Ray Edwards, Kevin Williams miss practice for Minnesota

The Vikings’ front four created havoc last Sunday for the Cowboys, with defensive end Ray Edwards sacking quarterback Tony Romo three times.

But Edwards suffered a knee injury in the second half, and he missed practice on Wednesday.  (He reportedly has a mild MCL sprain.)

Also missing practice due to a knee injury was defensive tackle Kevin Williams, who recovered a fumble in Sunday’s win.

Another star from Sunday’s game, linebacker Ben Leber, practiced on a limited basis with a knee injury of his own.  Leber intercepted a pass and recovered a fumble against Dallas.

All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson also was limited with a shoulder injury, as was receiver Bernard Berrian (ankle) and cornerback Antoine Winfield (foot).

Defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy (thumb), cornerback Benny Sapp (ankle), and defensive tackle Pat Williams (elbow) fully participated in practice.

10 responses to “Ray Edwards, Kevin Williams miss practice for Minnesota

  1. Kevin Williams has a knee injury. Pat Williams has an elbow problem that will limit his ability to tackle. Jimmy Kennedy, who would start for Kevin Williams, has a bad thumb and also won’t be able to tackle. With Ray Edwards out, Brian Robison will have to start at DE and cannot slide in to the DT spot in the nickle package.
    That’s 1 DT out, 2 other DTs who won’t be able to play the run, and 1 other not able to play on passing downs due to staying at DE. The Vikings can be exposed with runs up the middle, even on passing downs.
    Or at least that’s what they want the Saints to think when game planning this week.

  2. I listened to Ray Edwards on the Jim Rome show and he is fine. No way any of them miss this game.

  3. I’ll bet Kevin is fine, Edwards is the question mark and with Robison there, I’m not too concerned.
    The others are getting a day to heal, pretty typical for this time of year.
    Leave Packer fans to sound alarms. With Big Pat in the middle, nobody will be running, dumbasses. LOL
    Cortez Kennhedy has done well too.

  4. The Saints team that ranked 22nd in overall defense this year has more to worry about than the Vikes do.

  5. The Saints and their fans are scared to death of the Vikings,they are so afraid they cant even pronouce the word t.The packer fans are the biggest crybabies on earth,the king of excuess.If I can switch sides and go to the right side and change my life so can they but they are to lazy and full of denial and would rather stay on welfare and beat their boyfriends then get jobs and a education and drink Slitz beer.

  6. “Stay on welfare and beat their boyfriends”? Jimmy what the hell are you talking about and why are you so angry?

  7. Dinged up they may be. But you know damn well Jared Allen is healthy as a horse, shaving in his boxers with a bowie knife, eating corn nuts as I write this email.

  8. I bet all the Saints players are on this site …rite now…trying to see who is hurt…cause florio and company are always a step ahead!!!!!!
    OF speculation and rumors!!!!!!!
    That being said…every player on both sides of the ball are not missing this game….
    Die Hard Viking fan here….and It has been a long time since I could say, that If somehow it is not my beloved purple that prevails on Sunday….I will be pulling for the Saints to win it all!!!!

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