Colts selling title gear, too

As it turns out, the Jets aren’t the only AFC finalist taking advance orders on gear that boasts to the world the achievement of a goal that the team has yet to achieve.

The Colts are doing it, too.

The link comes from NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, who tweeted that point in response to our story from earlier in the hour regarding the availability of shirts and hats and other stuff bragging about victory in Sunday’s AFC title game.

McCarthy points out that it’s common practice to accept advance orders.  Though my Eye-talian heritage counsels against such jinx-inducing gestures, the fact that both teams are doing it means that only one of them will be jinxed.

Unless the game ends in a tie.

24 responses to “Colts selling title gear, too

  1. oh my god florio, seriously, you act like your a football expert and yet you didnt know that every team involved in the AFC/NFC championships does this EVERY year!??!?!

  2. Yeah I commented on the Jets story saying they’d be jinxed. Now the Colts too. Actually you will find out during the game that every player in the game tested positive fors steroids, in which case people would want the divisional rounds to be replayed. (just kidding for the few idiots who can’t take a joke)

  3. Florio, your link on the Colts story went to That is not the team. If you go to the teams site & search AFC or NFC champion gear, only the Jets & the Vikings team sites are offering it.

  4. I glance at this site daily and some what new to it but is this Florio guy an idiot? Every team in the title games do pre-sales every year!! Check out the suberbowl teams websites next week and they’ll be doing the same thing! What a jackass!!

  5. As I mentioned in the other story, the NFL is taking pre-orders for all four remaining teams, however, ONLY the JETS are selling this gear directly on their official team shop. The other three are not.

  6. Florio, I never bash you, but, c’mon this is stupid. Just delete both of these posts or do a reminder that the final four are pre selling shirts.

  7. Well it looks like one of these two Teams will be making a large clothes donation to the Haitians after Sunday.

  8. The difference is that this isn’t on the Colts website. Obviously there is a difference between the league selling it and an individual team selling it…

  9. Uh Oh…… looks like the ol self anointed Journalism Police Chief didn’t do his homework before posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wrong, Florio. The online NFL Shop is selling the same style conference champs gear for each of the four teams. The Jets appear to be the only team that’s also selling this stuff via their official team shop (and prominently displayed on the homepage, no less). The Colts pro shop is not selling this stuff and makes no reference to it. Also, anyone notice that horrible Ed Hardy/Affiliction-esque Jets AFC champs shirt (the design of which, unlike the other shirts, is unique to the Jets)? Only in Jersey…

  11. Dang Florio first the Redskins now the NFL have responded to a story on PFT. Good Job my friend 🙂

  12. Mike, I’ll lay 10 to 1 somebody will chastise you for not knowing playoff games don’t end in ties.

  13. There’s difference you neglected to mention.
    The tagline for the Jets link is “The Official Store of the New York Jets” whereas the link you posted for the Colts is on the NFL’s store website.
    There isn’t anything currently on sale regarding a AFC Championship win on the “Official Pro Shop of the Indianapolis Colts” website. The only things I see are an auction for a “COLTS AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME KICKOFF BALL” and “2010 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 24KT GOLD OFFICIAL FLIP COIN”

  14. Whoa! The Patriots are selling 2010 Champs gear.
    Oh, wait. That’s a video of the Jets signalling they are selling 2009 Champs stuff.
    I don’t know what’s better. Wearing a title sweatshirt before your team actually wins it or wearing one of those sweatshirts with your last name and “bar”, “tavern”, “country club”, “university” or “brothel” after it.
    Yes, you can buy it now. Squirrel it away. And when your team is moments away from certain victory you can surrpetitiously disappear and return wearing the gear to commemorate it to the amazement of all your friends and family.
    Wow! They aren’t selling clothing. They are selling hope!
    I’m vomiting in my mouth now….

  15. Again, they are ALL taking pre-orders, HOWEVER, the Jets have it LOUD and PROUD plastered on their wesite. I had to scrounge around the Colts site to find the pre-order link.

  16. Hey Florio-
    Take some Journalistic advice, we are not your friends, nor do we care about you or your stupid jokes (my Eye-talian heritage??). Put give me a break, of course they are making stuff early. If you think that effects a players state of mind then I want the name of your dealer. Do you ever wake up in the mornings and find the person in football you are most in-common with is Al Davis.

  17. “Though my Eye-talian heritage counsels against such jinx-inducing gestures…”
    Why? Did your Grandpa buy some “Italy wins WWII” t-shirts back in ’42?

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