Fassel says he hasn't heard from Raiders

The San Francisco Chronicle broke the news today that Jim Fassel has interviewed for the head-coaching job in Oakland.

Fassel says that’s news to him.

He told Gary Williams of Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio that the former Giants coach and current UFL coach has heard nothing from the Raiders about replacing Tom Cable.

“No,” Fassel said in response to the question of whether anyone has reached out to him.  “Because, I mean, Tom Cable’s the coach. . . .  I think if a coach is in place you don’t start calling somebody and seeing if the job is open or not.  Tom Cable is the coach.

“My son happens to be the special teams coordinator for the Raiders and they played very well this year.  They set an NFL record, an all-time record, of net punt [yards] and gross punt [yards] this year.  So I follow the Raiders pretty closely because my son is coaching there and I coached there at one time.  But, no, I’m not lobbying for any job.  I’m not lobbying for the Raider job.  I have never in my life rooted for a coach to be let go so there’s an opening.   I never have.  I’m in the same fraternity.  I just got my nose to the grindstone.   I’m down here in Vegas working on getting situated down here and that’s where I am.   Nobody’s reached out to me.”

That said, Fassel didn’t deny in 2008 sending a handwritten letter to owner Al Davis requesting consideration for the job. 

At the time, Tom Cable was still the coach.

Sure, he was coaching the team on an interim basis.  But the reasoning Fassel espoused today seems to contradict his past effort to secure consideration for a job that technically was filled.

It could be that Fassel has indeed been contacted (and interviewed) by the Raiders, and that he has been sworn to secrecy, even if that means not being honest when asked point blank about the team’s pursuit of him.  If, after all, the Raiders decide to keep Cable, they’d surely prefer avoiding the impression that they tried to find someone else to take his job.

19 responses to “Fassel says he hasn't heard from Raiders

  1. Mike, with all due respect, this is getting crazy.
    No one even knows who interviewed, for what job, and who didn’t.
    You do what you want, it’s your site, but all this misinformation only makes you look bad.
    And by the way, applying for the HC job while an INTERIM HC is there is simply not the same as if he WASN’T interim.

  2. When half if the “news” item is predicated on calling someone a liar – I think we have left the realm if “news”… But then again this site is associated with NBC, so…

  3. So, it time for the annual Jim Fassel mind eff, where he is strung along and used a patsy while someone else gets the job. I hope he does not fall for it this time.

  4. give it a rest…stop following the rumours of the bay area press….AL Davis uses them for his puppets when he wants some attention.

  5. Friggin scream……one way to never be wrong is concede to all possibilities…News Flash….citing unnamed sources……its raining in LA…or…..the sun is in hiding…..pleez..lol..

  6. Or maybe just maybe reports like to talk about the Raiders because it boosts read even if it is true on not.

  7. Its obvious whats going on here, Florio. Wake up.
    Cable will not be fired. As you pointed out earlier, Hue JAckson (who is interviewing for the OC job in Oakland) worked with Cable before. It doesnt take a lot to see that Davis is hiring Cable a new OC who he feels comfortable with.
    Its all pretty obvious.

  8. Honestly, has anybody around here given Tom Cable any credit for anything?
    He basically has stated that if he had a decent Quarterback that he could win a lot of games with the players he’s got!
    One could almost interpret his statements as a demand to Al Davis and it is Davis trying to see from other potential coaches if they honestly think they could do better than Tom Cable with Russell as the quarterback.
    If you took a poll here to see how many people think Tom Cable could produce a winner with Donovan McNabb or(fill in the blank with a A-grade quarterback), at least 80% would say hell yes the Raiders would win a lot of games.
    If Al Davis would give Cable the players he thinks he needs to win, the Raiders would win a lot of games.
    Cable is lobbying for the job….and has muttered what he needs to win…..
    Davis has to decide if he agrees with him or not.

  9. I don’t know why everyone is so insistent on reporting David White’s news, he’s been absolutely wrong these past couple weeks!
    1) PFT passed along White’s report that by Monday (last week) “people all up and down the organizational chart” were telling him Davis would fire cable…oops!
    2) White then says all of these people have been interviewed, coincidentally, Fassel goes on record saying no one has contacted him. Wouldn’t he like people knowing he’s been contacted to try and create a market for himself?
    3) stick to believing Jerry McDonald, David White is wrong almost every time

  10. That said, Fassel didn’t deny in 2008 sending a handwritten letter to owner Al Davis requesting consideration for the job.
    At the time, Tom Cable was still the coach.
    Sure, he was coaching the team on an interim basis. But the reasoning Fassel espoused today seems to contradict his past effort to secure consideration for a job that technically was filled.

    That is an incorrect statement. Lane Kiffin was fired. Cable was an interim coach. Somebody has to be the coach so Al Davis had Cable coach on an interim basis. You know as well as everybody in the NFL knows that that means a head coaching position is available, and that the interim coach is only a “candidate” for the head coaching position, like anyone else.
    So no, there is no contradiction, and what Fassel is saying makes perfect sense. I love reading this site and usually support your inferences and deductions, but this one was out of line. You’re really reaching to make this a story, Florio.

  11. I think it’s safe to say, that the Majority of the great Raiders posters on this site(Invaiduh, Joe in Toronto, SwirvinMervin, ect.) have been callin B*S* on all your posts about the Raiders so far. And we’ve been 100% right on everything. You’ve had 4 posts about the Raiders Today, most of it has just been rumors you guys are running with. This article is proof of that very thing. I understand that every time you post about the Raiders it generates the most responses, but for christ sake this is getting ridiculous. Who was the jackass that told me in an earlier post that the San Francisco Chronicle is always right on about the Raiders. Not even 15 minutes after you say that, Fassel shoots down the report. Such irresponsible journalism, and absolutely no accountability. What a disgrace.

  12. Why call a press conference or even bother interviewing him for that matter?
    We (and Fassel) will know he’s been hired when his hiring shows up on the transactions page of the team’s website.

  13. why do people constantly complain about rumors and speculation in a blog titled “Latest News and Rumors?”

  14. Brooking thinks they should only interview 2 people for the job, anything after that is just running up the score

  15. I think we need a new PFT meter: days without a conspiracy.
    If a coach is fired and the new coach is named interim and not immediatley named the next long term coach, that means there will be interviews after the season.
    Upon that occuring, Fassel reaches out to Mr. Davis. That’s simply normal, throwing your hat in a ring when it is given there will be interviews. Fassel didn’t contradict anything.

  16. Leslie Fraser…Jim Fassell….Brian Billick…Bill Cowher, Al Davis should interview some of these guys. I don’t Cowher would go but enough money would force him to do it. The other three I feel would take the job. Especially Fraser who is looking to prove himself as a coach in the league. Oakland has some really talented players but they just have a crappy QB situation. Russell is the worst QB in the league. Worst than Ryan Leaf ever was.

  17. correctly me if i am wrong but is this story about how the other 15 stories concerning the raiders and the firing of tom cable were all lies?
    speculation speculation and more speculation. i agree with the poster that said no accountability in journalism. any one with an internet connection and a computer can be a reporter.
    BBrophy1 i agree it is called latest news and rumors however they right articles and “report” as if it were the gospel.

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