix, per SportsRadioInterviews.com. “He’ll evaluate what’s best for him, for his family and he’ll make that decision. So I’m not really pressured or feel any sense of urgency to find out what his time line is.”

Whisenhunt says he doesn’t think the Cardinals need to worry about Warner waiting until August to make up his mind, or retiring and un-retiring during the off-season.

“The type of guy that Kurt is, he’s not going to draw it out for a month, two months,” Whisenhunt said. “He’ll make his decision and that’s what he’ll stick with.”

Whisenhunt says he’s proud to have been the coach who was there for Warner’s resurgence, and that he hopes he’ll have at least one more season as Warner’s coach.

“I feel very blessed that we as a football team that we’ve had the two and a half, almost three years that we’ve gotten out of Kurt,” Whisenhunt said. “Because of the way he’s played, because nobody thought he could play at that level again. And certainly you hope that he’d come back for another one because we’re just so excited about where we’re going as a team.”

14 responses to “Whisenhunt not stressing Warner's decision

  1. I wonder if Whisenhunt craps his pants everytime he thinks about Matt Leinhart as his starting qb next year.
    Goodbye 10-6, hello 6-10.

  2. I highly doubt warner is gonna favre it up, but i also highly doubt he plays again.
    What ken ment to say is , “If kurt retires we are completely f–ked, leinhart blows and warner knows he needs to let us know pre draft so we can either deal bolden to trade up, or try and get Mcnabb.

  3. Of course he wants Warner back. Who’s going to QB the team, Leinart or St. Pierre? Seriously? That’s like picking from Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson or Brett Ratliff. It’s a lose-lose situation.

  4. Leinart would take that team to the playoffs too.
    Up until this year he had a better w/l record in Arizona than Warner, who still has a losing record in Arizona…

  5. Whisenhunt should be more concerned about his 45 point-per-game defense. He always has Leinhart to fall back on for quaterback.
    On second thought, Whisenhunt might be better off defecting to Haiti.

  6. When Warner retires, Whiz will get to run the ball more which is just what he wants anyway. The Cards will revert to a vintage Pitt or Jets type offense.

  7. With out Warner, Arizona will have a below average offense just like the rest of the NFC west. This division will go to the best defense……….. and that would be the 49ers.

  8. I think Warner is most likely going to retire, he almost retired last year and there were rumors before the playoffs that he was contemplating retirement.
    The reason Whisenhunt isn’t worried about Warner retiring is that he has a fall back plan in the form of trading for McNabb. It will get interesting if Warner and Farve both retire, because there will be an instant market for McNabb . . . throw in San Fran and the Eagles might end up being able to create a bidding war . . . and I would think Arizona would have the best chance at landing McNabb. SF has the 13th and 17th pick in this years draft . . . those are both pretty high 1st rounders that are probably viewed as too much for McNabb . . . but Arizona has the 26th overall pick . . . that is almost a 2nd rounder . . . and by virtue of playing this Sunday Minnesota won’t have anything better than the 30th overall pick. All things being equal I think SF won’t give up the 17th pick, which give Arz the leg up on Minny.
    As for any thoughts of Arizona including Bolden as part of a deal for McNabb . . . that isn’t happening . . . the Eagles Brass are all about cost/benefit . . . IMHO in the end they will analyze the McNabb/Kolb/Vick situation and decide to keep Kolb as the starter. McNabb will be sent to who ever offers the best combo of 2010 draft picks and/or defensive players (think stud safeties or defensive ends). Vick will be traded to a team that finished bottom 10 this past season . . . someone looking to groom a rookie QB . . . with a shotty offense . . . who is looking for a non-traditional QB who can get yards on broken plays – behind a questionable O-line. Remember Vick is still only 29 y/o – still young for a starting QB. The Eagles signed Vick for trade bait this coming draft . . . so look for them to land about a 3rd round pick for him.
    Either way, Arizona isn’t worried about Warner, not because they have Leinart, but because they think they can land McNabb.

  9. Hey Whisenhunt, you loser who gave up 90 points in 2 weeks, considering Brett Favre had a much better season that Kurt Warner and is in the NFC championship while you’re at home trying to keep track of how many points were scored on your sorry ass team, that completely gave up in the 1st quarter, maybe it wasn’t such an easy decision for Brett to make. Do you think Kurt would even be physically able to consider playing at age 40 like Brett, who played better than practically everyone?
    Keep your veiled potshots for QB’s who aren’t further along in the playoffs than you jackass.

  10. The coaching staff thinks Matt Leinart has made strides. Remember, the only game he started this year, he wasn’t told he was going to start until Sunday morning so he didn’t get that any snaps with the first team.
    Sinister, you do understand that Boldin broke records without Warner at quarterback and that Beanie Wells and Larry Fitzgerald are two of the best offensive weapons drafted in the last eight seasons?

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